Men cant be raped according to the fbi

I love you guys so much! so much sympathy and empathy...

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a bunch of pedo faggots clearly

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I can only see beta cuck numales saying a female "raped" them 2bh.

Hi guys, its me backwards777. let me fuck that Disney singers boi pussy, he's so hot and made my dick flinch. I felt like I was watching porn at 10 years old again

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I got raped when I was 9 and then again at 11.oooo nice numbers eh? oh and it was by a two homos who couldn't keep their hands to themselves

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I'm done..i want out. fuck you people

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Learn to read, you repressed faggot.

repressed, faggot. heh, your a fucking pedo kike faggot aren't ya? wanna go fuck some kids with cancer? maybe you can touch little johnnys pp after you by him a teddy bear or something.

fucking bitch

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maybe he's a catholic priest, even better...

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Lay off the drugs, gay boy.

this is now a cheese pizza exposure thread. lets talk about world elites and systemic pedophilia? touchy subject? awwwwwwwww too bad... lets see what youtube has on you guys, sound good? good...

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stop touching kids, pedo. or just stop having them, aswell. because like I said before, every father and mother wipes his daughters own twat and cleanse their assholes along with their sons penises..but why stop there, you're basically subjecting them to a guaranteed life of suffering inevitably for you own egocentric, self absorbed, I need a little mini me to be cool bullshit. FUCK YOU!

logic, my friend. it will pwn you. you're not getting off this planet and you will suffer a worse fate than the dinosaurs, kek. but keep dancing and singing songs!

video 1, ive never seen it..but i'm sure its good. *pops popcorn*

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heres the first video tonight...and boy do we got a looooooong night ahead, boys

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Pretty specific shit, faggot. Looks like I somehow triggered your repressed desires.

ahh yeah, I love licking baby twat. just yummy! im straight up a fooking rosemarys baby killer in the making!

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I'm just not afraid of the dark. I guess you could say I have too much light. somebody's got to do the real work right? I set you guys up to knock you down...should I click on the cheese pizza link father? it could be bad...*do it my son* *ok, clicks cheese pizza link*

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looks like natalie in his eyes. she was sooo cute. I loved that little girl.. too bad paul molested her and got imprisoned.. her own dad molested a baby! fucking gross! I kissed that little on the cheek and told her God loved her. i'm a hero.

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what was really funny was I named my cat natalie like 3 days before the baby was even born. Jennifer came over and herd me calling my cat natalie, shes like, wtf did you just call your cat? i'm like natalie...she goes_oh well, you're going to have to change it because that's what im naming my daughter...WEIRD RIGHT!!! AM I PSYCHIC!!!! AM I!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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ALl pedos on Jow Forums report in, please. its time to have a talk. i'd like mods in here aswell. lets chat, boys. do you think you're safe from judgement? ive seen hell boys, the father showed me the consequences of such horrific acts. i'm here to tell you all to repent now. and all pornography industries need to repent. I love you all and want to help you

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Get your fookin asses in here right now!

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That time is a coming...cleansing fire!

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fuck the mouse! my children will never be "apart of your world" *gags*

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it's only chadcels, who else would women rape?

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amouranth likes little boy pp in her mouth, I should know...its the only reason my son Ryan watches her stream. I've caught him several times with his dick in his hand watching her stream...they say you have to be 18 to watch the stream but there's no filter, all you have to do is say your 18....just wonderful guys. I had to ban my boy from watching it. I don't allow my kid to watch her stuff, but him and all his little buddies cant get enough of her titty stream. they always find a way *sigh* whats a father to do guys??

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Jesus Christ, that's some good material...way better than what pete could actually come up with.. *whistles and claps*

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It's almost like he's actually doing the skit

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i aint trying out for shit. i'm saying goodbye. Fuck Stratton and his kung fu bullshit. this world is grade a fooked. beam me up scotty

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Just a prank, bro. moms gonna love it *grins wickedly*

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here this is for all those psychopaths out there.. I know you get off to this kind of shit, huh?

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did she come back dressed as spongebob??

I love you spencer, thanks for never calling me back really fucking cared huh man!

getting ready for lift of. NASA

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here you go man. hope you travel well space cowboy. great material, satire is the best

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oops haha forgot the video

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love you Chris, you're my hero! I know how you feel man. nothing can make you happy in this world if you're too good for it. not even family and kids. im proud of you! you made your own decision!

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HAHA CHRIS IS ONE OF MINE NOT YOURS! wooohhoooooooo! there is a god! someone let the dogs out!


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SING IT MILEY!!! i'm sure chris has so much in common with you, haha!!!

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you guys just have to realize im better at this than you..pshhhhh, no hard feelings goats

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i'm sorry you got molested chester. I know that pain all to well and it ruined my entire life. fuck pedos and rapists both male and female, bro. sleep well, friend

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How are you gonna cage them all, papa? i'm you have some Master plan of how you can achieve this? those lions look hungry.

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I love being IRISH, lol. I'm feeling giggity up in here tonight.

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Why is is the Lord of Karma and commerce so based? i love saturn

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Fuck you, Kris, you little pussy. you're fucking drug addict loser who I shot up with heroin and you had to look away because you didn't like needles. IM THE GOOD GUY! GO KILL YOURSELF COUSIN!

oh and your also just a faggot child molester and it doesn't matter you got touched and raped as a kid, what matters is I think you're a faggot and a pedophile. me and all my friends want you to hang yourself. so GO DO IT!


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Could amouranths husband take him i wonder? because i know i could. im way faster and can hit just as hard, despite him being 6'2 and weighing 230 he benches 300 and squats 350. yet i could rock him

Fully trained neither of them would last a round

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He also slept with a guys wife while he was serving in Iraq...he laughed about it. he's had over 70 partners....he's the good guy, guys...

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I'm getting tired now. this might be the last thing I post for tonight. I don't want people to think i'm perfect, I just want them to know im not a bad person...

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I love myself. I'm a good person. I wont be defeated.

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Welp, looks like ill be up all night

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always loved the first time I found this at 2am smoking weed for the first time, lol. I was ready to die soon after

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I always loved psychology. ever since I was young I found them to be fascinating people. trying to figure out my life...I wonder how good I really am at this?

this thing really hits home for me. lol

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Are you happy? I am man, content and fully satus? nothing to me...cause your life is empty and bare!

our uncle is a logger and they call him the bull of the mountain. but I assure you. I am king of that mountain!

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No matter your belief, Gary works so hard everyday. the man deserves some respect.

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This video seems like it would mix well with this style of art. It has that please kill me now feel to it, i feel.

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>mfw trying to make gary believe in G-d

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Blink twice if you have a problem...just something in your eyes

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what in the fuck is this thread?


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Whale cum, friend, welcome. here sit down. take a seat, please.

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Soon I will have a new apprentice. one far more powerful than you can imagine. he can run through a troop. i'm the head he's the body

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I love caramon and raistlin. such a perfect role play fit for me and spencer. The red warrior of valor

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How in the fuck a male man can be raped? Only by other men, I think.

i'm getting tingles right now. goose bumps. why would I get goose bumps? because were here! this is it guys! to see it unfold in front of our eyes!

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Katy, get over it, you're trash. Orlando only wants you for your moon eye. you're a mk ultra sex kitten with no talent. your only job is to turn little girls into sluts. Orlando, you're a bitch and i'd knock you out with ease buddy boy. go back to sleep. shhhhhhhhhh

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Jesus Christ those digits. same with Ariana. 777, lol.

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