You wake up tomorrow and now you're black. Does anything change?

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Well now I have a reason for not going outside... I'd get shot.

I'd get really ugly women alternating between fetishizing me, and being racist when I turn them down, and I'd be a golden calf for liberals to an uncomfortable degree.

I now get to start fucking women instead of stuffed animals and dudes in fur-suits.

Why does this guy look like RWJ?

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>this guy
Lurk more faggot.

1. I'd go collect ebt
2. Jay walking tickets go to NAACP to be shat on
3. Hard to fire me because of quotas
4. Easy to get better jobs because of quotas
5. Whenever someone white disagrees with me I call them racist to troll

>Does anything change?
Well I'm already black so no.

I definitely wouldn't be a khv dateless if I was black. I go to a uni with almost zero black guys. If I were black 99% of girls in my class would like me.

Go have sex incel, some people have a life and don't post on this incel shithole everyday.

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yeah, doctors everywhere would be chasing after me. they would do tests to figure out why i turned black overnight

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yet here you stand.

I'm just here to get some laughs of all the pathetic shit you incels post.

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>thinking you're superior to anyone when you post anime pics on Jow Forums
Laughing at you right now.

Wow, go have sex incel.

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>have sex incel.
Look Mom, I posted it again! Still laughing at you. Bye x

Yeah, I'd probably commit myself to bettering black communities. Honestly, I think my life would improve because this seems like an obvious direction for black people. I feel like I am wasting my life currently.

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>pretends to not be an incel
>uses anime pics

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night mode (on)

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go have sex

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have sex meme is completely brain dead holy shit get something new

For the last time, your Christina body pillow doesn't count.

>the goy actually thinks I'm a guy

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Id honestly blow my brains out

this changes literally nothing. It might even make you less credible.

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Daily reminder that a lot of girls browse the internet now, there are even imageboards exclusive for us girls. Maybe you didnt know because you're such a pathetic incel.

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As I said, irrelevant.

I would have the exact same problems, but now I start blaming white people for them.

I would also probably start becoming a Jow Forums pandering black rapper. Probably big business in that.

I come here exclusively to bully robots and even I find saying
>have sex
cringy reddit shit. You have to go back desu.