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>search for "humour" (come on who writes that)
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Aight lads. It's time for a new Thursday humor thread.

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It’s Wednesday you fucking troglodyte.

>posts /ck/ humor

This is not funny, Sanchez. You fucking spaniard.

>doesn't know what day it is
>posting /ck/ humour
>using retarded amerimutt spelling

based retard poster, now fuck off

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HOly shit I thought it was Thursday, I even started my Thursday routine. Welp, might as well finish it.

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not humor
not Jow Forums
not funny
that's three strikes and with the namefagging i can't do a dang thing here sorry folks

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It's okay, I understand.

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I can hear their accent.

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Has anyone the screencap of the guy who thought “I don’t masurbate” was a good answer to a girl asking his hobbies?
Was there for the thread but never saw anyone reposting it.

Not sure if you ask for this one or for the one when user boasts he's on nofap to a cashier.

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The one with the cashier was posted on

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Anyone have the pepe doing weighted pull-ups?

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someone please post fart/shit stories i lost all my folders and those epic tales always made me laugh like a madman


What's problem boy? You can't have sex with a person your age unless you're both 45? Fucking country of freedom, am I right?

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I was talking about how she looks so old for a 19 year old

lol, I thought you were pointing out that she's "not legal" in the US. My bad senpai.

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Haven't seen this one yet. Big keke

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Fuck you I was reading this wondering how he could possibly fuck this up more and more intense for every line, and then it all turns out okay? That's not humor

fucking legendary

Haha imagine if a girl farted on you, that would be so wild, haha

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Muscle confusion was a meme until Piano man took it to level that no human could reach!

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if i wanted a humor thread i would have asked you what your 1 rep max is


That's 2 doses of retardation and /new/

You're inspiring me to bring this board back to the Zyzz era.

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Fuck off swedfag
t. swedfag

Sorry to tell you this Börje but you are mistaken
terveisin finnfaggot

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You have to go back pedro

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unironically kys tripfag

Fuck, you got me.
Hats off to you, based finbro
t. swecuck

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