Hey guys! Fembot here. May I ask, why do you men get upset when girls ask for a guy to be 5'11 and up? Biologically...

Hey guys! Fembot here. May I ask, why do you men get upset when girls ask for a guy to be 5'11 and up? Biologically, isn't this a reasonable request? Isn't that what men are for, protecting us? How can you protect me if you're so short you look like a child next to me?

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>you look like a child next to me
lmao fucking giraffe woman

because it makes you sound like more of a shitstain than you already are considering we have to accept you for your shortcomings while you get a full free-way pass to exclude anyone under 6 feet

>tfw 5'10"
it huuuurts

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I'm 5'9 and I can fight a guys who are almost 6'3 and excersizes while completely out of shape

I'm half nigger so I have extra cartilage, so height is only so much of an advantedge against me

Range vs. power

Which wins? Range can get you lucky no shit, but power is more stable and something I feel safe relying on

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I'm 6'2, would you date me?

I'd take a guy way shorter than what OP is asking for, but you do know what women have always been the pickier gender, right?

Other fembot here. I'd rather take a shorter chubby teddy bear guy than a tall slanky bread stick guy.

Guns don't stop working for people under 6 feet tall.
Height hasn't been an evolutionary requirement for anything more than aesthetics for decades now.
You're a shallow cunt. Just like all women.

i don't really get upset. i'm 5'10, and where i come from that's already slightly taller than average, but i have no illusions, i know that i'm still a manlet. i wouldn't date a fat ugly bitch though, so i don't get upset when women exclude me based on height either.

you should be picky, so long as it works for you.

btw i know you're not actually a woman.

I'm exactly 6 foot and i think i stopped growing last summer, so lucky me i guess?

>relying on guns to protect women because you're so weak you're not even a man at that point

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>thinking you can defend yourself from multiple assailants with just your own arms
this isn't hollywood, if you don't have a gun you don't care about self defense

It's really all down to the big man Darwin.

Women are pickier because it takes women lots and lots of energy and effort to bear children. And science humans are k selected, your going to do much more work to raise suitable young.

It's just your monkey brain wanting a big strong man to protect your young and have his genes make your young strong.

IDK that's what 9th grade bio and some not being retarded got me to

Another fembot here

Short guys are only good if they also look very cute. If they are ugly, there is no point and dating them and an average tall guy is MUCH better.

Ben Shapiro is cute!

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Lmao, I own a gun and even I know it's kinda pussy shit in a real fight, I would only ever use it if my life was in serious danger and I had literally no other option, if it's like 2 guys with fists I'd definitely try or just whip out the ol butterfly knife

Femcels are usually ugly, what makes you think you can have standarts? Most men want hot girls, not femcels.

enjoy dying pretending to be a macho man then

Cuz im 5 10 and fuckin strapped

Stop baiting you piece of shit

Eh, I keep my standards realistic, I'm I'm never going to get that super Stacy to get in bed with me so I don't try. I try and chat up normal looking girls instead.

Can't anymore though because I live in a foreign national and in all Bois school now so I going to KMS later

Yeah, because 2 negroids with their boney fists are gonna kill me

Probably not their fists, but the concrete on the ground will. Sure hope you're a well trained fighter and those "negroids" can resist the urge to curbstomp you when you go down.

>How can you protect me if you're so short you look like a child next to me?
I am a feisty chihuahua of a man, loyal, protective, and quick to anger. No one will dare hurt you with me around.

>why do you men get upset when girls ask for a guy to be 5'11 and up?
only manlets get upset lmao

I do get upset and the reason is that, nowadays a lot of woman call themselfs feminists and say they don't need a men to protect them, but if you are under 5"10 she wouldn't date you. It doesn't make any sense and as a 6"5 male I wouldn't date anyone who actually said that

>girls ask for a guy to be 5'11 and up? Biologically, isn't this a reasonable request?
That's perfectly reasonable as long as your BMI is 21 or under.
t. 6'1" guy

>How can you protect me if you're so short you look like a child next to me?

Ever heard of Guns, dumb fuck

>Fembot here.
>low effort bait
>retards respond anyway
I hate this place.

> How can you protect me if you're so short you look like a child next to me?

This is just another example of how stupid women are. I've met some short guys who are the most vicious bastards you would ever wish to not cross.
What you really mean is "MY FRIENDS WILL THINK HE LOOKS LIKE A CHILD NEXT TO ME". It's all about social status with you meme sheeple "women".
I'm 6'1 and I would date a 4'4 girl if she had a personality i loved unlike your shallow ass.

I only talk to women with tits no smaller then D with minimal beef curtains.

>fembot here

tits or gtfo, roastie.

One thing is wanting a taller guy than you, other thing is wanting 6'0 and up ONLY.

>How can you protect me if you're so short you look like a child next to me?

By being a fucking pitbull, baby.

this. it makes perfect sense if those are your standards. people should be honest with themselves about what they want. there's nothing wrong with having physical standards basically every body does.

>Angry mixed race manlet incel
You're a joke. A walking punchline.

Ur super qt btw

If I punched you right now you wouldn't get up

ive never seen another comment so orignally based

Strength and skill win fights more often then anything else, I have a friend who's 5'4 and he consistently wins fights against people who are much taller then him just because he is stronger and actually knows how to fight

Do you wanna know how I know that you are not a woman

My cousin is like about 5'2 feet and can fight and fuck up my 6 foot friend, because he's full black, he just picks him up and throws him like a little girl

My friend couldn't even look at me and almost forgot all his shit at my house like his phone and stereo he was so fucked up, probably too embarrassed to think straight as well

Knowing how to fight is everything, fighting was made into an art for people smaller to fight bigger people

How tall are you fembot?
Some anons have a height requirement for girls, they don't want tiny children.

Its about reach vs height
Typically manlets also have short reach

>Two grown, possibly armed, men cannot kill me
Holy shit you're so cool, can you be my dad?

But you're ugly, short, fat, probably a darkie, etc. What is the evolutionary advantages of mating with you?

I am 6'4 muscular man attracted to tall girls. Is it unreasonable for me to request you to be 6 ft tall blue eyed blonde?

Simple. It's easier to deliver a killer dick punch if you're shorter than an assailant. You also don't need to be 6' to use a gun.

We get upset because of the common double standard. When we say we prefer to date someone who isn't fat, we get attacked by fuckin like 50 people, whereas if y'all mention your biological preferences it's, as it should be for both men and women, perfectly fine. Due to the stigma, most men will always automatically assume that any woman who is vocal about their preferences will hold that double standard - and it's some bullshit.

This assuming you're an actual woman and you're looking for a genuine answer.

Why? origamioreganomigami

>Is it unreasonable for me to request you to be 6 ft tall blue eyed blonde?
no. why would anyone think this was unreasonable? some guys only like red heads. what's the big deal?

Give a woman and a man one dollar. All of the sudden, the female will think she is too good for the man.

Now every man is 6 feet tall, suddenly every man must be 7 feet tall or hes a manlet.

Female hypergamy must be curtailed for the good of humanity. It's why cat women exist, women chase perfection when it doesn't exist and never have a family because they think they are better than their male equivalent.

5'6" manlet here with a 5'8" gf. Actually all my exes have been taller than me, except one. Point is, in my experience, there's plenty of girls who will date a shorter guy. If a girl likes taller guys, just let it go. At least she's being honest.

Exactly. You sluts want the best, you're gonna have to be the best.

It is the hypergamy that is pushing the man to improve and attain greatness. You want to destroy the best thing about women.

You're just another goblino on the internet. I'm sure if I punched you, there would the the same result. Considering you're half nigger, I would expect that you would sneak up on me though. I cannot beat being surprised, so I guess you win this fight, mutt.

Tall guy here. Why do you femankns get butthurt when I deny you for being tall? I only like to date small girls.

>Fembot here

how tall r u then

This post is why we can't have nice things

>because he's full black,
Lel, what's with that meme?
Most black guys don't know how to fight.
In all my life, I've only fought against a single other black that was decent enough.
T. 6'6 black God.

>probably a darkie

What makes you say that?

Thanks for making want to kill myself. At least you're not the first one that said this.

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You're almost niggermagnon

Our nigger ancestors are probably proud

I'm a pure breed, my skin is as dark as my soul and I can trace my ancestors for more than a century.

Don't lower your standards. Don't let these manlets spread their shitty genes.

>be 5 feet
>have legit height fetish
>like it happens that I get caught up in all kinds of fantasies standing next to a good-looking guy that's over 6 feet
>think about them forcing themselves upon me without hurting me
>guys hate me for only being into tall ones
>taller girls hate me for 'snatching away the tall ones'

Society literally doesn't allow me to date a tall guy.

Have the same fetish except I'm a guy. And almost 2m high.
I just want to be dominated by a girl way bigger than me but none literally exist in this cursed world.

>tfw only 5'11
Got my gf by using any opportunity to stand next to her and have her look up at me. Also, use any opportunity to get her to compare her hands to mine.


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tell me how you know user
come on, show me

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The abyss told him

I am 5'1! I'm literally the perfect female height so your words cannot bring me down

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I mean honestly 5'11 and 5'10 are still totally fine. It would be a big turn off if my boyfriend was much usually smaller than other men though. Also he needs to be significantly taller than me when I wear heels.

I honestly feel bad for saying this

Your genes are rly shit

You will most likely breed manlets sorry

I'm 4'9 and I still try to aim a little higher about 5'2 and above for men.

>tfw tall guy that fantasizes about dominating short girls


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Are you really this much of an overconfident brainlet? I'm guessing you're either a internet tough guy who has never been in a real fight or you do some meme martial art and now think you're superman. Cause if you knew anything about real fights you'd know that your life is in danger in any real fight. Even more so if it's 2 on 1.

Not if I find a 6'0 male which is how tall all men should be anyways

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>calling yourself half nigger
way too much make-up to see if proper qt

You should uh...shoot a bit higher there...better safe then sorry!

A gun permit

I'm 6'4, I'll try not to hurt you babygirl

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I'll accept women having height standards as long as you don't bitch about men having them too. Women who get mad about men "bodyshaming" them but then demand men be a certain height are hypocrites of the highest degree.

5'7" robot reporting here

why girls are so sexually atracted on height? you don't know men have feelings too? why are so many women so promiscuous in today society?

>Biologically, isn't this a reasonable request? Isn't that what men are for, protecting us?
I don't give a shit about having preferences but this is the dumbest logic on the planet. If you want to use primal biology as a justification for anything, go fuck off to the jungle and survive outside society.

Height: You literally cannot choose what you are attracted to. It's biology. Otherwise tons of gays, pedophiles or people with specific fetishes would have get rid of that.

Promiscuity: Not all are.

That's why I don't even bother as a 5'4 guy.

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The shitty entitled personality is usually a nigger thing, but maybe "she" is white as all women are basically like that.

This is a great bait, but it's just a bunch of triggered manlets :)

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I was 5'11 on the nose when I went in the military. After 5 years of the infantry I'm barely 5'10"

Unless arrows, bolts, and bullets suddenly stopped working on people over 5'10 then i doubt captain 6'2 is going to be able to dodge a precise shot from a rifle. In which case he will be dead, his stuff will be mine, and his woman will be raped.

how is that a retarded logic? men that are taller can easily pick up women and have control over them, just having that extra height is like an extra layer of protection because they are bigger than you and usually (not always) stronger than you. it just feels that way, in the same way children look up to adults for protection because they are bigger and stronger. a short man is just weak, nothing about him is intimidating, and his little legs resemble that of a child

Idk maybe you should be protecting me you fucking tree.

The existence of civilization suggests that armed short men naturally obey tall men with girlfriends, so I'm not worried.

if the dude needs to be tall for you you need to be thin for him

Seriously thats why us guys should stick together and start fucking eachother

Does that mean your penis is large or you keep a dildo up your butt.

And thus the trap/tranny revolution came to be.

I want to be a tall fembot's teddybear so bad aaaaaaa

>shit talking manlet Amerimutt

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