Honest question Jow Forums, how are you supposed to store your junk? i've always stored it like B...

honest question Jow Forums, how are you supposed to store your junk? i've always stored it like B, A feels so uncomfortable to me

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>You havent cut your dick off yet


Definitely B. Dressing to the right > dressing to the left also.


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A for regular and B for boners.

B is the uncomfortable one for me. It's all up in my waistband.
I also dress to the left.

Really just however is comfortable for you. B certainly gives you the more impressive bulge.

I can't do B, my cock is too heavy and gravity pulls it down. Also, if I did B, it'd be sticking out of my waistband for a few inches. So I tuck it into the left pant leg

B only works for dicklets

Does anyone experience really awkward bulge with the type A? Especially in my shorts (whatever type) I just have dick bulge. Feels weird and I can feel how others are staring at me.

to the left

>Not going commando
I unironically go commando and its great

i'm 6.5 inches and i do B

anyone else a megadicklet when flaccid but normal when erect? im a grower and my dick goes from like 1inch and balls shrunk inside the body if cold to thick 7 inches erekt
i always go with A and tuck it to right because my dick is bent to left and i want to straighten it

that's a good thing, idiot

>not tucking your balls on top of your dick
Try harder

>i want to straighten it
ive got bad news for you user, thats not gonna work

you cant straighten a dick like that, the tendon holding it will just bend instead.

Being a large peepee man and having it poke out when you see sexy lady can be taxing if you're using B.
I always need to wear long swimsuits or else people can look up at my snake when I'm lying down and it gets hard while at A.
I still recommend A and longer swimsuits.

im packing a 7 incher but when flaccid its literally like 3 inches man idk why, anyways i use B because i dont like my chafing against my groin when i do A

Gran autismo me was trying to hide it all the time ffs.

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>not wrapping shaft around balls

loling @ you faggots with dicks big enough to go in a direction
your dick is supposed to poke out straight ahead like a little acorn. it's not supposed to spill out of your body and coil up in your underpants like a frontal doo doo. you guys have no idea how stupid you look.


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>I wear my flaccid penis straight forward

feels bad man

You forgot the part where it partially gets sucked into your body when you are running
That and hair getting stuck in there space where your foreskin is because your pubes are longer than your flacid benis

>where your foreskin is
Used to be

this thread is alike a middle school dance with all the big penises gathered at the top and all the little penises at the bottom with everyone only talking to people in their own group. i'm going to be the brave girl who breaks the ice.
would your penis like to dance with my penis?

Best way to store your penis.

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tfw same but at least i have an average excitable penis, so i can pleasure shallow asian women without fearing my penis gets trapped in my flies. #Win.

A, my cock can't bend like B

>came here to call you a retard for not storing like A
>check junk
>it's like B
huh, I don't know what to think. If I'm sitting down it's like B but standing it's like A

Yeah, now that you mention it, I thought my dick was in your A, but I just checked it and it's in your B!

my dick is 16cm/6.2inches erect (pretty average sized imo) but looks more like this than op's pic. How many of you seriously have such long dicks flaccid?

A, if I do B it falls down pretty fast in position A anyway

this is how u should where your junk lad's

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Came here for some variation of this

Owo wats dis

Looks painful as fuck.

i have to coil mine like a snake

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B is easier and more comfortable

>yfw your dick uncoils too fast accidentally in a public toilet and reaches the water.
Feels bad man. Luckily my dick can reach the sink also so it's easy and fast to wash.

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Stopped wearing underwear decade ago.
Problem is that I can't wear too tight pants or they'll be able to see my business on the mid part of my left thigh.

jes extender, using it right now,
awkward at the beginning, put is comfy after a while,
the gains are real though, but not as expected,
been using it 2 months now, not noticed much lengt increase, but my boners are freaking harder, like stone & longer to maintain, my gf noticed it immediately when i started using it

this fucking thread

up if intact
down if cut

T. cutfag

B, get random boners so I have to stay prepared.

lmao good post user

everyone looks like this, people who pretend it's longer are memeing


a) for men b) for twinks

>coiling it instead of wearing it as a belt
Never gonna make it

Makes it impossible to walk though

>implying I have that issue
I'm 4.5" rock hard. Dick size in trousers will never be an issue to me

Erect: 6.6inches x 5.5 girth
Flaccid: like 1.5 inches wtf

You're like a sealion or a walrus. Your penis is retractable

Why are half of you idiots confused as to why dicks are smaller when soft? Is this american public education?

that's not the point user, the point is that while our dicks are bigger than average while erect, they are smaller than average while flacid


Best answer

>not going with B in flacid mode so that he's already in the best position for going erect


Came to post this. My boxer briefs keep everything in place and it stays to the left.

B is for dicklets

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13cm flaccid, 18.5 erect
Always wear it down and to the left. Wearing it up would require really tight underwear which aren't comfortable. Also, if you have a foreskin, getting an erection in scelario B means it can catch on your pubes and get pretty painful, whereas it can go down your pant leg with no problem.


I dream about this every week. How can I stretch my core to reach it this way?

B gives you more airflow so you don’t get swamp nuts

Mmm store it in my bussy daddy

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The only correct answer is sideways.

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I walk around with a boner to assert my dominance.

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my dick always hits the deadlift bar when i deadlift

>welcome to Jow Forums

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your dick is actually so small that it doesn't hang down naturally like in A. pretty sad OP.

Real alphas wrap their dick around their torse, over their shoulders, around their arm, and pull the tip out through your shirt sleeve so when you shake hands the person will grab your cock and you can yell "Gotcha!"

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Too bad it doesn't just retract into us when we aren't using it.

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What's wrong with people mirin your bulge?

Never B, it's just too uncomfortable.
I never had to a hide a boner because I have a breathing trick to relax my body and kill the boner. If I'm sitting down and I want to enjoy my boner it naturally flows down one of the sides of my jeans.

Why did I read that atrocity.

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it's easier than you think

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kys furry faggot fuck.

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lol cope harder dicklet

I agree with . You should kill yourself user.

I agree with
You should kys and give sauce you furry degenerate.

B is’nt an Option considering my tiny fucking wiener just sits on my scrote while at rest.

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This. You can distract braindead staceys by making it look like you're grappling with a snake, then when they come over to see what's happening you dick slap them across the face and their instincts will automatically make them suck it, and from there you can proceed to plow them and that's how you get laid with little effort, forget all the looksmaxxing and muh social skills crap

I've been storing my dick this way since I was 13, but lately it's been getting a little too big and I can't lift it anymore. Guess I need to incorporate more strength training into my routine

>Wasting laocoon mode on meaningless crap

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Lol, furbois crave that BLC

I used to have these dreams in middle school


>argonian detected

>mfw i knew exactly this picture would be posted with a gay comment

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>When you accidentely flush at the same time so the toilet gives you a killer BJ.

Feels good mang

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Based grower bros
>4cm flaccid
>16cm hard
It's cool to make t actually grow but it's ridiculous when I fail to maintain an erection with a girl.

I do B but it gets awkward when it pops out my shirt collar


Just practice desu. And lose weight

I can tell you have never worn supportive underwear.

Flung around and resting on shoulder

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>7 inches flacid
>3 inches erect...
>tfw w me and my Benjamin Button dick...

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