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Nicholas Edwards
Nicholas Edwards

Forces of the unknown have caused our world to merge/combine with a typical (or not-so-typical) fantasy world. Old world governments have managed to hold on to major urban and suburban areas, but rural areas range from fragile peace to complete chaos. People and towns from either side suddenly find themselves in a new realm, and portals going between both worlds are scattered through out the lands.

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Threadly Question:
Best music to slay orcs/elves/dwarves/goblins/skinwalkers/etc to?

inb4 "No Fun Allowed"
-You don't have to browse this thread
-Whining about the thread won't stop the people posting shit on it from posting shit

The fucking sticky:

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Jordan Ross
Jordan Ross

If it's anything besides AC/DC you're wrong. You have to fill those Monster cans with tannerite and convince fantasy niggers they just have to be heated.

Adam Wilson
Adam Wilson

Going on another mini-hiatus. Lack of creativity, and I'm currently in New York Shitty.

Nathan Sanders
Nathan Sanders

January 29, 1968
11:27 PM
Hue City, Hue province, Vietnam
Be me
Specialist Moses Browning
no relation to THE Browning but i wish
grew up in Springdale, Utah
can't do math... or really spell good
that's how i ended up here
got shipped to Fort Benning three days after i graduated high school
that was a year ago
now i'm stuck neck deep in filthy whores and the occasional firefight
my M16 has yet to let me down though
not sure why the boys complain about em so damn much
i clean mine every night just incase
my Pa would be proud, the old man taught me well
he was in the big WW2.. and Korea
sitting on the roof of the largest building in town
it had a name once, but one of the bombing runs must have taken it out
i can see the whole city from here
the rest of my Platoon is also up here
standing over barrel fires and whatever they could make
the smell of cooking meat and the sounds of partying are starting to drift toward me, war is hell... and ive had to do some bad things while i was here but i do enjoy my time
go over to join them
rest of the night is spent dodging the loose hookers and eating rather suspicious pieces of meat
i have a hammock set up on the roof
its cal mate at night
the sound of distant planes lulls me to sleep
one closer plane though keeps me awake
C-47 Spooky
i start to see it before i hear it
the world erupting into light
rockets streaking through the streets
people running
i see the red stream of death kiss the ground and i swear i can see the silhouettes and rice hats from here
my hand wraps around the handguard of my m16 as a rocket streaks out and slams the side of the hotel
Time: 2:38 AM
Date: January 30, 1968
The Tet offensive begins

Jason King
Jason King

run into battle while screaming JoJo openings

Hunter Fisher
Hunter Fisher

Feel the building shake again as i start almost sprinting down the stairs
hear screams of pain
see medics on each floor
stop at the last flight and look behind the stairs
grab my bag and kick Joshua in the ribs
josh and i went through basic at the same time
he is a Black rifleman
he wakes up in a flash and his M14 is already in his hands
"wha-WHAT the fuck is happening"
i don't say a word and just pick him up by his flack as the building shakes again
"jus Move, now GIT"
rip the bayonet out of its Frog and click it into place
slam a fresh mag into her and make sure that Josh is doing the same
point to the alley across the street and josh nods before breaking out the front of the hotel like a bat out of hell
push myself into the doorframe looking for more rice hats
provide overwatch
as he gets halfway across the street i see a pair of black pajamas and a rice hat run into the middle of the street
"too easy"
i let out my breath and let out two rounds in semi auto in quick succession
watch the red tracer zip through the gook
josh makes it across to the alley
my turn
take a deep breath and back away five steps
adjust the sling on my M16
start running
arms pumping
heart racing
i see a tracer zip in front of my head
see another impact at my feet
dont stop
watch Josh let out a burst Full Auto on his m14
he pulls back
dive for the alley

Henry Stewart
Henry Stewart

manage to slide the distance to get my entire body into the alley as a burst of rounds strike where i was just before
scramble to my feet grabbing hold of my rifle and start hoofing it down the alley and towards the market square
had been repurposed as a FOB and vehicle storage
hear ching chong noises up ahead as the alley turns into a street
me and josh stop running as we see a group of four Gooks round the corner with AKs and one with what looks like a PKM of sorts
there's a moment of shock as we stare each other down
i am faster
flip the selector all the way to auto
don't bother to aim
just fire to the hip as i take steps to the right
drop 3 of the 4 of them
red tracer lighting up the wall behind them
one gook is left
he got clipped by Josh
there's a burst of AK fire from him before i can get off another round
misses mee by inches
put three rounds in his chest and slide down the wall
i think i shit my pants
"Hey.. josh... am i leaking brown or red?"
my laughing dies out
look over my shoulder
josh is down
"Oh fuck"

Christopher Cook
Christopher Cook

Guys, I fucked a dryad prostitute and now I have crabs but they're glowing blue and green. What do?

Thomas Gray
Thomas Gray

Shoot them. Ya know, with a gun? Worst case scenario they have a spell of hardness and the bullets bounce off, best case scenario no more crabs. Don't miss.

Attached: HAHH.png (582 KB, 720x746)

Eli Howard
Eli Howard

yer fucked mate, your now Crab man

Ian Miller
Ian Miller

Remember to fuck native qts

Attached: 1565322047924.png (490 KB, 900x860)

Ian Thompson
Ian Thompson

Last time, on Neumagh! With user trapped in a coma, Reginald went on his own to investigate a lead on the leaky boat-tavern "Ye Olde Parrot." Now, 6 days after he left, user and the gang go after him!

as we walk in, the bouncer stops Ellior
he’s a fucking Minotaur
”How old are you?”
fuck I don’t even know
”Really really?”
Really really.”
he sort of squints and looks at her
she squints back
after a solid minute of an uncomfortable staring contest, the Minotaur looks away
”Alright. Have a nice night.”
Ellior fucking slaps his ass as she walks past
she lets out the biggest breath as she falls into step with the rest of us
”That was close.”
what the fuck just happened

Anthony Rivera
Anthony Rivera

With both hands.

Adam Jenkins
Adam Jenkins


Jackson Myers
Jackson Myers

be minotaur
just trying to do my job
get fucking made a bitch boi by a smol elf
try to kill myself
fail at that too because ima fucking Baseditar

Kayden Butler
Kayden Butler

easy clap
put the gun in your mouith and pull teh trigger

Attached: kokoko.jpg (8 KB, 249x203)

Aiden Howard
Aiden Howard

Rape the goblins before they rape you.

Blake Torres
Blake Torres

try to hang myself
I'm too swole and the noose won't work due to my powerful neck muscles
damn my past ploughing on the family farm

Colton Allen
Colton Allen

be soiitar
leave the city and return to the farm
dad left my mom for a dark elf
mom is old and decrepid
brothers are a bunch of shit heads
mom fucking dies of mad cow disease (minotaur alzimers)

Julian Brown
Julian Brown

The funny thing is I pictured him being like seven feet tall, but Ellior's trauma stare was too much for him.

Caleb Young
Caleb Young

shook him so bad he just fucking breaks and runs off to like join a leper colony or something

Jeremiah Robinson
Jeremiah Robinson

pull myself over to him
he's gripping and letting out a croaking heaving sound
sucking chest wound
"fuck buddy... you look like shit"
he cracks a smile and i see red highlight the pearly white teeth in his mouth
"come on now brother... were close were gonna get you outta here..."
sling up his rifle to my bag
grab my M16
look at him for a moment
i pull him up and he lets out a pained scream
wrap his arm over my shoulder
grab him by his belt
holding the buttstock of my rifle under my armpit
god i don't want to die here smelling like nigger sweat
we start shuffling down teh side street as fast as we can
decide to cut through a small house complex
can hear combat now
heavy weapons firing
sounds of helicopters
and the sound of the sky tearing open from the C-47
we break into teh street behind the market
steet looks clear
hear josh grunt something
there's a kid between me and the gate
i yell at him
he does nothing
keep moving
hes following me
getting closer
feel josh push away from me
the kid pulls a string on his chest
my eyes grow wide as i see josh tackle him
the world turns into a bright white light
i feel pain
the last outlines i saw was josh being turned to confetti
the world goes black
im blind...
i feel the hate
the rage build in me
it seems the longer the darkness continues the angrier i get
the sounds of battle fade and are replaced by ominous chanting
it feels as if i'm being pulled away
i can feel ghostly hands on me
i try to fight but the smells of gore and battle fade and are replaced with sweet incense and more
the heat of the jungle envelopes me as i am pulled into what feels like a forced sleep
i'm unsure i will wake up from this.... but the longer it persist the more my rage grows
it grows... it hungers

Josiah Walker
Josiah Walker

immediately runs off to the gym to work out his confused feelings
some five foot nothing elf girl with half an ear won a staring contest with him
he later runs into her again and they share a respectful and knowing nod

Liam Hughes
Liam Hughes

Loreli punches me in the arm
”We should check at the bar, maybe the keep saw him.”
you wouldn’t forget seeing Reginald
a robot with a liking for fashionable clothes and a flair for the dramatic
”You just want some booze.”
she stutters, her fake accent breaking for a moment
”N-no. I just think it’s a good place to start.”
as we approach the bar, I see a sign on the wall near the rack of booze
it’s one of those “No X” signs, but with a drawing of a skeleton in it
there’s another with some anthropomorphic cat in it too
I won’t even ask
I can guess
”user let me try something I saw in the movies.”
are you serious
”Go on.”
she takes a deep breath, and clears her throat
she tilts her hat and struts up to the bar, bending forward and leaning on it
I wanna see that again
for um
she flicks her hat and addresses the barkeep, who I now see is an old harpy
fucking howdy
Ding bursts into laughter on my shoulder, hugging some casing she dug out of my pocket

Caleb Fisher
Caleb Fisher

Alright, I got three of them that went out looking for me. I think im a fair distance away from the initial ambush. I used five rounds to take them out. I have no clue where exactly I am in the forest, does anyone know how to navigate in this situation, or even better, is in the blood moss forest and can lend a hand?

Kevin Sanchez
Kevin Sanchez

blood moss forest
That place sounds cursed as fuck, where is it? Describe the terrain.

Zachary Flores
Zachary Flores

If the plants are red, cover yourself in goblin blood for camo purposes and to hide your scent, Goblins can hunt entirely by scent.

Jonathan Miller
Jonathan Miller

Its not as cursed as it sounds, its just called that because of the massive growth of the blood moss, and minus the moss its just like the ozarks in the US.
From what ive heard via locals, the moss acts like normal moss until a living creature stops for a certain amount of time while touching it, then the moss will grow into the pores of the creature and make it into another part of the moss structure. The moss starts out in a small area like pic related, and then gets more and more creature "sculptures" in it.
That being said, im not camouflaging myself in the stuff. And for where it is, if you take the portal near lebanon, MO, head northward for about fourteen miles until you hit the elven village of Eethnas, from there you can get directions via a local.

Attached: bloodmoss.jpg (653 KB, 1280x853)

Camden Brooks
Camden Brooks

That moss is metal as fuck.

Angel Long
Angel Long

Well Goblins can still smell you, and the sense of smell sharpens in the dark. I hope you have a lot of piss.

Connor Lewis
Connor Lewis

already soaked my clothes to get the bugs away

Jack Brooks
Jack Brooks

Good man. That’ll keep gobbos out of your wallet and butthole.

Liam Thomas
Liam Thomas

Hey mods. Quick question.

Why does this gay shit get a general while discussions on gun rights and acquiring firearms in various states/countries, gun control, and ATF threads get moved or deleted?

Asking for a friend.

Brody Perez
Brody Perez

pass in a black blur
i feel the pains of starvation begin to mix with the hatred
my existence becomes hatred
my skin feels as if its being stripped and ripped
im restrained
i feel my blood drain and it only grows my rage
i can feel the cold blackness stain my dark heart
and then i broke
my mind slipped away
in a haze of sweet smells i found myself at the foot of a god
a pillar of light without features or shape
a hand reached out to me
and i swear i heard a voice
a moment of intense pain ripped me away as i registered the words it had told me
"Fight Like Hell"
i was brought out of the darkness
the world was now stone and candles
i was surrounded
all around me
small yellow men
rice hats
they are... chanting
some are bowing before... the altar im on
a shriveled up
tiny yellow man is standing over me
"HE IS ARISEN BROTHERS Deimos, the god of harvest and peace"
I look at my arms
and my body
fresh tattoos
deep red
i can feel the rage burning
i've been turned into some gook Idol

Jaxson Wood
Jaxson Wood

"Brothers and sisters, after many years we've successfully summoned our savior... the man who will lead us to prosperity"
i can feel it all start to go fuzzy
the red is flooding my vision
the voice
enticing me
"you are deimos... but you are no god... you are vengeance, you are war...."
my vision closed to small pinpricks now
hyper focused on the small man above me
and in a movement all to fast and in an action that would have brought a smile to my drill sergeants face
i grabbed the top of the short fuckers head
feeling my fingers go into what might have been his nose
pulled back with all my might
and brought up my knee in a strike to the center of his back
i felt the shattering of bone as the man started to scream in horror at the fact he could not feel his lower body
i didn't know it but i was smiling ear to ear
raising my boot
i ended the small fucks life by splattering his small yellow head on the edge of the altar

Attached: SPOILER-Rice-Elf.png (37 KB, 400x225)

Brandon Phillips
Brandon Phillips

Because this ISNT the politics board. Read the fucking Jow Forums sticky that states that Jow Forums isn’t for political discussion and shit. Fuck off and learn more new fag.

Attached: 3ABB761D-8173-4CA2-95DA-E0EE183788DE.jpg (123 KB, 509x903)

Brandon Torres
Brandon Torres

If you read anything that went on in this thread before posting your complaints you would see this is all very Jow Forums oriented.

William White
William White

he actually posted the image
i don't know if i should be proud or ashamed so im gonna go with both

Asher Torres
Asher Torres

Gonna go check out the giant tribes, see if I can't do a little proselytizing and charity work over there with the rest of my church. Anything I should know about them before we head over there though?

Attached: 1565378136049.jpg (1.31 MB, 2452x1920)

Lucas Myers
Lucas Myers

Postin as 'Freak Remover', continuing from last thread having dryad tiddies
Also colorized wolf rider for you fucks

Rest for a week, sight in new AS VAL and optic, remove stitches and just keep a bandage on it
Huh, healing well
Be cleaning the MAC-11 when I hear trucks rumbling up the dirt road
Slap receiver back in and prepare for weirdness and I run out with MAC
See old user talking with some tall fucker in old army greens with captains bars on his shoulder
See people unloading one of the two trucks and setting up large tents
So this is that Merc group
'So this is user? Hes got good instincts old user'
Points at MAC n cheese
'I like people who don't waste shit other than baddies'
Wonder for a sec what old user has been telling this guy
'Well, user, if your ridin with us you better grab your shit, we'll be rolling out tomorrow'
Spend time making sure my gear is squared away, grab a small duffle and backpack full of innawoods gear
Was about to stuff every possible space in bags when I realize I can throw the whole crate in the truck
Get done in time to help setup last tent, get walked over to the other truck
The back has been converted into some kind of mobile command post
Talk with Captain about what the fuck he actually wants me to do
Apparently these guys are helping to keep the weirdness to minimum on our side of the rifts, in exchange for pretty much whatever is reasonable to ask for
Supplies, Booze, Medical treatment, even fucking silver/gold as cash is becoming worthless in these parts
Wants me to help keep a FOB they setup near an unstable rift that greenskins love to come through
Spot, Shoot, and Report any group too big for me to handle
Says he'll assign me Junior to be my spotter
Who the fuck is Junior

Attached: radridercolor.png (235 KB, 800x900)

Jacob Cook
Jacob Cook

Ive been wandering aimlessly through the woods for a few hours now. Found two more goblins, and I believe that I saw them before they noticed me. Put a 7.62 in the back of ones head, then put two in his friends chest when he turned around. If anyone is in the area, help is required, the satellite that /g/ put up only works with posting to here because of their firewall security measures to keep lesser races from their anime hard drives or some shit.

Gabriel Young
Gabriel Young

Junior seems to just appear out of nowhere
See a guy with AR-15 with what looks like a homemade suppressor and CZ-75B, plate carrier, and looks 15
Get told to watch over him as he's Captains kid
After a a short discussion of positions I'll be setting up in, go and walk to campfire these guys have set up
Drinking some whiskey a guy had stashed, learn of nearby greenskins activity
Such as
Crashing a stolen truck through multiple storefronts and raiding/raping everything in sight before getting shot
Goblins doing goblin things
A fucking troll the team encountered that had shot at them with a M240
Well now I got reasons
Also get informed no one is to give Junior special treatment, and to kick his ass should he not follow orders
Captain wants him 'trained up' it seems
Alrighty then
Pass out in barn before getting woke up by old user and see them already packing up
Start the miserable drive in the deuce and a half to the FOB
Junior is sitting next to me, clutching AR in deathgrip
'You okay Junior?'
'Yeah user, seen some greenie action before, just always nervous'
'You make that suppressor?'
Get into Jow Forumsonversation until we get to FOB
Cool kid, actually 17, and wanted to stop the greenies from fucking with anybody
Watch towers, Sandbags and a trench surrounded the complex right out of vietnam make the FOB
Go to command tent, get ordered to head out immediately
Grab Junior and check map
Begin marching to a hilltop near some creeks and ponds for good viewing

Ian Rodriguez
Ian Rodriguez

Be marching with Junior in tow when I hear noise
See a small group goblins near where I want to camp
Give handsign to drop and knifehand toward gobbos
Junior complies like he's been doing this for years
Might have
Sight in gobbos who are beating some doe with shovels and spears
Hmm...only six
Check area around me, clear
Fuck it, time to earn my pay
Shoot a gobbo who is fucking the dead deer
Others don't even notice until I shoot the one bashing the deer with a shovel
Head explodes
Stupid assholes scatter as Junior lets loose with AR, nailing two as I shoot one running toward us
Last one is hiding behind tree
See him peek around tree and a branch is covering face
Shoot the branch and see goblin tumble backwards into creek
Admire russian engineering
About to stand up when I see two orcs with pump actions stop and spot the dead
See one kick a body and send it into the creek and mutter in greenskins
Tap Junior who crawled up next to me and whisper for him to target left, fire when I do
See them both drop as I put three into my orc and hear multiple bursts from Junior
Where did these fucks come from-
Look across pond and see campfire light in the dimming light
Junior has some small binos out is eyeballing the area
Passes em to me and busts out radio to call it in
Tarps and animal skins are all I can spot besides the occasional gobbo wandering around
Get pulled out of the trance when I hear 'mortar' on the radio
'Uh, sir? I reported the encounter and camp, and they want us scout the camp to mortar the place'
Artillary support?
Fuck yes

Carter Bell
Carter Bell

the less educated giants have a bad tendency to splater human for the laughs so...
i don't know what else to say, good luck bro

Caleb White
Caleb White

Start being sneaky in the failing light with Junior in tow
We've been giving the camp a wide birth, glancing at it through optics and Junior's binos
it's a camp of about 100 of various greenskins, waaaay too much to plink off
they mostly stick to the bonfire in the middle and mull around, gnawing on various animal meat and drinking
Be laying in the mud and Junior radioing in the coordinates when I hear something like a deer running
Roll to back
See wolf riders closing in, bounding through the trees toward us
Not these niggers again
AS VAL goes to full and I start dumping heavy lead at the closest one
Goes down and see Junior go to kneeling and start shooting in 3 round bursts
'Junior! Tell me you finished radioing in those mortars!'
'Yes sir! Should be coming in now!'
Reload and start on another as one running past sprays with an automatic glock
Feel a round smack the front plate
Reply by shooting the riding wolf
See them start circling our position and taking pot shots at us
I'm terrified, but it'd be worse if they could aim
Hear the telltale whistle of a mortar
Yank Junior down and glance at camp to see a bigass explosion in the midst of the camp, followed by more as they scramble around
A shotgun blast hit the tree above my head and I shoot another rider
apparently wolf riders have spines
Hear Junior screaming 'THATS WHAT YOU GET FOR MY SISTER' and shooting at them
Look back and see the few remaining ride into the trees as Junior keeps up fire, empty mags strewn about
Glance at camp through optics and see a few stumbling around or shooting at the trees in a daze
Flip to semi and shoot, bullets seemed to ignore branches and debris
Reload, continue
Truck, you have been avenged
Get up and glance at Junior
The kid is breathing hard, suppressor is steaming
'Grab those mags kid, we gotta go'

Bentley Thomas
Bentley Thomas

Any recommendations for getting off on a good foot with them? Or barring that, a weapon that'll be effective against them?

Attached: 1556749909766.gif (1019 KB, 500x363)

Charles James
Charles James

stealth, but i would carry a 20mm if i were you, just in case

Ryder Young
Ryder Young

crouch walking with ntw-20 strapped to my back to stealthily pass by some giants
somehow get spotted
start running away
clunk clink clink clunk thud
get stepped on by the humongoloids

Colton Butler
Colton Butler

personaly i think it would sound more like

Christopher Jenkins
Christopher Jenkins

Not being a dick and/or commenting on their size, if their friendly. Otherwise prepare to be smooshed.

As for weapons, is a .50 beowulf rifle, if not 12 or 10ga shotgun with hotpacked slugs and a .454 revolver. Makes me wonder if peppering humongoloids with lesser calibers works...

Aiden Watson
Aiden Watson

TFW family of greenskins move in next door
try to scare them by constantly cleaning my WASR on the porch
work up a sweat from the summer heat
notice their daughter eyeing me up
she goes inside
comes back out with an axe
she's barely wearing anything like most Orcs
can see muscular thighs and abs
starts to polish the edge of the blade up and down
she leans over
get good look at green tits
she catches me looking and winks at me
TFW accidentally courted an Orc
What caliber do you guys recommend for dealing with very angry Orc fathers?

Attached: ishouldgo.png (216 KB, 338x400)

Jayden Gonzalez
Jayden Gonzalez


Gabriel Kelly
Gabriel Kelly

Start moving with a quickness in direction of FOB
Have Junior radio in our return, and that camp has been blown into oblivion
Get told we're to meet up with the mortar team and gives us directions
See them after an hour of wandering
Its a bunch of rednecks with a army tent and tubes setup with crates of mortars
One stands up holding a bottle of liquor and runs to meet us
'Hey, those mortars work alright?'
wonder why he'd as that until I do a double-take on the tubes
Its fucking rusty steel pipes and welded together shells, looking ready to explode in the tubes
Praise the gods we weren't hit
'They hit the camp, so I can't complain'
'Yeah, they blow shit up good, but sometimes they fly bad and don't blow up when they hit tha ground...'
Reaches into an unbuttoned flak jacket and puts on cap with a lieutenants bar on it
'Ahm in charge here, so whateva you need, go through me' he says and offers the bottle
walk into minicamp and take a shot of whatever he's holding
tastes like rubbing alcohol smells
'So why are we here, sir?'
'Nuffa that sir shit, we got shit ta do'
'We had problems with orcs on stolen trucks ridin 'round trying ta get at the FOB and us, and we got the bright idea to put together a minefield'
Goes to a crate and pulls a map out on the lid
Starts talking about how the camp is moving tomorrow, and a machine gun team and his 'demo' men are setting up mines in more open areas
Has weird spring loaded 12ga mines for gobbos to fill in gaps
We're gonna support the demo men and machine gun teams by shooting wanderers, and we have to hold the area until it's set up
Go to bed holding AS VAL like a teddy bear

Jeremiah Walker
Jeremiah Walker

"Oh dear."
the old GM Sixes clatter a bit before waking with a roar. The mixed lot of "slipped" guards still jolt at the sound of the old tank waking up, but once sh'e in the shit, they love her.

Got a happy, happy dwarf driving, he's never seen anythig like an old M4A2 Sherman. And this is a goodun. Held back, it's never seen the tender caresses of a Russian's hammer, or a Cubano's boot. Just loved, and set aside til now.

Her 75mm M3 is long gone. Somewhere she picked up a weird 3" rifle, and an auto-loader made "proudly" per the plate by the General Shoe Corporation. So, she can, (in ideal conditions) hit 120 RPM. Which is amazing.

And useless. I mean, it's great if you had to just buttfuck a Tiger 1, but.. you'd use half your ammo just getting really on target. and if there were two or more Kraut tanks you needed to remove from the scenery? Oh fuck..

But. For busting mobs of Orcs, or other baddies? You load her with 3" WP/ILLUM and set "HI". she will fucking melt a mass of mobs.
All while shrugging off all sorts of magical, and nonmagical hits.
While Slip-magic works on some metals, it's useless on Steel. And really GOOD steel causes a sort of backlash/ Like the armor says"Fuck Your Shit" to the caster, and it backlashes on them.

Levi Phillips
Levi Phillips

Wake up to this wild screech like a cat getting shoved into a blender
Followed by gunfire
Jump out of tent cause I slept in my plate carrier
There are fucking dozens of skeletons running at the camp, and the mortar team still scattered and shooting various shit at them
AS VAL goes to fun and see one climb a tree and try to jump at me like a deranged squirrel
Blast it and get covered in bone bits
Start shooting more into the skeletons running at a redneck who is busy reloading his auto-12 and see Junior putting in work with the CZ
Keep shooting when I see one Del Toro toward the commander, who is fucking with a jammed AR
It gets a burst and I start reloading and I get a sudden chill and fear
Not like skellies weren't enough
Look through the trees and see a weird mass of darkness, not even the moonlight shining through
See a guy in dirty black robes come out the woods and shake a bone-staff in our direction
Fight through the magic bullshit and shoot at him, only to collide with skeletons that jumped in between me and him
Fucker jumps into the blackness cackling
See the skeletons slow down and eventually stop, as the remaining Mortar guys keep shooting them
Camp clear, we regroup
Two guys are missing, one looks like he got shredded, and most of the remaining have got scratches from the necro-shit
Junior is shaking but fine
Radio is not working, its midnight and that necromancer guy could pop back at any moment

Jayden Wright
Jayden Wright

Anything north of .30 cal, but I'd recommend a "thumper" caliber just to be safe

Logan Lewis
Logan Lewis

Lemme read some encounter a with a wondrous machine in a terrifying land
Maybe manage to get aome kinda dwarven clockwork to run it?
Maybe some AC to keep you from overheating?
Maybe even deflection spells or anti-magic field on the hull?

Luke Scott
Luke Scott

The other nice thing is, being a 3" rifle, she can use VX fuses. Prox fuses. Airbursts and sad faces for baddies.

And then there is her other assets. Two ANM3 .50's on a buffered Naval mount, right in front of the TC's cupola. For the loader, an open bolt FN AC.30, and some weird hand cranked grenade launcher thing we bought off a guy in Arizona. Said they were used in "nom".

So, even if the main gun is deciding to shit fire or make shoes, we can still lay down some hurt, and be reasonably unscathed.

Plus, "It's a Tank".
Nothing a Slipper has will go through. No Lance, spear, Magic or similar can penetrate her hull. So at the worst, we can just button up, bounce the GM's off their governors and begin lubing our tracks with their guts.

Logan Bailey
Logan Bailey

Steel is magic.

Mason Perry
Mason Perry

Continue from where i left off

I grabbed the Warlock by his gay ass robe and threw him across the tent, hitting one of the massive supports
He hit the support with a solid thud
The orc began chanting a spell
Too slow mother fucker
I brought a claw hammering down on his arm, cleaving the appendage off.
It took a moment for the orc to register what exactly happened
Cant cast your bullshit spell without your bullshit hand faggot
The Orc roars and throws himself at me.
He throws a left
then another one
then another one
then another
I just hold up my right arm and continue to block his punches
Finally the orc stumbles and i catch his other arm and rip it clean from his shoulder
The orc stands there eyeing me
Tis’ just a flesh wound
The orc charges me
Nigga you aint got no arms
Brace myself to uppercut this faggot to see baby jesus
But he stumbles and falls to the floor, dead from blood loss
I walk over and tap his body with the tip of my foot

Logan Wilson
Logan Wilson

Hear chains rattle and suddenly remember why im here
Kaylessa is tied to a table, her clothes stripped from her body.
A series of deep cuts to her wrists and parts of her thighs
A small bead of blood is forming in the center of her chest
There are Bowls underneath her serving as collection points
My blood boils with fury
They were going to use her as a blood sacrifice
If there an Orc Blood God, I swear i will make him bleed
Quickly rip cloth from the tent walls and stop the bleeding from the deeper wounds
Krom comes running into the tent and looks at Kaylessa
He mutters an Orcish curse and spits on the ground
Evi comes into my mind
”Master, the Elves have Routed the orcs, most are slain, the rest are fleeing into the woods”
”Yeah thats fucking great, get your ass down here”
”What is wrong?”
Send her a mental image of Kaylessa
”She has lost a lot of blood, is there anything we can do”
”We dragons are creatures of Destruction and only Destruction”
Kaylessa, opened her eyes and looked at me
She just smiled before closing them and going limp
no no no
no no no no no no no no no

Dylan Walker
Dylan Walker

Krom begins scrambling, Throwing shit around, looking for something
I feel for her pulse
I feel myself turn back into my normal human self
Begin compressions
Breathe, breathe
Breathe, breathe
Krom grabs my arm and i feel something very sharp and very painful drag its way across my forearm and wrist
”Krom what the fuck?!”
”Shut up and give me your Blood! We dont have much time!”
I notice him holding a small wooden rod with skulls attached to it
He takes my arms and squeezes blood into the bowls with kaylessas blood, and begins chanting
Suddenly, one of the Bowls begin glowing a faint orange
As i am wrapping my arm with some of the cloth, the other bowls begin glowing
Then, scorching pain is shot through my arm like i was just stung by hundreds of Wasps
The blood begins flowing from the Bowls, slithering like a snake up the table and coming to a rest on Kaylessa’s wounds
Kroms chanting grew louder and the pain in my arm only grew more intense
The blood rose in elevation, then at the apex of kroms chanting, slammed down into kaylessas body with enough force to break the legs of the table
All was quiet for a moment, Then Kaylessa gasped for air.

Chase Martinez
Chase Martinez

This is total shit. I won’t even bother reading the rest of this thread.
My tamagotchi from 1998 could come up with a more captivating story

Colton Foster
Colton Foster

fucking do it mate

Attached: 1559806084306.jpg (172 KB, 1280x716)

Tyler Hughes
Tyler Hughes

no is metal dude

Ryan Martinez
Ryan Martinez

Do it, we're always in need of writefags. Bring your tamogatchi, show us what it can write

Brayden Myers
Brayden Myers

is alchemy nigga
alchemy covers everything

Joseph Foster
Joseph Foster

Gonna write up more VALiant user soonish
Give me your thoughts, anons, so I can improve my writefaggotry

Justin Murphy
Justin Murphy

Also did a rough sketch of the Ring-a-Ding artworks for Neumagh user

Attached: ring-a-ding.png (265 KB, 1600x1200)

Jaxson Torres
Jaxson Torres

That’s pretty damn nice user. Not bad at all.

Adam Williams
Adam Williams

I woke up from my slumber surprised that I had not being mauled by a wild creature, the ground, now cool to the touch, signaled me that it was my time to move and as fast as I could I gathered my equipment and headed out of the cave I had taken refuge in, I walked out to the shifting of sands below me and looked as the last rays of the sun drooped out of the horizon, letting way for the night.
I was easier for a single human like me to travel through the dessert at night, the cold was easier to battle than the unrelenting heat and the nocturnal creatures they too were easier to handle on my own, they were nightmares themselves, yet they were nothing compared to the titans that played on the sunlight, especially those damned worms, I hope to never encounter them again.
I had to move as much as I could for the dessert spares nothing but mere hours to these advantageous conditions, soon I will need to find shelter to wait the day again, for the fourth time in a row, every inch I can muster out of this trot is valuable, my rations are running low but the next settlement should not be more than two days away, hopefully I will find something edible on my way.

Landon Sullivan
Landon Sullivan

god damn it, every time

Cameron Clark
Cameron Clark

Very nice, user! Also very green.

Alexander Anderson
Alexander Anderson

The commander decides with the losses that its not possible to round up all the mortar gear
He's drinking heavy on that swill he had earlier
Says he's going to turn them into mines for whoever want to fuck with the camp
Me and Junior setup nearby
I'm still rattled from fighting craziness
got a good look at the clearing from our perch
Mortar boys are digging holes and burying the explosives with some kind of spring loaded trigger for the actual mines
Dropping enough explosives in those holes to clear the forest
Have barrel fires to see by while they work
Hear Junior's radio crackle
'user team, user team, multiple sightings of undead, some have been cursed and loaded with explosives'
what the flying fuck do they mean by 'cursed'
Ask Junior
Junior says the bones of the skellies are filled with black goo that explodes everywhere and instantly rots any flesh or gear it gets on
Oh gods, cursed IED undead
wait, why wasn't this in the briefing?
Ignore fear, try to watch for my mortar bros
Dig faster please, I do not like these woods
After a couple hours of shitting myself, we hear the radio again telling us its time to move out
The mortar dudes have a four wheeler with a cart on it, holding the few tubes and mortars they could
They apparently booby trapped all the equipment and the tent they left, and a minefield that'd make a tank scared
images of 'No, is bomb' come to mind as we follow the four wheeler back to the FOB

Thanks guys, I posted it to /ic/ and they just shit on me without telling me what was wrong, will be finishing it tomorrow with some slight fixes and coloring

James Scott
James Scott


Attached: caesaaaaaaaaaaar-596026ddb9d59.png (193 KB, 544x500)

Alexander Gomez
Alexander Gomez

Continue when we hear an explosion from the camp
I drop my fistfull of 9x39 I was reloading my mags with
Incendiary this time, fucks
Scrabble around grabbing precious rounds when I hear him
'Musta found the mines!', LT Redneck says, smiling
'Shouldn't we be moving faster?'
'Nah, it'll take em a while to figure out the minefield.'
Hear more explosions
Hear a crackle from the radio
'All teams, FOB is under attack by Greens and Undead, all teams are to return and support'
See the mortar guys stop and start unloading the gear
'Go on up ahead user, we need you to spot for us. Go fast, sounds like shit is really bad up there'
Start running through woods down the path we were on
Start hearing gunfire not but a quarter mile up
Drop to walking pace and prepare anus
Stop when we see movement and the clearing the FOB sits in
See random amounts of skellies running at the trenches and sandbag walls while Orcs are shooting random guns at the defenders
A watchtower is on fire and the other is firing frantically and everything
goblins are getting literally thrown into the clearing to either to get shot up
Then I see him
That same necromancer fuck that attacked the camp
Notice he's got a metal as hell bone breastplate on under those robes, and is sending out random batches of skellies at the walls
I got you this time
Load incendiary mag
Tell junior to shoot for all his worth
Proceed to sight in and dump rounds as fast as I can at him, rounds lighting up like tracers as they fly at him
See the bastard do that whole void thing again, rounds that would have hit him get sucked into nothingness
Get a look at his face through the optics
Asshole is SMILING
Walks into blackness as trees start to burn from the rounds
Well fuck you too
'user, those tracers revealed us, we got greenies and undead coming for US!'
He's shooting rapidly as I reload

Christian Morgan
Christian Morgan

See the darkness and feel the chill
'Junior, we gotta go, NOW!' I yell over the gunfire
Then the Necromancer steps out the blackness not ten feet away
He just leaps at us and swings the staff at me
I roll and shoot more incendiary rounds while junior sprays
See that dark crap moving like it's alive and just absorb the bullets
He just laughs and the staff turns into a bone white Kingswood
Bats AS VAL out of my hands while I try to reload and swings at me
Slices through a mag pouch and the front plate like butter, and feel it slice my chest
Oh fuck, it burns but is cold at the same time
Junior screams 'IM FUCKING DONE WITH YOUR MAGIC SHIT' stepping back and continuing to unload
Fight through weird pain and grab my MAC-11 from the little pouch I kept in on my pack
See him advance on Junior and chop the barrel on his rifle off with some of Junior's right hand
Cock it back and unload as he rams the sword through Juniors chest
Notice the darkness can't keep up with the MAC on auto and rounds punch through, knocking Necroass to the ground
See him fucking turn to dust like his minions
Hit my knees from the pain and see Junior impaled to the tree, junior rotting away at an incredible rate
I liked you kid
pass out from the pain

Cameron Ward
Cameron Ward

Pass in and out of consciousness
Wake up for a sec to hear mortar whistle and shit around me explode
mumble 'witness me' and pass out
Wake up to see my dumb ass in some kind of field hospital and it feels like everything is on fire
Scream and pass out
Wake up again wearing a hospital gown with an IV in my arm
Gown has some weird rune on it
Actually not in too much pain
Look under gown to see a gnarly looking chest scar
Cute elf runs over to me wearing a lab coat and stethoscope
'Hey user! You're alive!'
runs off before I could ask wtf happened
See FOB commander walk in with a look of despair
'user, your up. You've been out for a week.'
'I'm so sorry about Junior, he fought hard and I did everything I could to-'
'Stop. Let me fill you in.'
Tells me the skeletons stopped during the fight, probably after asshole got cheese'd, and the rednecks somehow got the FOB to coordinate mortar strikes after they lobbed a few at random
The defenders got fucked up royally, losing over half their forces to cursed goo and random lead
I got found by the rednecks when they actually returned
Soon after, some elven group came through and radioed in to the FOB
They were searching for the Necromancer as he was running from 'elven justice'
After they came in, they looked at breastplate and sword, which somehow are bound to me after killing the asshole
Which is how I didn't die
Apparently I am a hero for saving the FOB
And the elves have taken to calling me the 'Slayer'
am I Guts now?
Get told I must have the plate and sword within arms reach or the rot will progress
Also that I got a bonus and my contract is considered done when I recover

Hunter Miller
Hunter Miller

So ends the tale of fucking shit up and getting fucked up also is not 'kingswood' but 'longsword' I do not how that got in there
Hope my OC is to your liking, anons

Jaxson Evans
Jaxson Evans

It was great, user

Ryder Hernandez
Ryder Hernandez

i rate good/very my friend

Landon Lee
Landon Lee

Ends as in done completely or just this part?

Dylan Gutierrez
Dylan Gutierrez

Twas some good shit user
Rip in pepperoni junior

Attached: images-(10).jpg (8 KB, 251x201)

Adam Clark
Adam Clark

Does anyone have the story about the spec ops guys being captured monster girls

Jacob Morgan
Jacob Morgan

elaborate pls?

Ian Brown
Ian Brown

Glad you are back Jow Forumsing. Good shit as usual.

Juan Jackson
Juan Jackson

I'll write more anons

Brody Morgan
Brody Morgan

Attached: ebd.jpg (33 KB, 584x429)

Jose Rogers
Jose Rogers

Get released after flirting with the elven nurse for two days
Get my armor explained to me
Basically, I've become some kind of lich thing
Sword absorbs mana from wounded/killed things which is why they rot away
Breastplate stores it, allowing me to do necromancer stuff with that energy
Tells me that it's always slowly draining as its maintaining a link and my crazy wound is like some kind of mana drain
If the breastplate becomes empty I die
So I gotta slay stuff with the sword every now and then, but the elves have be cleaning it with some kind of brew that has mana it in to keep me alive
See the bottle, reminds me of the ones I snatched from the druids
I gotta go back and see old user anyway
Grab my loot, which is a nice sized bag of various old silver and gold coins/rings and an actual gold bar
Strap the remnants of my gear to the breastplate, AS VAL slung and MAC n cheese on my leg, pouches across the chest, sword in a hip sheath
Ready to get slayin
Get a ride with LT Redneck in a beat up Ford back to the Farm
Ride back and swap cool tales of the battle
Also his contract was up while I was out, decided to see stick around and see what became of me
I musta made an impression
Explain my need to slay
Says he can get me to the portal we've been set up near, reports say its been stabilized by those knife ears
Near a town on the other side, but has a massive problem with kobolds, used to have a problem with greenskins before they all went through the portal
A real adventure
Get to the farm
Old user is sitting in a rocking chair with an Auto 12 in his lap, smoking a pipe
Points a shotgun at me until he recognizes me
'user, what have you been up to?!'
'Doing what I do best'
'Gettin fucked up by crazy shit?'
'Yeeeeah....Got my truck fixed?'
'Its in the barn'
Walk over with him and discuss a trade for some weapons hes got stowed

Blake Jackson
Blake Jackson

Trade the gold bar to him for a S&W 29 in .44mag and a M249 for Redneck who only had a cut down mossberg
Get three big fuel cans for my trip, and grab that druid wine on my way out
Grab my truck after convincing redneck to leave his
Get halfway back before we decide to camp out
Decide to clean guns n sword while nibbling MRE bread
Get to my sword and pour some on my sword
Get what feels like an adrenaline kick the moment it slaps the blade
See Redneck peeking over
'Whats that?'
'Some weird elf wine-'
snatches it out of my hand and takes a big swig
'Thats good stuff...'
Glare at him and snatch it back
Take swig out of curiosity
Tastes like blueberries and honey
Hmm, good thing I got more, don't really know when I'll be slayin again
Lay down in truck bed with Redneck just chilling by a little camp fire
Then, colors
All the colors
Start seeing little faries and butterflies, everything looks bright
Holy shit its hallucinogenic
Be enjoying my trip and see Redneck rolling around in the grass and smiling
Good times
Then something black pokes its head from the field
The colors fade around it to a grey, and it starts moving toward us rapidly
Am I Tripping this

Oliver Evans
Oliver Evans

Seems too static and organized to be the wine
Grab my MAC in my left, sword in my right
'Whats going on user?!?'
'We got trouble, I think...'
'I'm too far out for this!' And draws his revolver
'Just don't shoot me!'
'Well, don't stab me!' He shouts and laughs
See the creature hit the edge of the field to the road we're on
Its like some kind of werewolf looking thing, but from the upper part of the jaw is only bone with green stone eyes
Covered in a red warpaint pattern over black fur
OH fuck
Point and shoot MAC at it and it starts circling the camp at rapid pace
Hear redneck follow up with .44
See it get hit by 9mm and .44, but only seems to flinch as green blood flies out of its side
Hear my MAC click empty after I burst again
Look over to redneck to see him reloading
Drop MAC and two hand the sword
See it run toward redneck
Feel power surging from the armour to the sword, and just jump off the truckbed and chop down
Smash it in the shoulder and go clean through the torso at an angle
See the upper and lower body separate
Stab it in the upper torso that's still trying to claw, see it start rotting away
Aaaaah, that rush again as I drain it
Wait, that thing was ALIVE?
Don't care, its dead now
See Redneck slap the revolver cylinder back and slide it in his holster, muttering about how he had worse trips

Andrew Cruz
Andrew Cruz

75th ranger regiment and green berets are in Afghanistan. They get a mission to go capture a high level target, but instead are ambushed by a ton of monster girls. The story follows one of the rangers and one of the green berets and what happens to them. Fantastic story, even has spider girls

Colton Mitchell
Colton Mitchell

Is there a link to it?

Attached: FB-IMG-1564939335635.jpg (29 KB, 540x607)

Charles Sanchez
Charles Sanchez

This makes my smile the big smile

Jack Lewis
Jack Lewis

I actually know this one!! I loved it, it's from an old /wfg/ thread. If it's the one I'm thinking of. Hang on, let me dig it up.

Samuel Collins
Samuel Collins

I haven't read it in a long time, but iirc, this is it. Great read.

Logan Russell
Logan Russell

That’s the one! It’s so good

Christopher Lopez
Christopher Lopez

imma need some popcorn for this shit
be right back

Colton Brooks
Colton Brooks

Glad I could help!

Yeah it's a long read, and I'm glad for that. It's such a great story.

Attached: 1565041236927.jpg (157 KB, 621x960)

Jackson Davis
Jackson Davis

Finally managed to re read all of it, it’s still just as good

Adrian Clark
Adrian Clark

was this written for this threads or is it from somewhere else?

Jackson Diaz
Jackson Diaz

Iirc, it was posted in a very old /wfg/ thread. Like at least two years ago.

Brandon Bailey
Brandon Bailey

Wew lad. I forgot about that one.

Asher Perry
Asher Perry

Thanks. I wish more people would write monster girl stories like this.

Christian Ross
Christian Ross

Writing more Neumagh soon, keep the thread alive!

Carter Campbell
Carter Campbell

What magic shit do you think could be added to keep the Bofors relevant?
Definitely stuff to keep it running; I hear the big reason it's being phased out is lack of parts

Attached: Bofors40mm.jpg (290 KB, 1024x768)

Nicholas Butler
Nicholas Butler

Booze and shrooms
Lots of them
You either survive the drinking with father or you don't.
There is no in between.
At least that is how it goes in northern woods I live in.

Kayden Miller
Kayden Miller

Automatic ammunition manufacturing into the hopper, as well as homing enchantments for the rounds.

Cooper Wilson
Cooper Wilson

a couple of the stories described in the pastebin don't have links to the stories, and also are stories like the warehouse user never going to be updated or what?

Carter Kelly
Carter Kelly

Just curious, how many writefags here came from WFG?

Oliver Ward
Oliver Ward

read a shitload of wfg before writefagging
feel as im too bad to go in wfg
post first story on here
positive feedback

Now for the most part I bounce between these threads in terms of ideas for stories

I also asked wfg which story they would like to see continued more, so ill give you guys the chance to pick as well.

Andrew Sanchez
Andrew Sanchez

Forgot to mention, if authors want to get their stuff in the pastebin, they email rom (link in op).
What I did to keep my shit updated was to give rom a link to a page which I controlled so that I could push content to it as said content was being made.

Leo Davis
Leo Davis

I’m always a fan of Geist stories, especially if they have more fantasy

Blake Moore
Blake Moore

i've only counted 2

Jonathan Baker
Jonathan Baker

You and me both friend

Gabriel Bennett
Gabriel Bennett

I'm from /wfg/, wrote a bit of story there, put it on hold, haven't written anything for it in a long time because I don't like the way I did it and in trying to decide how to scrap it and start over

Aiden Richardson
Aiden Richardson

Right, so, tomorrow I'm coming back home from New York Shitty. Then, I gotta move, and after all that, I can get back to writing.

Christopher Hall
Christopher Hall

i missed u i was wondering were u went don scare me like that

Carter Rodriguez
Carter Rodriguez

may i know what was your story about before you reset it?

Chase Harris
Chase Harris

/jp/ has threads dedicated to stories like that one, just to let you know

Aiden Howard
Aiden Howard

i saw warehouse user had some stuff added to his pastebin. i'm really enjoying his story. i didn't see it in the thread because i might've missed one since i've been running around a lot lately and haven't been able to read through each thread.

Robert Parker
Robert Parker

yeah, wharehouse manages his own pastebin and mine and he updates them as soon as a thread gets archived

William Gomez
William Gomez

i'm really enjoying his story.
this does put a smile on my face

Attached: 1534346770310.jpg (447 KB, 1223x1573)

Dominic Lewis
Dominic Lewis

be from Missouri
never herd of this I'll have to check it out the next time I'm in state.

Evan Bennett
Evan Bennett

Walking over a dune I spot a miracle that would make any desert traveler feel blessed, and oasis, with healthy palm trees, some other kind of trees and bushes growing around the body of water with what looks like a weird structure in the middle.

I run down the dune and as I get closer I see some more details indicating that I am not the first to find this place, there are tire tracks running to one side of the oasis, there are a lot of footprints around the tracks, blown out of shape by the breeze but still identifiable, 3 different sizes of boots, some way smaller shoe prints that possibly belong to a child, some paw prints of a large canid, and the most distinctive of them all, some clear talon marks of a large avian, too large to be a wild animal and too little to be a thunderbird so most likely a harpy so it’s good to know I’m not entirely alone out here.

There’s a crystal apple on the floor, it has a human-like bite mark on it and it’s wrinkly because it has been oxidizing for some time, cool, it wasn’t long ago when they came around here, I’m going to take advantage of the apple trees to take some with me along with the water.

The footprints congregate near the edge of the water and there’s an ice crystal on the middle of the pond, perhaps they got close to inspect the crystal or to take a family photo, I’m not certain of that but what I’m certain of is that I want a piece of that crystal with me, it’s a life saver on a place like this.

Evan Young
Evan Young

It was about a guy in the us Army who comes into contact with an AK giest belonging to the Taliban. I'm just a civie and I had trouble finding how some stuff in the military worked and Google lead me astray on some stuff so my story had some stuff in it that wouldn't happen irl in the military, which some helpful writers pointed out, and I really just rushed parts of it and made the latter half of what little I wrote happen way too fast. Whenever I get around to re-writing it, it will still have the basic storyline, but it will happen differently and over a longer period of time in the story do it feels more fluid.

Thanks friend, I'll check it out.

David Thompson
David Thompson

saw harpy user hit over 1,000 views. nice.

Lincoln Kelly
Lincoln Kelly

Pls update my fren , im getting sad

Cameron Edwards
Cameron Edwards

So your saying that if I'm patient enough with a 22 I should be good?

Lincoln Gonzalez
Lincoln Gonzalez

so when are you going to kill that parrotfag?

Gabriel Sanders
Gabriel Sanders

i'll update soon fren, been busy with uni beginning again.

Joseph James
Joseph James

Attached: party-apu.png (69 KB, 500x500)

Colton Fisher
Colton Fisher

Ah you’re starting uni again as well I see

Camden Torres
Camden Torres

Please tell me you're going to become a necromancer and bring Junior back.

Michael Thompson
Michael Thompson

Holy shit guys. A long story short, I was wandering through the woods and a fucking MI-17 flew over head, took some gunfire, and then landed in some trees. I took a picture of it as it was coming over the forest, can you guys identify it? For now im heading towards it.

Attached: photo-2202.jpg (238 KB, 1200x813)

Robert Anderson
Robert Anderson

steal it

Jaxson Wilson
Jaxson Wilson

Hey Romulus, if youre lurking i sent you an email

Anthony Evans
Anthony Evans

Discord trannie here. Rommy boi hasnt been around in a while. not sure where he is. hopefully he is still alive.

Daniel Ramirez
Daniel Ramirez

So anons, how goes living in your neck of the woods?
I've took to a bit of a nomadic life these days after everything went to shit and elf faggotry ruined my home, and man, the shit you get to see out on the road.
Be buggin' out
Making way through Southern Illinois
Whole area is a shitfest
Now granted I have limited (read: absolutely fuck-all knowledge) on the current situation of magic but if I could, I'd steal a few tricks from those magefags just to do the shit I saw recently.
Passing through a small town near the Mississippi
Keeping a low profile: dunno if the locals are desparate for food/weapons, don't want to find out
River starts buckling a bit
Hearing shouts and screams
Decide "fuck it", sneak into a 2 story building and set up a temporary position on the roof
Get up there just in time to see part of the river slam into the nearest few buildings
shots are fired
more fucking water gets thrown against buildings
Far enough away from the river to not get shit on, but whatever amounted to a militia down there got completely fucked over
Got a look at the thing doing it, it was some rando-looking woman, probably in her early to mid-20's, Dark red hair.
Couldn't make out if she was a knife-ear though
dunno how long it went on for but from memory alone, it was nearing dusk when everything was said and done
water-girl just uses the current of the shitty Mississippi to cross in 30 seconds flat.
Scrounging around the aftermath barely got me shit besides probably a water-logged AK74, only 3 clips of ammo, and barely any food as is.
Didn't stick around long before there was more gunfire
I dunno how the hell it all happened, probably some magical portal bullshit opened up near the town letting in a knife-ear, who probably got spooked by the locals, but what a fucking ride it was.
I got more stories of my adventures through the countryside, if anyone gives a shit to read.

Carson Nguyen
Carson Nguyen

So anons, how goes living in your neck of the woods?
i have to move around constantly, some high elfs want to hang my ass just because i nutted inside of a shitty ceramic vase they had inside of a temple, the fuckers think just because they are elfs they'll have it easy looking for me in the woods, I HAVE KILLED 5 FUCKERS PATROLING FOR ME RETARDS YOU WON'T CATCH ME

Bentley Jackson
Bentley Jackson

Loreli peeks back as I suppress a laugh, turning it into a cough
give her a “You’re doing great babe” thumbs up
she orders a shot of whiskey, and knocks it back
”I’m lookin’ fer a friend’a’mine.”
oh no she’s getting deep in the drawl
”Yeah?” the barkeep squawks out
”Yessir, he’s a mighty eccentric contraption, calls ‘imself… Reginald.”
the barkeep stops cleaning his glass
”I may know me a Reginald.”
he sets the glass down and reaches up, brushing his brightly colored plumage back
Loreli looks over her shoulder, and waves a finger at me and Ding, calling us over
I settle at the bar next to her, trying to look cool but probably looking like an autist
trying to keep my spaghetti in my pocket

Luke Reed
Luke Reed

the Harpy raises a hand… wing… thing to stop us
the bar grows silent as he walks out into the open floor
look down and see he has a peg leg
”Me matey Reginald told me someone would come looking for’im…”
oh cool
”Either they be a legendary mercenary… or..”
wait fuck wait
”An assassin!”
with that, he squawks, flapping his wings and rising into the air
the ceiling is high here, with railings on the other floors
”I will test ye! If you can block this, I will know ye are who Reginald told me about! Prepare yourself!”
why does this shit always happen
the old Harpy swings his leg, the peg flying off to reveal a long, glimmering blade hidden inside
with a squawk, he flips, going into a dive right at me
in the last few moments, things seem to slow down as he extends the blade to point it at my head

Nicholas Wilson
Nicholas Wilson

screech like a little schoolgirl who woke up on Epstein’s plane
reflexively close my eyes and swing a hard punch with my offhand
as I’m trying not to shit my pants, 2 things happen
my fist connects with something
and something whistles past my ear
there’s a loud crash
something warm rubs down my neck, and people all around gasp
the bar is silent as I open my eyes
the Harpy is sprawled back against a collapsed table, dazed and coughing
I reach up and touch the warmth on my neck, finding blood on my fingers
what just happened
people are staring at me like I just did something amazing
at that moment someone shouts
the Minotaur bursts through the doors, and looks around as the bar erupts into chaos

Julian Harris
Julian Harris


Attached: disgust,-binoculars.jpg (3.41 MB, 1900x4120)

Owen Diaz
Owen Diaz

user, if you have a source of ammunition and spare parts, there is little else you need. Both the HE and the AP rounds are quite capable of fucking up basically anything.

Christopher Ramirez
Christopher Ramirez

Both the HE and the AP rounds are quite capable of fucking up basically anything.
except greater dragons, you're gonna need to add some magic into that thing if you want to take on greater dragons

Austin Phillips
Austin Phillips

Yeah lads I’ll do a few short memorable adventures after this arc, long drawn out stories are my weakness. Also more guns.

Juan Kelly
Juan Kelly

he looks at the Harpy
he looks at me
I look at him
Ding looks at me
I look at her
I look up and see a Minotaur charging me
maybe the lucky punch thing will work
as I swing, a voice in the back of my head screams
the Minotaur takes my punch to the head
he doesn’t even slow down
next thing I know I’ve been buckled up into the air
I hit the edge of the second floor, just below the railing
I hold on for dear life
”Hey user, need some help?”
look up
Ellior and Lightskin are looking down at me
act cool user
you’re the legendary mercena—
the Minotaur grabs my ankle
oh fuck

Wyatt Kelly
Wyatt Kelly

as I swing, a voice in the back of my head screams
you should buy a cattle prod or something

Kayden Sanders
Kayden Sanders

cattle prods are also pretty good at distancing from harpies trying to snatch you with their talons

Brody Ramirez
Brody Ramirez

yesterday I was walking down a dirt road to get to a trading outpost when I started to hear upbeat music from behind me, I turn around and next thing I know something flies besides me, I looked back to see what was that thing, turns out it was a 1999 wrx sti blasting eurobeat with 4 retards with lmg's sticking out the windows, yes including the driver, haven't been able to rest easy since then

Brody Green
Brody Green

Flying in UH1
It ain't me, it ain't me
Arrow fire from ground
It ain't me
Open up door MG
I ain't no senator's son, no
Damned knife eared bastards haven't got anywhere to hide now
It ain't me
Mowing elves like god damned grass
It ain't me
The rocket pods in the helo open up
I ain't no fortunate one, no no no no
The rockets scream down, kicking up dust and bodies
Some folks inherit star spangled eyes
They yell about in their fucked language, obviously not expecting anything this hot
Oooh, they'll send you down to war
The chopper run is over, my helo and the others break off
And when the taxman comes to the door
Look back and watch the remainder of the knife ears get napalmed
Lord it looks like a rummage sale, lord lord lord
Laugh like a god damned maniac

Attached: cbb.jpg (65 KB, 680x818)

Aiden White
Aiden White

What sort of magic system is this other world using, and does it bleed into RL once the two worlds collide? Even if you never get beyond a +1 AR15 that's still an amazing boost (giving even a blind man with ten thumbs a chance to hit beyond basic chance), but any other form of magic could completely rewrite modern science/engineering/logistics/tactics/strategy/everything.

Attached: When-engineers-play-D&D.gif (35 KB, 580x420)

Carson Gonzalez
Carson Gonzalez

be me
be fucking around innawoods hunting gobbos or some shit
minding my own business when all of the sudden...
am i flying?
i am flying
realize ive been swooped up by a harpy
dont know much about them except that they are very rapey
thrash around trying to get rape bird to let me go
no use, talons are locked
remember cattle prod i brought for some reason is in my pack
can barely reach it
harpy lets out a screech and lets go
now im falling
plummet to the ground
mustve been at least 80ft
hit a tree branch on the way down
now im in a spiral
hit the ground
pelvis is shattered
pissed off harpy kidnaps me and rapes me anyway

Attached: confused-screaming.jpg (74 KB, 660x589)

Tyler Morris
Tyler Morris

he didn't give a wizard an akm in exchange for a ring of featherfall
never gonna make it man

Joseph Russell
Joseph Russell

Alright, I'm not really feeling the New Orleans arc. How would y'all feel about a timeskip? I kind of don't want to leave in the middle of an action sequence, but I also don't want to drag it out for too long.

Attached: e6oydif3dtiz.jpg (96 KB, 640x770)

James White
James White

I'd rather have more of your writing than have you get burned out and stop writing
do what you want cause a pirate is free

Ryan Sanchez
Ryan Sanchez

it was my only gun alright and i got thrown into this shit just like everyone else. now if you'll excuse me, i need to hide my phone because i can hear the rape bird heading up to my chamber she keeps me in

Adam Williams
Adam Williams

good luck fag, if you're near MN I'll try and rescue you

Logan Hernandez
Logan Hernandez

the minotaur yanks me down, and grabs me by both ankles as I hit the floor
the stars aren’t even out of my eyes as I’m yanked off the floor
the minotaur is spinning
I’m going to hurl
I fly through the air, and slide across the bar
hit the floor on the other side with an oof
stumble upwards, grabbing at the bar to keep my balance
my hand brushes something metal under the bar
a shotgun!
as the minotaur stomps towards me, I pop up from behind the bar
point the shotgun at his chest as he stands feet away
he pauses
reaches up
and bends the barrel back so I’m looking down it

Brayden Green
Brayden Green

the Minotaur takes a swing at me, over the bar
I duck and drop the shotgun
as his arm swings over my head, I hear Loreli
she jumps on his back
she holds onto his horn with one hand, the other waving her hat around
he tries to buck her off, but the legs around his waist are too powerful
trust me bud, you can’t pry those off.
the fighting around us has gotten insane
this still has nothing on dwarven barfights back in Neumagh
RIP Saw-Ass

Cameron Martinez
Cameron Martinez

northern arkansas, not even close

Jackson Richardson
Jackson Richardson

half a day drive to a safe place to sleep
another to get into northern arkansas
if I drive down to rescue you you'd better buy some fucking armor afterwards, if they can't get their claws into you it's alot easier not to get carried off

Nathan Phillips
Nathan Phillips

finally get some free time to write
open word doc
computer immediately resets itself to update
walk away from desk
lay on bed
good night faggots

Luke Sullivan
Luke Sullivan

such is life

Jason White
Jason White

mine just crashed after a few paragraphs

Matthew Carter
Matthew Carter

Linking Previous Thread for Archival Reasons:

Kayden Peterson
Kayden Peterson

Hey everyone M1 Garand user here from last thread. Where I left off I had just entered the Jow Forums Tavern in Grand Junction Colorado and found some other /msg/ bros. Sorry for the slight wait, school is starting up again and I had classes to register for.

Previous Post:
Part 7/
well sign me the fuck up
even if I have almost no gear whatsoever aside from my gunz, ammo, and bayonets
"say do you guys know a good place to stock up on gear...and a good place to make some money, because I'm flat fucking broke right now"
”Well, there’s always bounties out on local critters that the Army doesn’t have time to deal with, and we were planning on taking on some smaller ones as some live fire training before we head through the portal,” Felix says
”You’re welcome to join us if ya want. We’ll give you a cut of the cash and after you’ve got some saved I’ll show you some of the better gear stores around here”
ah fuck it why not, these seem like nice guys, and I could use the money
I’m dead tired after a day of walking, so I go up to the barkeep and ask him how much for a room
”you’re with /msg/ right? Ok, here’s how this works: we hired some Dwarves awhile back to dig some underground barracks for us. Most of the major threads have one. You can use it free of charge so long as you give a small cut of your loot to the inn when you come back from an expedition”
fucking neat I like it
”wait, how do you make sure normies from off the street don’t just take advantage of the free rooms and shit?”
the bartender rolls his eyes
”user you and I both know that you can spot a Jow Forumsommando from a mile away, whether they want to be spotted or not. I could pick you out from the second you opened the door, and so could everyone else.”
ok fair enough
I go downstairs and push open the wooden door with /msg/ carved on the front
Inside is a large bay style room with a low ceiling and three rows of 50 bunk beds per row

Attached: Open-Barracks-Bay-at-Lackland-AFB.jpg (84 KB, 800x525)

Eli Martinez
Eli Martinez

Have user get knocked into a short coma.

Bentley Scott
Bentley Scott

Part 8/
beside each bed is a set of sturdy looking lockers with spots to fit your own lock into
I find an open top bunk near the back corner and throw my stuff down, taking special care to store my rifles, ammunition, and other valuables in the locker
On the back wall of the locker, the phrase “Please memorize your serial #s” is carved into the metal
well that’s reassuring
I decide to hold my rifles in bed and store my other less valuable gear in the locker
In the gloom I can see many other anons doing the exact same thing
I wake up the next morning to the sounds of the bay stirring to meet the new day
I put on a pair of sturdy black work pants and a belt, heavy leather boots, a brown T-shirt, and a double breasted leather jacket that extended just past my waist
yeah I know it's not the most tactical getup but it's all I have
Finally to top it off I put on an old Soviet Officers Cap I got as a gift that was my very first piece of genuine milsurp when I was 12 (pic related)
it doesn’t provide any practical benefit and mama didn’t raise no gommie, but I like the /aesthetics/ and it goes with my outfit so I keep it for luck
I choose to run my Mosin as my primary for the day and strap my ammo pouches to my belt before sliding my bayonet through my belt loop
both a Mosin and a Garand are probably substantially overkill for what we're gonna face but ammo for the Mosin is cheaper and I still have about 400 rounds of Czech practice rounds that are light loads with pistol bullets that I'd like to use up before heading to the New World
I sling my Mosin over my shoulder, strap my Garand to my pack as a reserve, and head outside to meet the rest of my impromptu squad
most are dressed in varying degrees of tacticalness, ranging from a good pair of boots and some sturdy clothes to full battle rattle
Mike and Gabe are in full Ghillie suits with their K98s slung over their shoulder

Attached: Soviet-Hat.jpg (3.57 MB, 4032x3024)

Luis Fisher
Luis Fisher

Part 9/
as a group, we walk over to the bounty board in the center of town, passing the Town Hall, military headquarters, and supply depot, all guarded by either local police or MPs
we look through the list of bounties to find one that seems doable but still provides a large enough reward to be worth the effort
we settle on a Goblin extermination contract
premise is pretty simple, go locate a local Goblin lair a few clicks outside town, exterminate it
best guess is that this lair has between 50 and 200 Goblins
we'll be paid a lump sum of $1200 for the job, and we'll be allowed to keep any loot we find while we're there
after we sign all the appropriate paperwork inside the town hall, the Corporal in charge of the bounties issues us with several Go Pros that we are to use to record the job with
much cleaner than chopping off Goblin ears for several hours at a time
with our paperwork in order, we leave town heading North East towards the slopes of the Rocky mountains
according to the Intel we were given, travellers report being attacked on the road about 5 clicks out of town
as we pass through the outer checkpoint we unshoulder our rifles and fix bayonets in case we're surprised
the heft and length of my Mosin creates a reassuring distance between me and any potential attackers
as we continue, we start to pass burned out farms, the owners having fled to safer pastures or been killed when the Jow Forumsonvergance broke out
we do a quick search of the buildings but find nothing, save some boomer junk that would have sold for $5 in any 2nd hand shop
just after noon we decide to stop for a lunch break
Mike and Gabe stand watch while the rest of us dig into whatever we had brought
for me, that was some homemade “MRE”s that I had packed using a Jow Forums infographic awhile ago
right as I’m digging into my cliff bar, we hear some shouts followed by some inhuman chittering and a scream

(pic related are those Czech practice 54r rounds I mentioned)

Attached: Czech-Practice-Boolet.jpg (2.07 MB, 3007x2553)

Luis Reyes
Luis Reyes

CONTINUING ON Mercefairy: A Fairy Tale
the next morning is bustling and noisy
even Brooke got out and is helping
with the whole unit getting set we're ready to roll south in about an hour, and waste no time
its quick traveling over the highway mostly, with some human bandits trying to take potshots at us
one group is set up in a gas station in Concord, which Rachelle promptly sets on fire and blows up
its a fun time
we contine down the 93, avoiding most of Manchester and Laurence
too soon the Boston skyline seems to come over the horizon and we're passing through some blown out suburbs
there seems to be a military base style gate at the bridge
oh fuck
play it cool
we roll up and some young army specialist looks us over
'hey uh... trade caravan?'
.... yea
he sighs with relief
'awesome man, just head on through and follow the signs. City is mostly still ok, its just the rural areas the portals have been popping up in'
fuck yeah
speech at 100
as we cross through im taken aback at how... normal everything still looks
i guess the eternal profit lives on somewhere
but much better than that, i notice the cell phone i stole has some battery charge now
and there's a McDonald's nearby
hell yea
Rachelle pulls up near me and eagerly points at the starbucks next to it
she glares at me, and her eyes start sparking a bit and her grip on my arm starts tingling
Spera looks wide eyed
o-okay starbucks it is
she squees and i radio Paddy, telling him the track is gonna make a quick stop and we'll be in conctact
'dont be too long lad, but we've got some time it seems. Ill take tha rest 'o tha convoy to tha commons, seems thats where most caravans come in nowadays'
works for me
the M113 parks next to several armored humvees, a jeep, and a few sedans
Rachelle practically sprints inside

Attached: 1559250916226.jpg (115 KB, 698x720)

Luke Brown
Luke Brown

hey long time i didn't see you post, glad you back

Kayden Turner
Kayden Turner

This is the Neumagh I missed

Ryan Barnes
Ryan Barnes

i stroll inside, Spera on my shoulder looking around
she sighs dreamily as she smells the coffee
on the other side we've been rediced to using instant coffee or refiltered and reused beans because coffee is not a native crop
or if it is it hasn't really been cultivated yet
Rachelle is bouncing up and down in excitement at the thought of a fresh brew
meanwhile i loon around and scan the crowd for threats and hunnies
theres a few soilders in uniform here and there, a couple traders and ruffian looking types
Rachelle grabs my arm before i can scan for dat ass, pulling me to the counter
there's nobody there
we wait for a bit
... hello?
Rachelle is getting more and more antsy until Spera pokes my ear, pointing downwards
'on table!'
a tiny fairy in a starbucks uniform is waving at us, pointing at a tiny notepad shes holding
Rachelle only hesitates for a second befor rattling off some basic bitch whitegirl shit
the fairy buzzes a bit and writes it down, then looks at Spera
they chitter in fairyspeak a bit and the fairy writes down something on her notepad
the fairy points at me
fuck i don't usually come here
Rachelle reccomends a french vanilla mocha
sure that sounds tasty
the fairy nods before flying off to make the coffee, and we sit down
i pull out the phone and hook up to the wifi and immediately start looking for news
plebbit has several subs dedicated to "prime directive" faggy shit of how we shouldnt 'contaminate' the other world
tyical self righteous and self hating bullshit
there are a few decent subreddits though, like /r/fairycare, which is dedicated to our smol winged friends

Attached: 1564634226507.png (696 KB, 661x628)

William Johnson
William Johnson

Jow Forums is still Jow Forums, but with more elf fetishization
/arg/ is still going strong i see
several threads pop up about stories and loadout recommendations for crossing the portals
comment a bit cuz it feels good to shitpost again
/b/ is still cancer
/pol/ is having an aneurism deciding whether they hate orcs and elves, or love them for hating nigs and the Orc Genocide of Africa
/elf/ is a new board, which is kinda neat, dedicated to elfaboos and elf living
/ck/ apparently has alot of anons getting elf gfs due to their affinity for human food
/x/ is saying they were right all along, and has become much more active since they actually CAN summon succubi now
all in all it seems the world is stabilizing into its new status quo, and the new denizensnare adapting and being adapted into everyday life
some rural communities are almost frontier style though, and comms are spotty outside the major cities
at least internet has been slowly coming back
a bell sounding brings me out of my trance, and Rachelle pops up to go grab our coffee

Attached: 1566135322542.png (369 KB, 1024x3421)

Logan Hill
Logan Hill

/x/ is saying they were right all along, and has become much more active since they actually CAN summon succubi now


Easton Gutierrez
Easton Gutierrez

/b/ is still cancer
this is a rule of nature, if it wasn't, reality itself would be thrown out of balance

Mason Brooks
Mason Brooks

Attached: 2D49D40D-6F0E-47F3-8178-EFFF490F9B60.jpg (145 KB, 1125x839)

Jace Rodriguez
Jace Rodriguez
wake up to the sound of my alarm going off
pick up phone
too early for this shit
roll out of the nest bed quietly trying not to disturb the sleeping harpy
the cooing and snoring stop
”do you have to fucking leave?”
look down at the harpy
she has a pouty and sad expression on her face
damn those eyes
bend down and kiss her head
’I have to. Don’t want your papa coming in and then dragging me outside to shoot me.’
the harpy just looks off sadly
her pouty face becomes red and tears fill her eyes
she starts crying
sobs out ”God damn it.”
end up laying back down and holding the harpy as she cries
she settles down after an hour
leave her cuddled up with her Ppsh-41as she falls back to sleep
quietly sneak back down to the slaves quarters
usually the harpy isn’t that sad when I leave
it typically bums her out, but she’s never cried before
seems like the stress of being back here in the harpy city with her family has made her a bit moodier
can’t really blame her much
lay back down on my cot
ignore the sounds of Drowbro and the skinwalker under their blankets
reach to grab my raifu to cuddle up with it
it’s not there
where the fuck is my AK?
the last time I saw it was when Derek took it from me at the range

Connor Jenkins
Connor Jenkins

the exact opposite of what the Jow Forumsube does

Kayden Butler
Kayden Butler

look over at the bar
some weird blue liquor is in a shot glass
somehow fully intact
I reach over and grab it
knock it back
shake my head and lunge over the bar
charge the still-thrashing Minotaur
judging from the lump in his pants he either really likes fighting or Lorelei’s legs feel nice
if he’s anything like me it’s a mix of the two
as I’m charging him, some drunk asshole swings a chair at me
he slips and eats shit
the fighting stops for like 3 seconds as he literally falls in a plate of spaghetti
for another ten seconds everyone just laughs
then a switch is flipped and the melee is on again

Joseph Perez
Joseph Perez

I take my gaze off the crying man on the floor
can see Ding sitting on top of the Minotaur’s head, hitting him with a stick or something
good job Ding
Loreli has produced a rope from god knows where
as I raise my fists to get in on this, a shot rings out
the Harpy is standing in the bar, a revolver in hand
”Alright fuckers! That’s enough! Now everyone out!”
he points at Loreli, Ding and I
”Not you. We have business.”
Loreli hops off the Minotaur’s back, and he gives her a nod
I remember Ellior talking about Minotaur warrior culture a whole back
so there shouldn’t be any issues right
he looks at me
mouths “rematch. soon.”
as I sit at the bar, rubbing my already healing bruises, the Harpy calls out
”Brutis! Get the boys to clean this up!”
Brutis, the Minotaur, nods and walks to the wall
notice a few very small doors near the floor
Brutis taps one with his foot a few times
they open and a bunch of fucking gnomes charge out, dressed like pirates

Ryan Barnes
Ryan Barnes

the crowd of tiny pirate gnomes shout out several “Gnowo”s and “wooohoohoo”s
they start singing and produce tiny vacuum cleaners from their little duffel bags
Ellior and Lightskin come downstairs
Lightskin immediately steps on a gnome, who squeaks like a dog toy
”Aww Mister user! Why’d you stop? I had forty on you winning!”
they were betting
dammit Ellior you
before I can ask Ellior who bet on me losing, the Harpy coughs
”I haven’t taken a fucking walloping like that in 36 years. You tough bastard. You are the first one to survive my legendary “slicing dive”! Motherfucker!”
he holds up a mirror, to show all I got was a cut across the ear
hey Ellior
I’m stealing your look

Connor Sanchez
Connor Sanchez

I hate that the way the Gnomes speak made me laugh.

Josiah Stewart
Josiah Stewart

Attached: 666172D9-1206-4418-9279-683278B8FCC2.png (72 KB, 500x465)

Julian Sanchez
Julian Sanchez
he just stands there wiping at his coat like the idle animation of a videogame character as he stares at his clipboard
he looks back at me “mr. user, do you know what happened exactly on THAT night in your work place?”
<lie> “I don’t know sir, I got dismissed early that day and when I saw on the news what had happened I just never went back” I said trying to sound as convincing as possible
“right, what’s weird is that there were only two survivors, you and one of our prisoners you were charged to overlook that day, so, you wouldn’t know what happened to that prisoner, did you?”
he sounds more and more accusatory as he speaks
wait, how did he know my shift was at the holding block that day?
“no sir, what was so important about her? And how did you I was on that shift?”
oh shit
“how did you know it was a her mr. user?”
“and how come your name and employee code was in the schedule and computer but your personal file was ripped from the archives? How come we found a letter that declared that you were staying until the end of your shift to be dismissed along with two thirds of the workers?, why do you have the same golden pistol that I PERSONALY gifted to your director right there on that stand by the door?”
I’m about to shit myself, I thought there were no computers within the archives but I thought I had taken the letter that- oh right, fax machines are still a thing
in my defense, how many times does the existence of fax machines passes through your head?
how the fuck was I supposed to ah never mind
“so mr. user, I don’t know what happened that night, I do know that you somehow survived that night and took the advantage to steal things-”
hey it's not stealing it's looting
he reaches into his coat pulling out a large silver pistol with a very long slide and pointing it at my forehead
i should have kept my mouth shut

Isaiah Jackson
Isaiah Jackson

congratulations, you've finally pushed me over to commit a mass shooting

Oliver Perez
Oliver Perez

Hey Boys, ya boy has a pastebin now for those that want to get caught up or havent read everything. Rom is going to wokr on getting it in the sticky

Jeremiah Evans
Jeremiah Evans

Holy shit that was you!? I loved that one, no joke one of my favorite shorter stories! Keep up the good work buddy!

Zachary Ross
Zachary Ross

prove the grabbers wrong and commit a mass beating instead

Michael Morales
Michael Morales

it's good stuff.
it was a lot of fun to read.

Joshua Green
Joshua Green

oh shit

Attached: 1506716127924.png (39 KB, 1021x746)

Samuel Adams
Samuel Adams

check um

Part 10/
we all drop or stash our food and grab our gear
moving around a bend in the road, we see a small group of 5 or so humans running for their lives, a band of at least 30 Goblins in hot pursuit
one of the humans, a man in his late 40s, is stumbling badly, an arrow shaft sticking out of his back and dripping bright red onto the black asphalt
Mike and Gabe fan out to either side of the road and begin laying down precision fire with their Mausers
the crowd of Goblins makes for an easy target and the twin rifles fire in close succession, each shot neatly exploding a Goblin’s skull and often hitting one or even two more behind him
in the few seconds it takes the bedraggled group of travellers makes it to us, 15 of the lead Goblins have been killed and 5 more are in the process of bleeding out from missing appendages
when the injured man finally stumbles past us, we close our ranks and form a line, bayonets presenting the shrinking but still large group of Goblins
when the Goblins are 20 paces away, they begin to slow down and hesitate
The Goblins are an inherently cowardly race, more suited to roadside ambushes than straight fights
even in an ambush, Goblins will typically only engage an enemy which they have a considerable numerical advantage over, and always prefer unarmed opponents
now, faced with an armed foe and suffering heavy losses before they’ve even had a chance to return arrow fire, the short Greenskins find their desire for combat is quickly fading
before they have a chance to rethink their life choices that led to this moment, we open fire with our mismatched rifles
the entire band of Gobbos seems to crumple as one entity, with only 3 remaining standing through exceptional luck
gripped by panic, the survivors make a beeline towards a small copse of trees off to the side of the road

Attached: Do7ncE-UUAA96nv.jpg (49 KB, 619x480)

Justin Rivera
Justin Rivera

tfw want to take up a name but that would be a spoiler in and of itself

Part 11/
Before the others can fire again, I call out “HOLD YOUR FIRE. They’ll lead us to their lair. FOLLOW THEM”
and so we set off after our small green quarry
they had a slight head start on us but our longer legs allowed us to easily keep pace
every now and then one would look back, see the glinting bayonets on the ends of our rifle’s, scream in terror, and redouble his efforts
soon enough we entered the wooded copse, Erik, Drusus, Alex, Marcus, Cyrus, Felix, and I in one group while Mike and Gabe covered our flanks with their K98ks
in the wooded environment of the forest, the twin snipers seemed to almost vanish in their Ghillie suits, with only the occasional shadowy movement or glint of steel betraying their position
soon enough, our prey’s destination becomes clear
a small cave, neatly hidden under a rocky ledge and nearly obscured by the undergrowth
we stop for a moment at the edge of the cave to reorder ourselves before going in
the cave entrance is small and narrow, only wide enough for 2 men to walk abreast and the ceiling forces anyone over 5’9 to hunch down slightly
”alright who’s going in first” Cyrus says with more than a little trepidation
in those close quarters, our long rifles are at a clear disadvantage
whoever goes in is either incredibly brave or insanely stupid
all eyes turn to Erik, and his M1897 Trench Sweeper slung over his back
he looks at the rest of us and then at the cave entrance before his slate blue eyes light up with joy and he lets out a boisterous laugh
”OH CHRISTMAS HAS COME EARLY FOR ME IT SEEMS” he bellows jovially as he unslings his shotgun and attaches his bayonet
his 17 inch bayonet
fuck it’s like a shotgun with a sword bolted onto the end
then without even a 2nd thought he plunges through the bushes and into the cave
with little other choice we follow him in

Carson Robinson
Carson Robinson

Part 12/
everyone except Marcus has to crouch once their inside the narrow passage
behind Erik, Alex has put away his SVT-40 and drawn a Tokerav in preparation for the close engagement
behind him comes Drusus with his SKS out and bayonet unfolded
the rest of us follow with Mike and Gabe taking up the rear
now that their Sniper K98s are near useless, they’ve drawn Lugers and are acting as our rear guard
from up ahead I hear a bark of laughter, followed by the report of a shotgun and a triumphant whoop
with the passage so narrow we can only wait for Erik to either kill a way forward or be killed in the attempt
soon enough we move forward again, although our pace has slowed to a crawl and the sounds of steel tearing through flesh or the occasional shotgun report is more and more common
I begin to wonder why we aren’t stepping over any bodies when the light cast by Cyrus’ flashlight catches some glistening material that is coating the walls of the tunnel
looking down I see the same substance along with green and red chunks of varying size
shit Erik got the bloody mess perk and didn’t even tell anyone
after another 15 feet the tunnel widens out into a decently sized cavern that I’d estimate is about 30 yards long and half as wide
along the sides of the walls are small piles of hay and loot, clearly the living area for this particular tribe
at the far end are all the remaining Goblins of this tribe that have formed up into something resembling a battleline
shit there must be at least 150 of them
on a raised dais in the very back is a single Goblin taller and more powerfully built than the rest, surrounded by a bodyguard of similarly built specimens
looks like we found their leader
and judging by their posture, this is where they’re prepared to make their stand
unlike in our previous engagements, the Gobbos now have nowhere to run and will fight like cornered rats

anyone reading these?

Attached: Goblin-by-armandeo64.jpg (367 KB, 662x900)

Ayden Cook
Ayden Cook

Bumping with an elf redpill I found on /aco/ of all places

Attached: 1565690948783.png (1.95 MB, 965x1949)

Hudson Green
Hudson Green

elfs are equivalent to white people
yeah duh, tolkien wrote them to be as near as possible to perfection

William Richardson
William Richardson

”So, pardner… have ya seen our friend?”
Loreli is picking up exactly where she left off
well woman if he hadn’t seen Reginald he wouldn’t have slice dived me then huh
then again this fucking feather nigger does look a few feathers short a pillow
”Aye, I ‘ave lassie.”
Jesus another fake accent
behind us, a tiny vacuum explodes, blowing the arms off the gnome using it
nothing of value was lost
”Aaargh he be in the back room with me lizard wizard.”
lizard wizard
Ding flits down from my shoulder, landing in front of the Harpy
she starts doing her sphagetti-O hand waves and chitters faster than usual
the Harpy nods, producing a damn LEGO cup
he fills it with vodka using a pipette
Ding points at me, and says what I can only guess means “It’ll be on my man servant’s tab.”
well bippity boopity right back’atcha

Samuel Thompson
Samuel Thompson

You know it

Eli Gray
Eli Gray

anyone reading these?
don't worry we're here

Kayden Barnes
Kayden Barnes

You could be "milsurp user". we already know that's one of the themes.

Name or no, it's good stuff

Jack Butler
Jack Butler

I'm reading, keep going, I prefer the stories still set on Earth, but Harpy user's story is still good

Attached: zodiac-elf.jpg (82 KB, 600x450)

Carson Murphy
Carson Murphy

Continuing Necro user

After the night of shifty colors and random were-somethings, and watching over the camp as I couldn't sleep
Can I sleep?
We head toward a portal that had a army unit of some kind
Redneck shows them some kind of ID he got issued during his time in the Merc and they let us through
We pop out into a hilly grassland and keep riding, seeing wooden signs pointing us to a nearby town
I just stand in the truckbed on the M249
No weirdness beyond seeing a flock of harpies fly by
Get to a mostly brick-and-mortar town and park on the edge
Jump out to be greeted by an elf who fires a 12ga into the air, racks it, and levels it at me
'Whoa, I ain't no necro dude, I just need some info'
'That armor just bleeds bad energy! How are you NOT a necromancer?!'
'Uhh, I got cursed?'
'Well, thats a big curse, who did you piss off for that?'
Tell him the important bits with Redneck backing me up, and that I'm after info and Rednecks after loot
Stops pointing a shotgun at me and lets us in
See your staples of Inn, Market, and Armourer
And A 'Magicians Office'
Go there as Redneck skips off to drink
Get into what looks like a lounge that has expensive looking furniture and drapes
'Welcome to the- WHAT THE FUCK' a loli looking girl with neon green hair rounds the corner until she sees me
Before I can get a word out she points a staff at me and knocks me through the front door with a magic concussive blast
Land on my back in the dirt road
Is this how I am going to be greeted everywhere?
Fuck, I should just go find some dark elves or something?

Logan Gonzalez
Logan Gonzalez

”Cap’n” led us down below deck, where the living quarters and storage area resides
they have full cannons down here
some modern shit too
damn .50 caliber rifles and a partially dismantled AA gun
have to grab Ding by the bottom of her jumpsuit as she cries out in joy, flying at the AA gun
all I got from that is the jumpsuit and a naked fairy dry humping a US Navy AA gun
nothing I haven’t already seen
Cap’n waves a wing around at his hoard lovingly
”My damn fucking collection is growing! Someday I will have a loot haul to rival those cunt dragons!”
good for you pal
like the enthusiasm
I can hear Brutis stomping around up top
followed by the death squeak of a trampled gnome, and the scampering of the others to get a taste of the remains
circle of life
we approach a large door, and Cap’n knocks on it
”Who issssss it?”
”Lemme in fucker! Reginald’s friends are here!”
”AHA!” Reginald calls out, no doubt swinging his cane
there is a crash
should we come back later

Grayson Rivera
Grayson Rivera

Start getting up and realize the loli is standing next to me and is pointing the staff at my throat
'Give me one good reason not to turn you inside out'
'Cause its a fucking curse! Do I have to explain this every time I go to town?!'
Explain situation
She says its not 'a curse' after we get back inside through the blown out door
Says I'm a necromancer now whether I wanted to or not
Consuming mana is a part of that
Ends it by busting out a bottle of wine and offering me a glass
Deny after elf wine trip
Says she 'may' have some translated necro manuals she got off some apprentice level necromancers, some people who crossed the portal and immediately became black mages
Probably some /x/ fags
Waives hand and a black book and several pamphlets stapled together drop onto the table
Says she'll let me buy an off her, with as long as I agree to leave, never come back, and never speak of it
Fine, I don't need to be threatened everytime I go to town
Trade the gold bar from slaying
Go to Inn to grab Redneck
Who is hitting on every elf in sight, and has three empty mugs in front of him
Dude, it been maybe an hour
Try to explain the agreement
Redneck drunkenly explains he only agreed to bring me through the portal
Tell him to fuck off, and he can keep the .44 as payment
Jump in truck, fuming, and start contemplating cursing redneck
Flip through manuals after driving through hills and pastures for several miles, hitting some woods
Huh, actually got useful shit
Seems like I can do a ritual to raise skellies
I can do some energy drain stuff with my hands
I can enchant various metals with a blood sacrifice
Read for several hours without feeling tired
Then a rock flies through the truck window and showers me with glass

Jordan Johnson
Jordan Johnson

Look to the woods and see a few goblins tossing things at my truck and gibbering
Time to test the Necro-stuff
See about a dozen charge at me, and a couple shoot various derringers at me as I jump out
A couple slap the breastplate and just kind of flatten against it
They close as I draw the bone sword, I use my free hand to try something
Point at one and try repeating a 'disease' spell
Feel energy drain as blisters appear all over the gobbo and it falls over, holding its throat
Slash a few as they try to stab me, regaining energy
Grab one by an arm and recite the few words for energy drain
Starts crumbling as I continue continue chopping
One manages to stab me in the leg
Smiles at me
Take its head off with a swing
See the three remaining start to back off, then try to beeline for the woods
Chop ones leg off and maim another with a kick
Drag the crippled and diseased into a pile
Start drawing a pentagram from the book into the dirt for enchanting
Start chanting and they all burst into blue-green and black flames
Toss a MACazine into and the flames absorb into it
Pick up the mag to see the rounds glowing green
Now I have necro-rounds
Fuck yeah

Joseph Johnson
Joseph Johnson

he finally did some necromancy
Ah shit. Be prepared for the fantasy land version of alphabet boys to be stacking up outside of where you decide to be shacking up.

Jace Morales
Jace Morales

fill shipping container with fire tomes and magic brimstone
drop container over shitty village via dragon
the container burt with a ball of fire that expands at an alarming rate
the heat and energy sends molten bits of the container in all directions like hellish fragmentation
the ball stops on the outskirts of the village
every living being caught inside is reduced to charcoal
the cobblestone walls are red hot and the thatch roofs are either on a raging burn or have already desintegrated
laugh as i ride dragon towards the sunset

Christopher Kelly
Christopher Kelly


Carson Reed
Carson Reed

but how would you activate the tomes if nobody is inside to read them?

Daniel Parker
Daniel Parker

suicide wizards

Thomas Wilson
Thomas Wilson

Last part for the night
”Come on iiiiin.”
I reach out, and open the door
the room is larger than I expected, with small portholes showing a view just above the waterline
candles and floating orbs of fire light the room, releasing no smoke
all around are bookshelves and display cases full of leather bound tomes and strange items
near the far wall, Reginald sits at a chessboard, rubbing his chin
curled around the chair opposite is was a winged snake, about seven feet long, and covered in shimmering teal scales
it unfurls it’s wings, showing off brightly colored plumage that set Cap’n bright wings to shame
as it swoops close, I can see many pieces of gold jewelry adorning the serpent, complete with an ornate headdress
curling around a statue near me, the snake leans in close, vibrant orange eyes meeting mine
”I am Arussssssaa… the serpent that knows much.”
her tone was soft, almost like a song
her forked tongue flicks out a few times, near my neck and face
”Hmm… an odd ssscent indeed…”
Lightskin lets out an uncomfortable cough, and hides his face with his hands
oh right
he’s terrified of snakes
Ellior on the other hand leaned in for a closer look, Loreli putting a hand on her shoulder
Arusa regards them, then sweeps a wing at us
”Come iiiiin… the tea issss nearly ready.”

Anthony Carter
Anthony Carter

I'd fuck the snake for sure. On a related note do you think she'd use a boresnake or a cleaning rod?

Lucas Cooper
Lucas Cooper

Oh man it wouldn’t let me post for a minute there, let’s hope 5 more posts don’t just load in.

Luke Richardson
Luke Richardson

She’s use magic. Also pic that inspired her look, alongside Quetzalcoatl and several character ideas from earlier on.

Attached: 04B9E91C-9BB7-4B06-8BDB-68D90401D3BB.jpg (80 KB, 815x815)

Noah Edwards
Noah Edwards


Nolan Young
Nolan Young

Its Jow Forums, who WOULDNT fuck ANYTHING that breaths?

Cooper Williams
Cooper Williams

me, I'm sticking to humans, elves, and half orcs that can pass for humans with body paint

Noah Rivera
Noah Rivera

I feel like if I open my mouth I’m going to get shot regardless of what I say

are my legs shaking?
yes they are
“if you are not going to talk then I’ll just shoot you and move on with my investigation so unless you want a hole in your forehead you JUST. HAVE. TO. ANSWER. ME.”
the only thing I can do to save myself is to bullshit my way out of this
come on come on
something save me
even if it is mary sue-ish in nature, just blast this dude
“fine mr. user, if you are not going to talk then I’ll just leave you on the floor”
okay, I would bend down to kiss my ass goodbye but the sudden movement would get me shot
even though he’s planning on shooting me either way
his grip stiffens and he rest his finger on the trigger
why am I not doing anything besides standing there like a retard?
well you see reader, I am, in fact, a retard
he frowns at me one last time
I flinch by shutting my eyes and stiffening my arms
I flinched!
this means I’m still alive, right?
I start to touch my head in different places to see if graced me or whatever
yeah boy
I look back to see what happened with the dude
he’s lying on the floor dead
oh shit
there’s a substantial pool of blood pouring from his head
his hair is fucked up and one of his eyeballs is out of its socket
Ihear a faint “ah!” coming from my right
I turn to see Lucy standing at the staircase with the styer scout in her hands
her eyes are wide open and mouth agape
she is making this weird and faint “ah ha he” noises as she lowers the rifle
the sudden roar of an engine comes from my front door
followed by screeching tires
the van has booked it out of here
but now they know where I live and that we killed one of their guys

Adam Hernandez
Adam Hernandez

Well if you weren't on a list before.

Cameron Garcia
Cameron Garcia

Queue a week of wandering the woods in my truck, not needing to sleep or eat is a huge bonus
Occasional random encounters with greenskins keep me mana-full
Fuck theyre like roaches
Run into a band of sleeping Jow Forumsomrades, can tell by the amount of sawed-off nuggets, second watch passed out holding his AR10 like a body pillow
Decide to talk it out when they wake up, sit nearby reading the black tome
Different enchantments, can control bones with a push/pull
See them wake up after an hour of throwing my sword into a tree and using said spell to return it
They immediately go to full alert when they wake up and spot me
After a minute of various firearms being pointed at me and various forms of 'nigger' thrown at me, they chill after I tell them I'm not hostile
And I could have killed them all while they were asleep
two proceed to drag off AR10 man and beat the shit out of him
Well, okay then
Trade rumours after making some bad moist nugget comments
They tell me there is some dark elves hiding in some nearby woods, killing any 'lesser' race
And its probably an entrance to the Underdark, as caravans have been sighted
Hand them a coin and tell them of the town, should be able to restock being close to a portal
Thank em and walk back to my truck, still has gas cause I stocked up
Ponder necroing the truck as I kind of roll through the woods in second gear
Either they'll spot me, or I'll spot them
And I really can't go to town...
And they might have some cool necro-stuff

Daniel Sanders
Daniel Sanders

Be rolling in maaaah trukk
Jamming to Industrial and Metal because my gas will run out eventually, so no more tunes, def a bad idea
On queue, I get ambushed
Barely see a movement before several drow are car-jacking me
One grabs me while another flings open the side door and points a sawn off shotgun in my face
Get tossed to the ground while I see three jump in the truck bed
Get up as one shoots me in the left arm with a Skorpion
Feel no real pain, only impact
Draw sword and MAC, throw sword through already busted window into drow drivers skull
Passenger side drow freaks, and one in the truck bed jumps on the 249
He is greeted by necro-rounds, flies like a green tracers and a few pop him as he realized I didn't have the thing loaded
Skorpion pops over the size and sprays me
Feel multiple impacts to breastplate, one to left arm
Return sword, throw through truck side into drow
See the remaining drow starting to flee
Oh no you don't
Shoot necro rounds into the one who pointed the shotgun
Falls over and screams
The other is out of sight as I yank my sword out of the truck and approach wounded drow
His shotgun is more than arms reach, musta dropped it when shot
'Okay, fucker, I hope you speak English or this will be really short'
Nods holding leg
Resist the 'why does he wear the mask' urge
'Oh, cool, now where is the rest of your group?'
Gives directions, drow have no honor
Or at least this one
Continue asking questions
Realize he's turning greenish
Starts smelling like burnt asshole
Oh, I didn't even really know what this enchantment did...
Pick up his shotgun and check on the drow in the truckbed
The one impaled is dust, cause bone sword
The one I shot is simply standing there, mouth open, eyes completely white
I don't know whether to cheer or cry after running into similar and fighting for my life
Oh Junior...

Mason Morris
Mason Morris

Decide after a minute to just smash zombies, these rounds are for disrupting enemy lines
Realize I'm wounded, but not bleeding
Wrap them up anyway
How long before I am Lich-like?
Drive to Drow location, Dawn barely breaking
They have a M2 Browning at what looks like a cave entrance, and drow are wearing hooded cloaks and tinted repro
Three walk up to the truck
The one in center has a pair Aviators and gold trim on the cloak, flanked by her guards who carried FNCs
'So, who the fuck are you?'
Realize she's got tits and a feminine voice
Matriarchal society? DnD got it right
'Uh, I'm a local necromancer that ran into some of your shitheads coming here'
'Yeah, the survivor made it back, told us, and is getting punished for breaking orders'
'We need some of your skills though, and I'll let you get away with killing some of my men if you agree to it'
Hear the .50 cal bolt rack
I like the way you negotiate, lady
'We need a rival Drow group removed, and you'll be doing the removal. We'll give you a room, materials, and fresh corpses as you need them'
Ask about necro tomes/info, I have no idea what I'm doing with this magic shit
'Oh! We'll discuss that AFTER this becomes MY trade route to the surface'
Alright, Underdark fighting it is

Carson Allen
Carson Allen

It seems that you forgot to put Harpies on that list sir

Jaxon Moore
Jaxon Moore

firstly, apologies. its been over a month since I posted here. the tldr is that wageslavery fucked my hands and operating a computer has been too painful + risking nerve damage.
im gonna start posting again when i can, mainly because i cant wait any longer. thanks to whatever readers I have
Chlorine yeets his gas bomb around the corner
theres a mad scramble, a shout of alarm and then the bomb detonates with a 'phumpffffffffffffffff'
a greenish cloud fills the trench and the elf voices turn to panicked gurgling gasps
Chlorine and myself break around the junction firing as we go
on my side theres about six elves in mixed uniforms
four are on the ground couching blood
the other two where better prepared with respirators and start firing back
there is a loud THOCK then RPK-chan speaks and one of the elves spins and falls as the heavy rounds tear into him
the other, some heavy infantry keebler, dodges to one side firing as he goes
his shots go wide and i land three solid hits on his plate carrier
he drops then starts to get up
i rush forwards a couple of steps then trip on one of the dying elves
blood and dirt fills my eye ports
i push myself up
the elf is sitting up, raising his gun
RPK-chan is under me
an axe flies overhead and smacks into his face
I look back
The dwarf grins down at me
"saved yer ass there laddy"

Attached: 1559601530058.jpg (54 KB, 466x502)

Aaron Morales
Aaron Morales

sorry, forgot the name

Christian Wright
Christian Wright

i'm glad you're back, i thought i had lost you, like sheep user

Lincoln Jones
Lincoln Jones

no that was on purpose, you have your type and I have mine

Connor Barnes
Connor Barnes

you have your type and I have mine
not when the harpies are nearby, you don't get to choose in that scenario

Luke Lewis
Luke Lewis

harpies say that, up until they get shot for trying to fly off with someone who isn't going to put up with it

Jayden Price
Jayden Price

I don’t care so long as he finally gets his date with Altsoba

Camden Rivera
Camden Rivera

here, i can attest. its not a pleasant experience. IDK how harpy user does it.
also thanks to the user from MN for getting me out of there. even managed to snag my AKM. you're a swell guy.

Attached: 03a.jpg (36 KB, 509x385)

Tyler Moore
Tyler Moore

Jow Forumsommandos gotta look out for each other
buy some ringmesh once you're healed up. this shit is as close to mithril you can get without getting fantasy bois to get actual mithril and you can hide it under clothing
now to eat a ton of delicious mexican food in kansas before heading back to minnesota

Attached: NS210-2.jpg (111 KB, 500x500)

Kayden Price
Kayden Price

sheep user
you have opened an old wound user

Aiden Gonzalez
Aiden Gonzalez

he left us in a tense moment, why? why would he do us like that?

Attached: blyat.jpg (34 KB, 500x325)

William Adams
William Adams

I guess you could say he left us when things were getting...wooly. It shear is a shame ewe don't know when he'll be back.

Attached: Naamloos-2.jpg (35 KB, 600x600)

Jaxson Rodriguez
Jaxson Rodriguez

Attached: giphy-(15).gif (897 KB, 320x180)

Kayden Jenkins
Kayden Jenkins

Hope you guys aren't getting sheepish about my puns.

Attached: 175.jpg (30 KB, 500x380)

Chase Roberts
Chase Roberts

I walk outside and peek my head out of my door
yep, the van is gone and there are tire tracks on the asphalt
as I return to Lucy I see her poking the dead dude with the barrel of the rifle
she seems to be in trance with the body
the shock kind
“hey Lu-”
she screams before covering her own mouth with her hands
she starts gasping for air “s-sorry user, I…”
she sits down and breather normally “I’m on the tip of my nerves, I did not expect that I just hear screaming and grabbed the rifle and then i-”
I cut in “it’s ok, you saved me, you did nothing wrong”
she sighs and wipes her fore head
I really wouldn’t want to involve the feds with me in any way
but it’s not like we got a choice now
fuck it, I would do better explaining what happened to a cop face to face rather than through the phone
the neighbors probably called the police already
if they ask why we didn’t call I’ll state it as shock’s fault
I should talk to Lucy about what’s going to happen when the cops arrive
my phone it start to ring
a bit inconvenient considering the gravity of this situation
it’s from dako’s phone
I answer “h-hello? Dude?”
“hey user, hey um, I have an idea about what to do about you know who doing you know what in the town but I need a bit of your time to explain it so, do you have time?”
“no dude, we got a bit of a situation and the cops are getting involved”
“oh shit! What happened?!”
“I don’t know if telling you this is okay but a dude in a beige suit barged into my house and started threatening me so Lucy shot him”
“a dude in a beige suit?, did you catch his name”
“something Neprusko, I think”
“user, are you sure about that name?, if you can send me a picture of the body”
I’m pretty sure this is illegal but ok
I snap a photo and send it to him through whatsapp
“...user, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE?!”
oh god don’t say that

Ethan Barnes
Ethan Barnes

Attached: images.jpg (5 KB, 225x224)

Xavier Walker
Xavier Walker

you making jokes about one of the few inconvenient things that have happened to me has shed new light on my eyes about life itself, i will start a genocide now thanks

Noah Taylor
Noah Taylor

look down at my tea
”This is some serious gourmet shit.”
around me, my team hums in agreement
Reginald puts down the teapot
”Thank you.”
Ellior coughs, and waves a hand
”Wait! You’re a robot! Can you even drink tea?”
Reginald freezes, and I can hear the gears turning in his head
”I… my entire life is a lie…”
as he begins to reboot, Arusa coils around the old obsidian statue, resting at eye level with us
”Ssssoooo… who here is curssssssed?”
Loreli pushes me forward, almost making me spill my tea
”Watch it…”
”Quiet. Go get cured so you stop bleedin’ on our bedsheets.”
”Oh so you’re the only one allowed to do that?”
Lightskin spits out his tea
”I-is Loreli cursed too!?”
but hers is incurable

Lincoln Ramirez
Lincoln Ramirez

Arusa leans in close, staring at me
”Yesssss… I tasssted that.”
she lets out a low chuckle
”And other things.”
what does that even mean
what do you taste
gunpowder and meat snacks
that’s it
”Luckily, I know of the Golden Priestesssss…”
she waves a wing, several glyphs appearing in the air around it
moments later, a really old book slides out of a shelf, and floats over to me
I set my tea down on a pillar, next to an ominous looking vase
Ding immediately throws off her jumpsuit and climbs in, sighing as she reclines in my tea
I was gonna finish that
I still will.
I carefully take the book out of the air, feeling a slight pull like a magnet holding it
it’s some kind of old journal
I can’t even understand the symbols it is written in
there are some weird drawings of ships and sea creatures
one of them looks like the tendrilmen we fought
”Fascinating… I don’t know what it says.”
Arusa looks at Reginald
”Give him the thing.”
”What thing?”
”The thing the fairiessss gave you.”
“Oh, that thing.”

Isaiah Mitchell
Isaiah Mitchell

zero ultra tea when?

Julian Garcia
Julian Garcia

ask and you shall recieve

Attached: Asian-Boomer-Juice.png (1.94 MB, 1500x1000)

Tyler Powell
Tyler Powell

make a pastebin please. it makes reading stories across multiple threads less of a headache.

Neumagh pls update your pastebin. plzzz

Alexander Young
Alexander Young

i'm enjoying it. i like the hunting for bounties, but am excited for the pioneering into the unknown.

Lucas Lewis
Lucas Lewis

honestly after watching the new hobbit trilogy, it was kind of hard not to relate dwarves with jews with Thorin being such a greedy idiot willing to kill any number of his own family and friends to keep his pile of gold.
Really sucks that they keep making elves the bad guy constantly.

Jason Moore
Jason Moore

based Lucy. Walking with an Elf can save yourself.

Brody Lewis
Brody Lewis

Oh another ethnic rhyme added to the list

Michael Parker
Michael Parker

An elf lass can save your ass

Parker Hernandez
Parker Hernandez

an elf female can... fuck i got nothing

Cameron Rivera
Cameron Rivera

Can... Check your email?

Camden Robinson
Camden Robinson

nah, too secretary-ish, an elf female on you won't bail?

Carter Lewis
Carter Lewis

An elven bride can save your hide

Aiden Myers
Aiden Myers

that's a good one

Jackson Cook
Jackson Cook

around Elves, watch yourselves
around Finns, the Ice is thin
around Blacks, don't relax
around Jews, you lose
around Trout, watch out
an elven bride will save your hide
an elven lass will save your ass
walking with an elf can save yourself

Any others?

Attached: 292.jpg (23 KB, 436x432)

Logan Murphy
Logan Murphy

Keep dwarf friends laddie, they'll save ya from baddies

Michael Adams
Michael Adams

Around small greenies, protect your weenie

Zachary Perry
Zachary Perry

Thanks user :)

Ryan Price
Ryan Price

I'm not in charge of the pastebin, I'll contact Romulous.

David Lopez
David Lopez

Andrew Jenkins
Andrew Jenkins

awesome thanks a ton. i read through what i missed through desuarchive.

Jackson Baker
Jackson Baker

Aye, hope you like it, first thing I've really stuck with writing.

Jaxson Murphy
Jaxson Murphy

it's a lot fun to read. i'm trying to get a story of my own scripted out, and when i write the notes i like to remember not to make things too long or too descriptive.
i really liked how you described the bar fight and the gnomes and the meeting with reginald and the snake woman. it was short and sweet with enough detail to let the reader fill in the blanks. it reminded me of books like Eragon and the Rangers Apprentice which when i read were really easy to picture in my mind.
it's good story writing.

Lucas Phillips
Lucas Phillips

Thanks, I appreciate it, will try to avoid any more month-long hiatuses. I'm glad people will still read it after I was gone for as long as I was!

Lincoln Davis
Lincoln Davis

and that's why i manage my own....
....and hornet's

Austin Wright
Austin Wright

jesus fuck, i opened that link and my computer chocked and almost fucking softlocked how long have you been writing for?

Jeremiah Young
Jeremiah Young

Dude's a fucking madlad when it comes to writing.

Luis Ross
Luis Ross

Its only several tens of thousands of words long.

Chase Myers
Chase Myers

“who’s this bloke then? what makes him such a thing to worry about?”
“he was the top investigator and interrogator for the COH, he gets shit found out”
“why the fuck would they send one of their top dogs after a retard and an elf and where did you know him from?!”
“because she has information the COH wants, DIDN’T YOU FUCKING ASK HER LIKE I FUCKING TOLD YOU TO DO SO!?”
oh shit I didn’t
I should take some Adderall sometime
“so user, how does it feel to make it to the “kill-on-sight” list”
“fucking hell man, this day had started nice and quiet and shit, now I gotta deal with this bullshit”
“tough titties fucker, if you want to live I would recommend you to get the fuck out of that house and find somewhere to lay low… oh and take anything you are not willing to loose in a fire with you”
“yeah but what about the poli-”
“fuck ‘em, also, you know what? Come over with your shit, just drive north and you’ll see me besides the road, I know what to do…”
“oh also, before I go, bring me that dead fuck’s pistol”
fuck that noise, we killed him, it’s ours
well… Lucy’s I guess
she can keep it as a reward for saving my ass
even though technically we’re even

Benjamin Garcia
Benjamin Garcia

Quick bump

Bentley Gutierrez
Bentley Gutierrez

Ya know I was almost tempted to split Neumagh into 2 volumes to make it easier to navigate through and load but then it wouldn't have the nice single view marker that it does now.

Yeah I manage Neumagh and Harpy as a relic from when the pastebin was a lot smaller, but now I just tell people to make their own and I link it into the main sticky.

John Green
John Green

Ya know I was almost tempted to split Neumagh into 2 volumes
adding one more step to continue a story has been proven to drop the readers attention by what's scientifically know as "a shit ton" so i'd rather tank the lag

Adam Gomez
Adam Gomez

Indeed. I was also thinking of maybe eventually moving the stories to fictionpress and linking them back to the pastebin. That might be a good solution to the unwieldy nature of pastebin for long documents

Matthew Price
Matthew Price

You killed another decent thread with your LARP bullshit. I hate every one of you, especially you limpwristed faggot moderators that don't care about enforcing the rules.

Michael Phillips
Michael Phillips

yep, we still here and you can't do anything about it

Alexander Stewart
Alexander Stewart

is your computer loaded down with 15 bitcoin miners or are have you been using the same pc since 1990?

Nathan Collins
Nathan Collins

it's a surplus office pc from 2008, they were literally made to be cheap as hell and to handle microsoft office an internet explorer, me running it on windows 8 makes it groggy so putting chrome and opening big pages makes it chocke
ib4 get a something better
i have no need for anything else, i'm not a vidya guy

Sebastian Long
Sebastian Long

i have no need for anything else
can't open large text only pages without stuttering
sounds like you do need a better pc

Andrew Fisher
Andrew Fisher

unnecessary, after a few seconds of research I've found out that my cellular device is competent enough to load such pages and therefore I need not of a new computer

William Brown
William Brown

fucking high elves insisting their out of date shit is good enough

Kevin Murphy
Kevin Murphy


Colton Sullivan
Colton Sullivan

Don’t worry guys, Part one is nearly done...

Justin Nelson
Justin Nelson

Awww come one guys it’s only 174 pages long!

Adrian Gonzalez
Adrian Gonzalez

excep that high elves are a bunch of lobotomised regresive retards that hiss and shit themselves at the mere sight of a monitor god i hate those pretentious faggots

Lincoln Nguyen
Lincoln Nguyen

elves confirmed fudds

Cameron Foster
Cameron Foster

next day arrives
Harper goes out to meet with Derek
can’t wait to see how her embarrassing him goes
And I can't wait to get my AK back
Stuck at the Harpy home with nothing much to do
Papa harpy is out at his job
apparently he’s a captain for the harpy equivalent of the coast guard
Nona and Pappy are out doing something
Pappy keeps giving me the stink eye and racking the slide on his MP40 when I am around
Mamma Harpy is spending her time doing housework
which consists of her telling the slaves what to do while she has the dryad read to her
a tree reading off a piece of paper
since Harper isn’t around to give us orders we are allowed to do as we wish
me and Drowbro spend quality bro time cleaning our guns
for my AK
which Harper will be bringing back
After cleaning our guns I remember to give Drowbro the DVD back from Roe
He’s absolutely ecstatic
God bless!I loved watching this with Roe when I was a kid. Glad he remembered to give it back. We should watch it together!”
man Drowbro has a weird fami-
hol up a sec
’Did you say he?’
”yeah. Why?”
”he’s a Drow user. Remember, I’m much different than my family.”
well if that ain’t the damn truth
put in the DVD and watch it
honestly not as bad as I expected it to be
besides the damn Ricardo bulge in my face every five seconds
music is good
The sounds of varying versions of Dota nearly mask the sound of a Harpy throwing open the door and step into the house crying
ah fuck
Jow Forumsube help me

Carter Scott
Carter Scott

get out of my seat as fast as I can
Mamma Harpy beat me to the door and is holding Harper
the Harpy is crying
she’s covered in molasses, gunpowder, old fish scales, empty shell casings, and crustacean shells
it’s seeped straight through her feathers and soaked them to the skin
before I can say anything Mamma Harpy rushes Harper straight up the stairs to the shower
Drowbro appears right next to me
”I heard suffering, what is going on this time?”
’like hell if I know.’
follow up the stairs to the bathroom
stop outside the door and listen
Mamma Harpy is trying to calm a distraught daughter Harpy
Viola emerges from her room
she looks terrified
”what the fucking hell is happening?”
do I look like I know?
the crying slowly stops
Mamma Harpy eventually comes out of the bathroom
says that Harper wants to talk to me
go into the room
it reminds me of Harpers hot spring back at her cave, but it has a shower hose attached to it
harper has the water running on her while she’s sitting in the pool
most of the gunk has been cleaned off her
Sit by the side of the hot spring and pat her head
she sobs gently
’so, how did it go?’
’yeah, its a stupid question.’
”fucking fine up until the point that he locked me out of his damn house and dumped the fucking buckets of nasty shit on me.”
she sniffles a little and sinks down into the hot spring
”I fucking hate his guts.”
she looks miserable
kiss her on the top of her head and stand up
”Where the hell are you going?”
’I’m going to get my AK back, as well as your dignity.’
that earns a little giggle
this fucker hurt and embarrassed my Harpy
this crime won’t go unpunished
especially now that I have a viable reason to kick Derek’s ass
Jow Forumsube help me

Jordan Taylor
Jordan Taylor


Brody Fisher
Brody Fisher


Austin Ramirez
Austin Ramirez


Fuck, im retarded.

Either way


Adrian Johnson
Adrian Johnson

get my shotgun before I leave
Drowbro is following right behind me
try to tell him that this is my job to do
he responds with “As iron sharpens iron, so does a friend who helps kick a faggot in the dick make a good friend.”
not sure if that’s how it goes, but okay
Drowbro also insists on bringing the skinwalker
says she will be very useful
Roland decides to tag along as well
he reasoning is that Derek might be hiding with Van Owen
Jesus fuck I feel like this is a special ed field trip
The skinwalker is immediately useful though
she gets Derek’s scent off Harpers jacket and we immediately begin tracking him
The sun is setting on the Harpy city as we go off
get some odd looks from some of the Harpys, but they let us go on our way
especially when the skinwalker growls at them
after about an hour of walking around the city and taking ferries we make it to an upper scale Looking neighborhood
the homes are much better carved and have statue decorations
we find his house easily
it’s the only one with a massive stain of molasses and other shit on the porch and steps
A couple of elves are busy cleaning it up
Drowbro goes up to talk to them
after a couple of minutes of talking they all begin laughing
one of the elves goes inside while the others disperse and leave us alone
Drowbro comes back with a massive smile on his face
”turns out they hate the fag and don’t mind us *talking* to him. The one is going to tell him he has visitors”
glad to know that they aren’t a big fan of him
we all hide around the porch
and then we wait
I feel my heart pounding in anticipation
I’ve been waiting a long time to do this
Jow Forumsube help him die slowly

Jacob Nguyen
Jacob Nguyen

Attached: giphy-(2).gif (479 KB, 500x265)

Daniel Watson
Daniel Watson

wait with bated breath for Derek to come out
my heart is thumping in my throat
I can feel my breaths coming shakily
the adrenaline is already coursing through me
we wait
still nothing
and we wait more
god damn, how long are we going to be waiting here?
wait more
damn, how long Is this going to take?
hear commotion coming from inside
here we go
door flies open
Derek steps out angrily
”what In The god damn fuck do you want?”
he looks around confused on the seemingly empty porch
”what the hell?”
Roland swings the door shut
Derek looks back at the door confused
just in time to get a face full of my Billie club
it smashes into his pretty boy teeth and sends him stumbling backwards
Drowbro kicks him in the back of his bird knee hard and Derek falls backwards down a few steps
hits the stone with a lovely crack
He grimaces In pain before opening his eyes
they widen as they see me look over him
”oh fucking he-“
sentence is cut off as my Billie club meets his teeth again
he squawks loudly
hit him a few more times
Get a little light headed and stop
can’t let bloodlust take over just yet
he needs to suffer a little more
Derek rolls over onto his stomach and pushes himself up
coughs out a good amount of blood and teeth
he breaths deeply and coughs several times
”what In the hell do you fucking want from me?”
slam a kick into his side
Derek falls over with a squawk
’what do I want from you?’
kick him in the same side
’that’s simple.’
bend down to his side
’I want you to die.’
his eyes widen
internally cringe at the amount of edge in that sentence
eh, whatever, It’s the truth
Jow Forumsube can’t even save him now

Jackson Adams
Jackson Adams

Pages mean nothing, how many WORDS long is it?

William Peterson
William Peterson


Blake Ortiz
Blake Ortiz

All Quiet on the Western Front by Erich Remarque has a word count of 61,922

Benjamin Long
Benjamin Long


Christian Carter
Christian Carter

That’s seversl novels in length. Jesus Christ Neumagh calm down.

Luis Fisher
Luis Fisher

disregard this fag, keep going

Brody Hill
Brody Hill

guys, I miss the waifu huntress, what happened to her

David Murphy
David Murphy

She's probably off bashing some knife-ear skulls in, user.

Liam Myers
Liam Myers

Ever think that maybe the fucking Waifu hunter is going through some issues and that mate that they don’t want to type up anything?

Kevin Bell
Kevin Bell

A standard novel is usually about 90k words so he's still a little shy of that. BUT, Neumagh is writing in greentext. If he expanded all that out into full paragraph format it would at least double the word count. So really the story contained in Neumagh is probably about 160k words in a normal novel

Attached: Screenshot-20190825-144645-Chrome.jpg (359 KB, 1080x937)

Grayson Reed
Grayson Reed

Milsurp user it is then

Hey guys I'm still alive, sorry for the lack of posting. School just started and I took a fat dick up the ass in the form of paying for books. In other news, I took my Garand raifu out today and that has got me inspired to write. I'll probably post in the new thread along with a pastebin so that it's easier to keep track of
pic related from today

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Asher Anderson
Asher Anderson

Derek tries to scramble away
only to get a boot to the face from Drowbro
”can’t let you kick the hell out of this faggy parrot without me.”
Player two has entered the game
Roland decides to come over and kick Derek in the ribs
all three of us begin kicking the shit out of him while he’s down
looks a bit like pic related
it feels amazingly therapeutic
all of my stress is melting away
take a break after kicking him for five minute straight
his breathing is labored
skinwalker creeps over
plants a kick right in his crotch
Derek jolts and crows loudly
rolls onto his side clutching Where he got kicked
”you kicked me in my fucking dicks!”
as in plural?
look over to an equally concerned Drowbro
’did you says *dicks*? As in more than one?’
Derek looks terrified
”n-no...I meant one...I mean...I only have one dick.”
”you sure about that?”
Drowbro snickers to himself
”double dick Derek.”
that’s actually funny
to busy laughing and snickering to each other to continue kicking the shit out of him
”it’s not funny!”
’nah, it is.’
kick Derek in the jaw
he shuts up
”we’ll laugh at your dicks as much as we want to, dick.”
good words Drowbro
I think it’s time we really hurt him
Jow Forumsube bless me, I am enjoying this too much

Attached: C18A596A-9297-482E-BA00-11E7041CD59A.jpg (113 KB, 567x960)

Isaac Young
Isaac Young

Connor Ramirez
Connor Ramirez

Still very damn impressive

Brody Perez
Brody Perez

part one

Aaron Gutierrez
Aaron Gutierrez
New thread open. Try not to burn this one down to much.

Dominic Myers
Dominic Myers

ur not enjoying it enough user, the Jow Forumsube demands pure blood lust, now murder the parrot fag, quarter him up AND GIVE ME FRIED CHICKEN