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I guess you're retarded

>tfw 190cm 95kg
>tfw i am the mogger 9/10 times
feels good man

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You know that Destiny is banging that chick right?


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same. this place really ruined my self perception. I am mostly above average every where I go but sometimes I'll spot someone who's bigger and/or taller and I'll become angry and defeated and try to avoid them.

How’s my plan sound? I’m 23, 6’2” and half Italian with an extremely Italian name. The place I live is full of mostly under 5’10” spics and Haitians, but Ill get mobbed on occasion and it’s not uncommon for there to be other guys around my height. So I want to move to Italy where 6’2” is basically 6’5”, get on gear, join the local fire department of wherever I move and just fuck hot Italian bitches until I wife a taller one and start a family.

Lmao at the two Jew manlets in the middle

Nice K/D brosetti

How tall is desTINY?

It means you aren't part of a stable social circle where your place is well defined. Do you have no friends?

everything below 193cm is manlet tier

>Literally doesnt matter because I live in eastern europe and 90% of population is above 185cm here
I would be a walking god in muttland

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Haha post body, you fat fucking slob.

Which slav country? Unless a balkan country you're full of shit.

at least god gave you slavniggers something, considering he took everything else away


The strongest slav country
>LIterally saved the word 80 years ago
Im thinking we are based

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>I'll spot someone who's bigger and/or taller
I like to think of them as challenges to overcome.

That's why you should leave fit. The blackpill defeatist got to you, the puahate homos are programming your brain here. And sure you can say "programming? Not me, not ever", but try to analyze your thinking patterns and where they came from. If they came from Jow Forums or wherever, you know what you need to do.
Godspeed user, better days ahead.

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>90% of population is above 185cm here
These are 18 year olds.

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My subjective experience>stastics by ((them))

>Not harnessing mogs as inspiration and using it as the natural progression from lifting for girls
You’re not going to get to lifting for Hitler all by yourself

Try that in central and nothern europe.

That 9/10 will be reduced to a 5/10

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you realize those are self reported heights lol

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I'm from Sweden, 190cm isn't gigantic by any stretch of imagination but i am consistently taller than at least 80-90% of the people on the metro.
Granted those last 10% of people are like 210cm so i get mogged pretty hard

The policeman is mogging the incel on the left.

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Tom cruise would mog every lanklet ITT

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dude on the left

>takes steroids
>uses hundreds of dollars on grooming products
>gets his beard and hair perfectly manicured
>probably at a protest for some cuck cause but it's ok because he's a "alpha man with big muscles
>that jacket probably costs $700
>made one of his friends take an instagram pic of him trying to intimidate a military guy, knowing the military guy can't react unless he threatens him with violence

meanwhile, the military guy is keeping streets clean from degeneracy and risks his life daily

not even close

If you know the backstory it's a very sad pic, actually

(it's a low-rank soldier ordered to take part in the coup possibly orchestrated by the Turkish dictator to strengthen his power in 'retaliation')

Who's the little boy in blue with a fake beard? Doe his parents know that he's out late at night like that?

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Atleast I live in the north with all the midget samis so im still considered pretty tall.

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That girl on the right

I am so confused. She is so gross yet so attractive at the same time

>Be me
>Be swedish
>Be 20y
>Be 5'7


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Only an American like you would not realise that this photo is obviously staged.

manlet´s chick has bigget milkies. She mog the lank´s girl?

Find her imgur album. Amazing rack.

omg that girl on the right!!! MUH DICK!!!

Based and Giorno Giovannipilled

>kid probably starves because The Architect gives all the food to his wife

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Tfw Estonian and only 180 cm. At least 80% of guys heightmog me.

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same height but in germany

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The guy on the right is police special forces, and the guy on the left is a YouTuber, both are on set for a TV series they are shooting. Guys on the left posted the pic on his insta and mentioned that the cop could kick his ass for sure though

and hasan (left) used to DATE janice griffith

im not sure id consider that an accomplishment

Didn’t even think about it, funny enough I just watched the new episode. Even funnier is my first and last name is kinda close to his. I’m a stand user.

Move to Peru where it's like 7'9"

what does any of this matter when destiny has the most sex out of any one in that pic

another Swede reporting in @ 193cm

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She’s a 10IQ brainlet hippy, not worth (especially with how possessive he is over her)


Thats what my dad did

>pointing out the obvious opposite
Sure smells like summer in here

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Hasan is a dumbass

is he our guy?

This picture is staged, euro police would never let a potentially violent sandnigger come right up on them right? Right? Right?

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Nah, I only know one attractive Peruvian girl. Plus I still want the chance to make tall sons and I could probably get a 5’10” wife.

>t. incel freak

didnt this 4'0'' manlet travel to some european country and fuck one of his fan's girlfriends then take her back to america? european replies only please

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yeah thats her in the picture

I'm 6'3 and whenever I see people that are taller, I feel defeated. Most people are more massive than me, I'm pretty ottermode except for my lower body, so I can't afford feeling defeat for that because it would happen too often. But concerning the height... Sometimes I wonder whether it is my or Jow Forums's fault.

imagine how ugly this retard is to have his height the only thing he has to cope with

>tfw I never get mogged because I'm the strongest
Feels good.

bros im a 1.86m mexa meztizo am i a manlet? :(

Any mogs using a metric other than height?

Basically this. I'm 190cm and usually still taller than most people I see on the street, but it's not uncommon to see a taller guy every now and then. Especially while I was still going to high school. I was the same height and there was constantly someone taller. The teenagers and young adults here are gigantic.
Too bad most of them are skinny framelets though. I have yet to see someone who framemogs me. But heightmog? Happens regularly.

>saved the world

So in reality the average height is even shorter. Got it.

She probably get banged by chads so

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I’m a 6 foot Slovak American and taller than like 80% of people whenever I visit family in eastern Slovakia. What are you on

>manlet isn't aware of how heavy full size men are

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Status exchanges are everywhere but height mogging is the most superficial form of mogging

Charisma and body language mogging are possible but unable to be captured in a still photo

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Something similar happened in reality. Ic related Canadian soldier on the left, mohawk tribesman on the right

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Here in Germany, we have many many young lanklets that are easily 6'3, but tall and buff guys are rare. At the same time, we have quite a few rather short guys, but no absolute midgets. It's surprisingly well-spread.

minijello, she's shown her tits and they're spectacular.

Awfully quick to lick some boot, aren't you user

>pakmanlet is a little person
Explains a lot.


You really believe she doesn't have a couple side Chads?

Let me guess, you're a (slave of Zion) right-winger.

My grandma moved from Sweden to the the US as an adult.

Can I join you lot at 193cm?

Exactly, what about it? Based and redpilled

Fake news, irl she just wouldn't respond

He knew what he was getting himself into, if they succeeded they would have throw all of erdogan achievement to please the them and keep the status quo. And the coup was done by uae and israel.

>dating a pornstar

Probably the most cuck thing you can do. You go to work in your cucky little job in cucky little cubicle... a cuckbicle if you will, writing cucky reports to your chad boss while your gf goes to work at some sleazy warehouse where they've half assed the interior to make it look somewhat like a classroom and has her tight holes absolutely hammered to shit. You guys come home and have a lil dinner and watch some shitty romcom and you go to bed horny and she says, "not today, user" while she sleeps soundly because she had just gotten the absolute life fucked outta her. So you beat off in the bathroom with the lights turned off and cry when you cum. Wooooow so based hurr!

>190cm and only 95kg
Fuck off dyel