TFW I will never slip my hand under his panties and finger his bussi

>TFW I will never slip my hand under his panties and finger his bussi

I want to fucking end it all

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ew, way too boy-like

Shit tastes user, i will buy you a gun to end your life

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Someone please post the link to the album to her (his) photos

this boy looks suspiciously underage

seeing as he's Brazilian, he's probably got an STD by now, give up on him

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Nope he has tattoos

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I mean so do I so who cares? I got HPV from a girlfriend and Chlamydia and Herpes from hookups

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I would fuck him even if I knew she has AIDS

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Not working originall

Go to /lgbt/ right now and then the
>post cute tranners

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>ywn hammer that bussy

y live

>tfw no sayuri buttslut gf

Tis truly a bad feel user

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Felipe is a girl now, user

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Any videos of it getting plowed

Including a big scorpion tattoo, which is gay for "I have HIV"

I feel like if a few of us killed ourselves for him, word would get back to him and he MIGHT


MIGHT feel guilty enough to start whoring his ass out to us

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Refer to my previous statements on the manner

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Only one video of her making out with some ugly Brad

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Good lawd one night with that thing would be heaven

That's some commitment right there

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>Felipe will never put that gun to your head and force you to fuck her bussi

You will never lay next to this belly at the end of the night

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Imagine being so lonely cuz of your inability to act like a halfway normal human being round other people and especially girls you turn into a faggot so long as the guy you're gay for looks like a 12-year-old boy that could pass for a 12-year-old girl in the right light from the right angle.

Imagine being such a faggot you not only wanna be female, but you go dumpster diving for validation by posting pics of yourself trying your best to look like a girl so the lowest denominator of rejected XY specimens wanks to your pics.

Now imagine being a parent to either of these types of subhumans.

Christ I wanna cum all over her tight tummy

Imagine being an incel who copes with the reality that he is an absolute failure and dreg of society by obsessively hating traps and black people to desperately try to feel above somebody, ANYBODY.

Imagine being the parent of this user

I'd hate myself too

>TFW you will never kiss that taut tummy and suck her nipples while you feel her clit engorge and get hard then start to poke out of her skirt

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Dang, forgot to attach a rare Sayuri to the post

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My dick can only get so hard user

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How hard could it get as you lay on top of her, and she started grinding that little muffin ass against your crotch?

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why is Jow Forums so obsessed with this boi specifically?

>ywn take hold of those soft hips and pump her ass full of cum and then collapse on top of her to lovingly spoon the rest of the night

Can you post a more feminine boi with an instagram instead?

Can you post the hd version of that pic

His entire thing is being cute. What happens when he's 40+?

it's dead, what do I do, chief?

You people are literal fucking pedophiles and I hope you wind up in prison.

Pic related is how you fucking look. You're going to be some 50-something year old phaggot lusting after an underage boy.

Jesus fucking christ just hang yourselves.

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Is he even trans? Or just a feminine boy that enjoys crossdressing?

>literal fucking pedophiles
>for being attracted to an adult
sorry user, you're stupid and wrong. Virtually all men are attracted to neotony, neotony is not pedophilia