My workout routine ?

my workout routine ?

im just a farmer bro

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Is your back unironically fucked? I mean the slumped shoulders don't look too good

What muscles does sucking a dildo like a bitch work?

Aren’t you gay

Dont forget deep throating x F

You look good Balkanchad. And although it IS fucking hilarious that you got outted as a degenerate faggot, you're still the best current content on /fit. Not that the bar was ever set very high

How do we know if you arent lying. Post your farm picture with timestamp

Tongue obviously, jaw if you want to be more feisty.

how many dildoes did you deepthroated today?

Can you slip those pants down a bit more? You look like a real cutie

weeks ago hes one of my birds

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no, thats for my bitches only

>that chest

Explain pls


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>Im just a farmer bro

Post babushka and village or gtfo

Is that bird partridge?

looking really sleek, chris

I work on a hog farm and drag 300 lb corpses, I don't look anything close to you, no one I work with does or the surrounding farms.

You must do something hardcore.

*mogs you*
Heh nothing personell

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Wtf. Disgusting

Whatever retard

I truly don't understand the hate for the BalkanChad. He actually lifts and gay. Most people here don't lift and pretend they are straight. He is more representative of Jow Forums than zyzz ever will be.
>>in b4 Balkan pls leave.


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Kys pedo cunt

post hands

would sucking would give me that kind of body?

Yeah but his form is garbage, heavy or not, /ourguy/ has to be able to actually perform the lift with full rom first

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Cocksits to failure is his secret

you're a farmer? no wonder you love cock so much

Jesus Christ! Look at those child bearing hips!


wtf ? how did he change his frame that much

hgh ? hes a fraud

Who gives a shit, they'll get more dick and pussy than you'll ever get

Hey faggot! Ivo from the 8th grade here

Ayyyy lmao