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Bentley Ward
Bentley Ward

Post whatever you have

January 5th
Just started a new routine (PPL nothing special)
A lot of new faces in my gym
see this teenager, around 16-17. Lets call him Joe
you can clearly tell he is a loser
but he is dedicated, you can tell
he reminds me of myself when I started
he is fat and has a very unpleasant face, lost genetic lottery
somewhat feel bad for him
he is still so young and pure
see some random girls behind him
they act as if they are about to puke
Joe does notice it
starts looking down
his happy smile when he lifted is gone
decide to go to him and cheer him up
"hey dude you wanna lift with me"
he starts smiling again
"yes, you look like you know what to do"
take a huge fart in the direction of the sluts
"this time they better puke"
we both burst in laughter
had a nice session, i told him about greyskull and ice cream fitness
told him to come here every week at the same time so I can check on him
had a great session together yesterday
I will look over his sholder for this year

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Ian Jenkins
Ian Jenkins

Why why can’t I have a gymbro like op
Where r u

Matthew Rogers
Matthew Rogers

I want a gym big brother :(

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Joshua Cruz
Joshua Cruz

Where were you when I needed you.

Lucas Edwards
Lucas Edwards

sorry guys, I live in germany.

James Morales
James Morales

mfw can't progress on bench/test 1RMs anymore because no spotter while others out there have gymbros to watch over their shoulder and work out with them
I don't wanna do this anymore

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Liam Thomas
Liam Thomas

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Daniel Stewart
Daniel Stewart


Ian Taylor
Ian Taylor


Lincoln Moore
Lincoln Moore

be me
hitting triceps
walk over to machine
a guy is using the machine
finishes his set so I ask him if I can work in
'Sure thing bro'
I leave the same weight on the machine
Since that machine has retarded numbers and no kg, I ask him if it was light weight, he says 'no it's not really'
Start my set
Bang out 8 easy reps
He's like 'eh um yeah you know I'm tired'
mfw I literally mogged someone without even wanting it

Wyatt Parker
Wyatt Parker

anons let me tell you the story of how i started lifting as an borderline autistic fag.

be me
be 21 broke loser university student in italy
join nearby budget gym with no experience or personal trainer to get started
"fuck it i just need to watch what ppl on youtube do to get big"
start doing a few reps badly.
notice someone that keeps an eye on me
turn around to see bald huge short guy in his 50s with a white beard, almost looks like one of those greek deity statues body wise
anxiety kicks in, get scared and simply walk out the gym
always had fear of authoritarian type of people so decide to go early in the morning.
"almost nobody there fuck yeah"
start doing squats kinda badly
look behind me through mirror. notice the same guy from yesterday.
must've walked in while i was squatting.
walks to me and says "hey you must be new around here, my name's Franco".
"hi, i just started yesterday"
"oh cool, need some help?"
at first tought he must be some guy trying to sell some supplements or some shit to newcomers.
he starts teaching me how to do the exercises and basically gives me a list of what to do on which day.
tells me i have bad posture and shows me what exercises to do to fix it.
chatting during pauses
all this time i was thinking "fuck at the end he's gonna ask for money and i'm broke".
he asks me to come to come on specific days and hours so he can show me the rest of exercises.
show up on those days. teaches me about stuff like what to eat and cold showers
find out he works as a guard at the city's military base. fucking based
time passes starting to see results.
introduces me to most people at the gym
find out i actually got quite a good sense of humor
wholesome mood most of the time
mfw when franco cured most of my social anxiety alone just by talking
gives me tips about things in life: get a job, a car, women etc
never ever asked for anything in return

Crazy how one guy can have such a huge impact in someone's life

Daniel Stewart
Daniel Stewart

You are now officially Senpai.

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Carson Ward
Carson Ward

ach geh halt doch die fresse du duhmer hurensohn

bist ein scheiß larper geh dich fergraben

bild relatiert bist du

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Jackson Martin
Jackson Martin

This is wholesome

Cooper Ross
Cooper Ross

t. T*rke

Hudson Morris
Hudson Morris

Awesome gym I go to that is ten bucks a month and has squat racks dumbells up to 170 pounds a bunch of machines and other shit is bought out by a CrossFit gym. Rates go up to 50 dollars a month. Removes a vast majority of the equipment for room for tire flipping. I know workout at planet fitness cuz it’s the only gym I can afford. First day I go and workout I start benching in the smith machine. Instantly all of what little Gains I’ve gotten over the few years I’ve lifted disappears, I grow a gut and my penis shrivels up permanently. My gf has recently cheated on me too.

Christian Green
Christian Green

Also a quick funny story that happened at the gym.
8 months later
walk in the gym and see franco looking at some newcomer in his teens doing squats
"yo franco wassup"
-"yo just checking out this guy's ass while he does squats"
-"well it's quite a nice ass"
-"i know right".
-"don't worry kid it's 2017, we need to be OPEN"
-"franco chuckles "
"great form kid keep it up"
start doing some chest presses
pause time we start talking.
out of franco's pocket falls a 2 euro coin
"aren't you going to pick it up franco?"
-"uh i'm old and my back hurts, user would u "bend" and pick it up for me ?"
-"ugh i've done squats yesterday and my back still hurts so i can't. Hey alex(the new guy) would u mind picking it up?".
-"ugh i've just finished squatting and my back hurts".
guy on treadmill behind us starts laughing even tho he has headphones on
"hey kid help an old guy out and pick it up"
-"no thanks i'm not selling my ass for 2 euros"
-"who said anything about selling your ass? u can just give the coin back"
meanwhile some other woman in her 40 swoops in and takes it.
"giulia u just killed the joke".
we just laugh like idiots.

Noah Fisher
Noah Fisher


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Ayden Myers
Ayden Myers

user du wahnsinnichäää

Ian Clark
Ian Clark

wusste gar nicht das er SO fett ist.

Gavin Williams
Gavin Williams

Grey skull and ice cream fitness

You tubers I’m guessing?

David Cook
David Cook


Kevin Howard
Kevin Howard

be me, working legs with gf
go to decent sized gym, has boxing room, sauna, pool, weights etc
hit speedbag when we first get there cuz gf wants to learn
see doucheasaurus Rex looking dude, crossfit meme type
he's on the gazelle Richard Simons thing
proceed to squat rack, he has now progressed to the dumb bells
doing 30lb military presses, throwing weights down hard as fuck when he's done
finish leg workout
walk by sauna to go to dressing room
retarded mofo has brought weights into the sauna and is now curling them

Wdf guys

William Robinson
William Robinson

This made me smile

Aaron King
Aaron King

not curling in the sauna
never gonna make it

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