I made it lads

No cocaine and alcohol week 9. I was struggling for 2 years to quit. I had to confess to my father that im an addict and he basically babysitted me all the time. The love to my parents was bigger than my addiction in the end. It was the best descision of my life to talk to him and seek help. I could not have done it alone. I tried for a hundred times. Its a sad fact but atleast im sober now.

Just wanted to share this with my frens on here.

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What does this have to do with fitness?

I also hit a pr today

Fuck you. If you don't link being clean with being fit, you are retarded.
Congratulations, man. It takes a lot to overcome that shit. Keep it up, bro.

What do you do for fun bro. I get about 3 days without coke and the boredom gets to me. What do people ACTUALLY do with all their time? Work then watch Netflix all night? Man my biggest problem is that without the coke I have nothing that appeals to me, even old hobbies are boring

Literally all you have to do to not be an addict is not to do the thing you’re addicted to. Is breathing fitness related? Should I make a thread about that?

Gonna make it

Welcome back to the living

You are obviously beyond help. Go away.

Proud of you, man. Been there as well. Every day gets easier and easier to put that shit behind you. Now hit the weights and push yourself and no more dumb decisions in the future.

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Im still struggling with this user. Basically only lifting brings me joy. I need to relearn everything from scratch. Friends call me up to grilling and play basketball and im like how does that bring any joy sober kek. Its a process i think. My general mood is getting better from day to day so i think its only a matter of time until all my brain receptors recover and i can enjoy doing normal things again

have sex or better yet kys


Thank you frens.

Thank you for sharing.

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good job buddy
now have some sex

It could take over a year to retrain your brain and personality(it did for me at least), but you will be able to enjoy things sober. Just remember that just one slipup into drugs WILL RESET your progress. If you don't quit something cold turkey, you haven't quit it


Just replace your drug addiction with a narcissistic addiction of working out

Nice job user, I myself am currently struggling with drugs and alcohol. I quit the drugs for now, but still drink occasionally. But I wanna quit it all together, it's shit. I'll get there tho, but good to hear you've made it.

Thank you user. You are gonna make it.

Well done, mate. That's a fucking hard combination to kick. Good on you for opening up to your folks. I'm fucking proud of you, user.
Find and keep good support networks. Find something really fucking exciting to do to replace the addiction. For me, it was rock climbing. For you, it might be something else. Keep it up, I believe in you.

Well done frogger.

I do wonder what the best way to maximize my oxygen intake/co2 displacement is while doing cardio, so you have my permission to go ahead and make the thread plz

Good job fren but don't ever let your guard down. This is a monster you'll have to fight your entire life so good luck and keep strong!

>week 9

Well done man. Im trying to kick the coke jew, its so bloody hard.

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You won’t get clean unless you do meetings or get addicting therapy. The support of your parents is nice but it will not help you deal with addiction, especially snow. This is fact.

Congrats user, ive always been curious about coke but hearing about how addictive it is i think ill just avoid it

Good job OP. I hate cokeheads with a passion. I have not met a single cokehead that wasn't a piece of shit waste of space

Don't think the battle is over, it just started. So hang in there buddy. We are all gonna make it.

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Congrats, bro. It's really nice getting some positivity here. Things can only get better, right? Just keep in mind that you're over one very intense struggle but you now have to face all the other aspects of every day Life. It won't be easy.
We're gonna make it.

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This faggot doesn't have the most perfect form known to man on every type of lift. What a faggot all you have to do is not strain the wrong part of your body

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Thanks for sharing, user.

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