Is it a bad idea to start a long distance relationship?

Is it a bad idea to start a long distance relationship?

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As long as tge distance won't hinder you ffom almost daily physical contact, no.
Limit is three days a week and at least once in busy weeks.

Any less than that is a big no.

It's really the only way to begin a serious relationship instead of one based on mere infatuation or physical attraction. Get to know each other well first and meet sometime later if possible.

I dont speak from experience but i heard it might not work out.
Expect to be cheated on.

Yeah especially if she's really cute already. I want to, but I'm scared to be made a cuck.

I need more opinions on this please

Talk me out of this, I'm scared I'm in too deep already

I'm in a long distance relation ship that I consider good with a girl I love. Lately she's been less submissive and lewd with me which made me feel a bit less wanted/loved but things will work out, always have.
If you love someone enough user distance can be fixed. Most problems can be.

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I've been in a long distance relationship before And it was great
Felt lonely and missing him a lot but knowing that I'm with a great guy eased it so if you love that person go for it

Yes. The furious masturbation will hurt your peepee

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If by that you having sex with prostitutes that live 100 miles from you that is a very good idea even if hookers are legal since you do not want to meet up with these women in the streets of your own town.

No, why would it be? Just make sure she doesn't do this habitually like most internet women do and that you're the only one she's doing it with, and be cautious.

It depends. For me at least, it was a great experience. I started dating her just as we finished highschool and decided to keep it going when she moved 100 miles away. I couldn't see her nearly as much as I wanted which fucking sucked, but I'd still say it was worth it. She was pretty cute, crazy smart, I learned a lot about how to have a healthy relationship, and what I want from one. It ended when long distance was too much for her when my job basically denied my requests off for about 4 months. We're still on good terms at least, but God, I wish I would have that back, or anything even close to it

So yeah, it's worth it if she seems reasonable and realistic about trying to make it work

Yes, she will cheat, it will not last. If you really love her go with her.

you don't love her haha ya jokester.

absolutely. unless you have no other options, which, if that's the case, then by all means. it's a good placeholder and source of experience for when you get a real, in-person girlfriend.

yes that's a bad idea. It will only get worse the more your feelings for her grow. Just my experience/opinion

I do love her, what makes you say that user.

Yes. No benefit at fucking all. ugly women and pretty women are solicited by men any time they go out. As someone who went from a virgin robot to a drug dealer and fucked many women they are all whores and liars. They are also very horny moreso then guys sometimes, if you are looking for something faithful long term doesn't work she will/is fucking other people. Men don't even connect the same way with women they are good for fucking that's about it sorry bud. Not even pua shit I've literally fucked girls with boyfriend's 10mins away if you can't be around to keep tabs they will cheat always. Sometimes they will even if you are keeping tabs, virgins will call me a liar and whatever but I'm telling you honest to God truth do not do a long distance relationship if you are not planning on fucking other people too. No remotely attractive woman is going to wait months at a time for dick from her bf when it's flashes in her face constantly and she's wanting some. Anyone who says go for it and it can work is a fucking idiot unless you're okay with being cheated on then I guess it will.the ones who say theirs worked got cheated on too 100 percent they just haven't found out. Bitter pilll to swallow but men press even fat ugly women for a quick lay all the time and they are horny too. If you're a cuck go for it but do not expect a faithful true love type scenario. Take my advice or don't bit if you don't remember this post as you're contemplating ending it all

No offense dude, but not everyone is like your criminal underworld.

Brehhhhh literally all types do it. Drugs or not. I've seen it from house mom's, leo, homeless tweakers etc.. if you were in an ldr and you haven't fucked for 5 months and someone you were mildly attracted to came up and wanted to would you do it? You're sexually frustrated and sex is thrown in your face add in some alcohol or other substance and you definitely would. If you say no you're a liar which is fine but really think about it.

It isn't for everyone,try it out if it works it works
>"b-but i will be a cuck"
Unless you send her money you won't be a cuck

If you're investing emotions and time and abstaining from physical pleasure while they are not you are still a fucking cuck you nigger. If you're a dude the odds are stacked heavily against you that she won't be fucking someone else and lying to you. You will go home and spend time that could have been spent being productive talking to her being the beta orbiter bitch boy while she gets plowed and you don't even attempt because you don't think your long distance gf would ever do such a thing even tho you meet up like once every 5 months lmao

>If you're investing emotions and time
What else is he going to invest those anyway? Posting here?
>and abstaining from physical pleasure while they are not
if he could be fucking he wouldn't be in a long distance relationship

>robots don't even understand what a relationship is
>to them it's all about physical contact
>they assume that everybody is just as vapid as them
>the notion of humans having emotions, values and will power is lost to them
Of course, keep blaming it all on your height or penis size or whatever.

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Hi, here, apologize immediately.

OP here and I definitely believe in love

I had an extreme distance egf (US/AUS) before, and can confirm it does not work. Granted, distance wasn't the only factor as to why it didn't work, but USUALLY my friends who have tried similar got the same failed results one way or another.

Then that's not long distance bruh
If you have any chance of getting a relationship irl, no. LDRs just make you feel dissatisfied with the lack of physical interaction & intimacy. I swore em off. I wanna have a gf i can sit next to and kiss.

How much of a distance? Where is she from, op?

mine lasted 2 days. dont fucking do it

at least you didn't waste 4 months and then get emotionally fucked up for longer because that was your only experience of that sort of intimacy for a semi-lengthy period of time

t. experience

Fuck, it's like I'm reading about myself, user.

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Calgary, I'm from Toronto

I'm in a ldr and desu it's better. You can easily mute her when she's firing off and the sex is crazy since we get to meet like once a month for a weekend.
Not really a relationship, it's mostly about sex and replying 'cool' to her essays.

I still think about her at least once every day but at least it's less than I used to

You should meet each other at least once though to make sure you find each other attractive, you can't always tell through pictures or videochat

I dreamed about him this week and it still hurts. God, I wish I didn't get invested so easily.

depends on how far away in my experience as an older fag who wasted a lot of time on international daydreams and the like. finally got a long distance gf that transitioned into real life in my mid 30s; she lived a 6 hour drive away. much more realistic than cross country or international with the restrictions of citizenship and sponsorship and things.

i'd like the time and energy back that i spent obsessing over those internet fantasy relationships in my 20s, but i understand sometimes maybe it's all you have. just try to enjoy it either way rather than being an obsessive neurotic mess.

>God, I wish I didn't get invested so easily.
Big fucking same. Especially considering all the obvious red flags I ignored, and that my socially competent friend picked up on a tone of general dishonesty in her voice that my autistic ass can't pick up.

depends on context of the situation, i was in one for 4 years and we moved in together and are doing great

Even now, I can't really blame myself for ignoring any red flags because there just weren't any. Everything seemed great for months... Until suddenly it wasn't. I still sometimes overanalyze every message wondering what went wrong but I still don't get it which hurts a lot and gave me trust issues

Look at the bright side, you weren't being blatantly retarded like I was despite good advise from close long time friends

also I definitely feel those trust issues real hard too, as well as that overanalyzation

Yeah, I'm glad that at least I tried this sort of thing, realized that it's not likely to work out and I know not to try it again. But I still regret investing myself emotionally in that person. I hope that I can move on soon though and I wish you the same, user.

I still think about her every day 24/7 after almost a year, and she doesn't even acknowledge my existence anymore.

>Look at the bright side, you weren't being blatantly retarded like I was
What happened?

Her name wasn't rebecca was it?

I've had several of them, they NEVER work out.
I bent over backwards travelling the entire length of England to see my ex every weekend and it still wasn't enough.

You'll probably get cheated on.

Yeah I know this is true, I don't want it to be


Best wishes to you too user

:( I hated how I'd spend hours thinking about her, I began to hate myself for it. Hell, I still hate that I can't go a day without thinking about her at least once. Best of luck to you for getting over her.

I overlooked a rather bad internet history and the fact that I met her on /soc/ (yikes), I don't care to go more into detail than I already have

I dunno I mean I guess it could work.

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no, they suck. one of you is eventually going to have to move which severely fucks with your life (even if you're a NEET) and that's if she doesn't cheat first (she will)

it's really bad until you meet her, and then it gets even fucking worse

if you don't plan on/aren't capable of moving in close to each other, then you shouldn't bother
there's a chance it can work out, so it's up to you whether you want to take it, but it's slim to say the least

there's just so much resentment settling in when you're in this situation, whenever something happens that would push your meeting off by a few days, or even cancel it completely, one of you will think 'does he not love me anymore' and that shit will push you apart more and more and more

though I have to say I'm happy I met her and I'm glad I got this relationship working for, like three years, taught me a lot of things, but, yeah, it didn't end too well