...please hitler, we’re sorry we were subverting civilization again for tribal dominance.. we won’t do it again

...please hitler, we’re sorry we were subverting civilization again for tribal dominance.. we won’t do it again

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This is a slide thread

Ayy dios mio! No welfare or pizza and soda for Jose. Better luck next illegal crossing little guy

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rare. Jew with blue eyes

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To the chambers rat slime. SCHNELL SCHNELL

Are these the guys that were masterbated to death ?

Me on the far right

That’s the Jew that isn’t and sorry and knew all the lies and child fucking and nepotism would catch up.

they are not sorry, they will do it again... or try.

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Please do. I want you to attempt a mass shooting, go on national TV after your caught by the local constabulary, and make the decent white people look bad.


most ashkenazis have blue eyes but that pic is colorized

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The terrible eyelash cancer took so many. Those brave nazi scientists helping those poor jews with a disease that afflicted gypsies as well.

they don't even look that bad. I was worse during military service, lice and shit

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tell that to the victims of the Weimar republic Mordecai

what was Hitler's end game here? we all know he actually didnt gas jews, so why contain them?

They were doing what we now call terrorism.

keep them in labor camps making stuff for the war until after it was over when he could send them to Palestine or Madagascar.

Don't ever call yourself, "decent" ever again, you cowardly wretch.

>Jew with blue eyes


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He just wanted them out of the country but thats a bit difficult when you have a multi front war.

wtf he looks comfy hes got a blanket and a pillow. damn i wish i lived in aushwitz that place looks awesome

How do I achieve this natty?

Those are poles not jews

go to jail then wait until all the guards flee and you are alone, then just stay there without food for 3 months