daily reminder its ok to paint your nails.
have so much nail stuff coming, I really like black.

>its not gay
if you think its gay tell me how
>being afraid of being in public with painted nails
dude stop caring what people think

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Its okay if you like it user, I don't judge, but its still pretty fucking gay. Or at least pretty feminine.

>Just because I suffer from gender dysphoria doesn't make it gay, it's just that I'm trying to externalise my mental health issues
>I'm an edgy 16 year old that is edgy

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Do you imagine you are being jerked off by a girl when you masturbate with those painted finger nails?

>Do you imagine
I have no imagination as in none
>when you masturbate
I dont even jerk off, too depressed

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they barely tolerate that i wear long hair and makeup if i begin to paint nails they will fire me

why do you wear makeup?
its not gay I just dont get.

it makes me prettier ofc

At least grow your nails out a bit

The only time I had my nails painted was when my female friends did it for me. Felt incredibly gay.

Painted nails are degenerate enough on girls.

If you think its gay if a Guy does it you concider yourself gay btw i do it too

also the pic explains why you would wear makeup
the difference between the bottom left and bottom right works for men too

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That's cool OP, bishonen are the best! Never believe that boys shouldn't be pretty.

Wow! The bottom left is like the daughter of the bottom right!

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Cool political compass.

I look rugged and mean.
I aint wearing make up.
I cnat see my face but I can see my hands

This so much.

Also if you bite your nails you are disgusting.

I keep them short as they annoy me any longer

dont people judge you for being gay?

>dont people judge you for being gay?
I dont go outside and when I do I dont care.
I dont like guys so im not gay

painting your nails is fucking gay as hell, and literally pointless

gayest thread up atm

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>painting your nails is fucking gay as hell,
how is it gay??

I occasionally paint my nails matte black because I like the aesthetic. People who fetishize it like crossdressers/trannies or "non-binary" annoy me, it was just an alt aesthetic when I was growing up.

>I have no imagination as in none
How do you imagine being with Megumin, then?

>how is it gay??
because u're putting makeup on u faggot

I have like way more important shit to do. That's fucking stupid and only a weirdo loser or a vagina would waste their time painting their nails.