Bentley Miller
Bentley Miller

ITT: Meal replacement, very low carb (keto), why fasting is gross, some common myths / mysteries (such as eggs, SFAs, and dietary cholesterol), and some basic and advanced discussion on nutriments. …

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Lucas Sullivan
Lucas Sullivan

•"Meal Replacement"
Yes, it's possible, more efficient, and cheaper. For specifics … is deferring to aspects of min-maxing feeling great, in the following section(s).

•"Very Low Carb (Keto)"
… Is actually really beneficial. "Hungers are huge for energy homeostasis, cholinergic-dopaminergic rewards, neurotrophy, et al." Furthermore, the associations of hormones / chemicals / etc., are pointing to a much more balanced, prosperous-proned ( … adulthood "puberty") subsistence. Hypoglycemia is correlating with increased GH, decreased DHT, increased T, and increased flavors, appetites, sensations, libido, and orgasm. Making way for GH benefits feedbacks / loops from … increased androgen and estrogen; … taking L-DOPA (which produces epinephrine and dopamine), nicotinic agonists, arginine (benefiting BP and NO together, especially with grams of vitamin C), niacin; … and getting vigorous physical activity, apparently especially near insulinogenic foods.

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Oliver Brown
Oliver Brown

GH …
increases calcium retention,
increases muscle mass (and for women is the alternative to men's testosterone, with similar results, albeit different starting points [and sometimes different diets and activities]),
promotes lipolysis,
increases protein synthesis,
stimulates the growth of non-brain internal organs,
is relevant to homeostasis,
reduces liver uptake of glucose,
promotes gluconeogensis,
contributes to maintenance and functioning of pancreatic islets,
stimulates the immune system, and
increases deiodination of T4 to T3 …

Also, logically, GH being the female alternative to T and there-existent in much greater quantities, getting similar as a male has obvious empathy / affinity benefits, which is also true for women increasing T (via reduced BF, even correlative to stopping menstruation at really low levels, saving eggs, and thus – even though it's possible producing more – correlating with youth; and flexibility, aerobicism, and musculature). "When the male and female are one, all things are in harmony."

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Ethan King
Ethan King

•"Why Fasting is Gross"
In whey vs. casein, the latter had much better results for fat loss (evidencing the benefits of low insulinogenics) and lean gains ( … of protein availability).

PS: They're still great in various quantities together, and for different recipe properties and physiological effects.

•"Common Myths / Mysteries (Eggs, Saturated Fat, and Dietary Cholesterol; Etc.)"
So, similarly, neither eating lots of cholesterol and saturated fats are definitively increasing, nor eating very low fat (15%, or 34g, in 2k Cals.) definitively reducing … of arterial compounds …

This is especially true amongst some moderate physical activity. Bicycling a block a few times for HIIT (pumps and heartrates) is really simple and has huge (-ly quick) increases. (A lot of ambition-esque training regimens are often basing on distance: "fun-mediocre", dedication intensive – both immediately, mentally and physically; and nutritionally, in planning, and in finding results vs. the mitigation of overtraining – and simply very minimalistic for improvements.) Also mentionable is really getting the whole body into the training.

Saturated fats are of biological importance – cell membranes, heart energy, calcium assimilation of bones – and for liver, lungs, hormones, the immune system, satiety, and health.

Furthermore, increasing dietary cholesterol has really huge logical correlatives with increased energy (via re-routing acetyl-CoA and other energy aspects from cholesterol synthesis for steroids) – and increasing steroid availability is really satisfying, fun, and motivational.

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Adrian White
Adrian White

… Something of awareness is that astaxanthin (and similar products such as spirulina) are plausible for BMAA (, which is a toxin, "possibly misincorporated into nascent proteins in place of L-serine, possibly causing protein misfolding and aggregation … ".

A). This is telling for a potential huge causation of locomotor and behavioral mysteries. Correlatively, another is simply nutriment deficiency.
B). "Co-administered BMAA with serine was found to have 70% less beta-amyloid plaques and neurofibrillary tangles than those administered BMAA alone, suggesting that serine may be protective against the neurotoxic effects of BMAA." Serine also "plays roles of forming all four bases of DNA and RNA".

Another is the energy benefits, albeit upper dietary limits, of L-cysteine, which is a substrate of CoA and glutathione. (Acetyl-CoA has many correlatives, obviously; and "the ratio of reduced glutathione to oxidized glutathione within cells is often used as a measure of cellular oxidative stress".)


… Logically, taking metabolites of acetyl-CoA and The TCA are really powerful for energy and natural steroids.

Thomas Ortiz
Thomas Ortiz

•"Really Understanding Basic and Advanced Variety for Nutriments"
The big mystery of biological energy is vitamin C. It's researched …
being produced in even small animals at 10g+ / day,
in biosynthesizers vs. non-, at either .01% of water or .4% (equivalent to approx. 500mg, which is 5x the RDA; or 15g), only the latter was successful in meeting blood and health metrics, and QOL,
in grams "with" (albeit separately to because of acidity affecting the chemical reactions producing compounds) garlic greatly reducing BP and increasing NO,
in regulating cellular stability / health, e.g., by producing hydrogen peroxide in the extracellular fluid, which then enters the cells, producing various accelerations and effects …

Furthermore …

•Vitamins and minerals (*
•Protein (
•(E.g., sunflower) Lecithin – has choline, which produces …
structural integrity and signaling roles for cell membranes,
cholinergic neurotransmission (acetylcholine synthesis),
as a source for methyl groups via its metabolite, trimethylglycine (betaine),
utilization in blood transporting fats and cholesterol from the liver to cells (as part of VLDL cholesterol), and
•Acetylcholine is …
a neurotransmitter – a chemical message released by nerve cells to send signals to other cells (neurons, muscle cells, and gland cells),
the chemical that motor neurons of the nervous system release in order to activate muscles,
relevant to nicotinic acetylcholine receptors, and muscarine,
a potential safe-guarding vs. botulinum toxin, via abundance (plausibly especially with vitamin C and other nutrients) – benefiting normal hair, and sizes of facial and other features, and
available in eyedrops for pupil constriction, plausibly benefiting (attention allocation, resolution in visual processing, and imagery correlatives of) eyesight.

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Jace Evans
Jace Evans

•The most powerful antioxidants (according to ORAC testing) are Sangre de Grado and astaxanthin. These are especially beneficial because it's possible taking L-DOPA for epinephrine and dopamine (even potentially producing consistent effects of caffeine / coffee), and – for melatonin and serotonin – 5-HTP. Antioxidants are great, especially with other nutriments, for actually feeling well and intense.
•Even if having shelved flaxseed for the phytoestrogens (which are debated anyway, though evidenced actually lowering estrogen production), those lignans are carbs; so oils are an option. Furthermore, ALA has conversion correlatives, specifically, some nutrients, n-6:n-3, and the limitation of trans-fatty acids, alcohol, and excess insulin. Fishoils were shown often oxidized from the amounts of EPA and DHA listed; and flaxseed oils are flavorous and great in recipes.

•Making really great "fundamental recipes" – frostings, fillings, creams, fudges, brownies, cookies, cakes, toffees, etc. – is really simple, even cold-made, amongst casein, whey, stevia, cocoa/ cacao, coffee, and/or egg(s). (Each of these were previously produced and were really great iterations – even quite fidelitous, though usually better because of … being homemade.)

fluffy / pillowy
There are only-sweet iterations.
Is some 200x sweeter than sugar, with longer onsets and more lasting durations.
Has *benefits* to glucose and insulin blood metrics.
Results with *much* more satiation derived from both food-preparation and meals.

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Aiden Bennett
Aiden Bennett

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Sebastian Cox
Sebastian Cox

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Parker Ross
Parker Ross

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Brayden Long
Brayden Long

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Ryder Sanchez
Ryder Sanchez

My stack's …

(Early, in some forms, usually 2 cakes, and/or water)
2 scoops casein (30-50g)
1 scoop whey (8-20g)
1 egg (also the sourcing of selenium)
10-20g sunflower lecithin (pretty sure the most recently ordered, 2-lb batch has a really powerful [flesh-eating] form of strep, really dangerous for low immune system tendon, tissue, and brain health; similar was supposedly in the newly returned MyProtein Nut Butter, Smooth-styled; temperature relegation is some 250F for 15mins.)
5-15g vitamin C, the latter really pushing for anti-microbial properties (H2O2)
Similar amounts of L-arginine for balancing acidity, etc.
Some magnesium for metabolism
1-2g L-cysteine
A few grams of L-serine
1-2g cysteine
A / multi(s) with most other things
Primrose-derivative vitamin K
D and E
Some grams of flaxseed oil, a / few tbsp(s).
200mg caffeine
Sangre de Grado

Some of that's repeated.

… Some D-ribose near HIIT.


For a basic monthly option, protein powders mixed with PB for protein and calories; vitamins; and flaxseed oil, for fats, especially n-3s … are only about $87 (though with larger initial purchases).

L-DOPA and 5-HTP are about $65.

Etc. …

(Furthermore on calories, etc., electrical muscular stimulation has huge TDEE [and] gains, the best method being liquid-immersion.)

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Robert Ward
Robert Ward

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Asher Jackson
Asher Jackson

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Zachary Bennett
Zachary Bennett

this is interesting, do you have sources?

Joshua Gutierrez
Joshua Gutierrez

Something specifically being …

Leo Martin
Leo Martin

Hypoglycemia is correlating with increased GH, decreased DHT, increased T, and increased flavors, appetites, sensations, libido, and orgasm.
I am interested in this claim in particular

Michael White
Michael White

For starters is …

Basically, every system is routed through hunger for motivation, rewards …

… Those hungers, especially in the fundamental "having plenty of hormones and energy" category, are pushing chemicals (e.g., metabolites of L-DOPA and 5-HTP), effecting pupil sizes and other aspects of acetylcholine signalling, reaction-ability to surroundings, "creative descriptions", and further parasympathetic relaxation …

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Colton Reyes
Colton Reyes

•"Why Fasting is Gross"
You didn't even mention fasting.

Adam Bailey
Adam Bailey

Your saying a lot of interesting things

Post Body

Carter Murphy
Carter Murphy

Simply taking whey (high insulinogenic and quickly metabolized) was way less resulting than casein (low insulinogenic and pacedly metabolized). … Mathematics.

Dylan Young
Dylan Young


Brayden Green
Brayden Green

not him, but I'm guessing he's assuming a protein sparing fast. in which case he assumes protein intake with whey or casein, thus making the argument that casein is superior.

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