I would like everyone to meet Finster

I would like everyone to meet Finster.

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i gave him a cute stache

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Very debonair, user.

I would like everyone to meet wojack the second

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I'm feelin sick, anyone got a bag

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Finster is worried about you, friend.

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How dare you compare Finster to Wojak. They haven't even met each other.

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Finster has conquered the third dimension

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His mission here is to defeat Meryll, he has come from the far future to put an end to his evil. DON'T trust Meryll. When Finster has completed his assignment, he will go back to his own time. So of course he understands how to travel through dimensions.

I do not like you finster. Please go away.

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He's not going anywhere until he finishes the fight. Finster's theme song:

has Finster ever invested in BTC?

No, bitcoin was replaced in his timeline by ApuCoin

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PuT mE iN tHe SCReenCaP, fINstER

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I see.

Did ApuCoin ever tank, thus turning him into an enraged version of himself with a different hue?

>another failed meme attempt

>inb4 another shitty edit
HAAAAAAAHAH like a boomer trying to be hip.

Finster is not a meme, he has a mission, and you're faggots.
No, ApuCoin is too big to fail. It's the primary currency in the future. They worked all the bugs out

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what is that some kind of space alien?

No, he originated on Earth, but he's from the far future, probably the year 3,000 or so. Most people look like him there.

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Is he in any way related to this guy?

No they're completely different species. Finster is a multidimensional time traveler, Clem is just a little homunculus goblin boy