Drinking thred

Drinking thred
What are you drinking, user? I'm drunk as hell on discount vodka. Share stories.

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I wish I could drink vodka but I can't get it down my throat without gagging.

The trick is to be drunk already. I usually top it off with tap water. We for 1L of vodka for about 500 roubles. Most efficient way to get hammered. But yeah, vodka goes down badly.

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Everything I have at home, as always. For now, 3 types of vine, vodka, rakija and some cold beer. I fucking hate my alcoholism but this strategy seems cheaper. Also, greetings from the west of slavlands, my fellow Russian.

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lately my nights have been consisting of getting drunk and watching shitty movies with my discord gf
theyre all asylum movies which means theyre knockoffs of popular movies
you might know some of their popular movies such as almighty thor, ghosthunters, atlantic rim, or transmorphers

i mix 200ml of vodka with 800ml of water and one kool aid packet and skip the sugar. the sourness of the kool aid overpowers the vodka and i can drink it all in about 1-2 minutes. if i add the sugar i for some reason start gagging and it takes at least 15 minutes. after the drink is gone im drunk enough to just do shots from a shot glass and after 2-3 of those i go to drinking mouthfuls from the bottle. its exactly like said.

What exacrtly is rakija, user? How is it compared to other potent spirits? Does it go down easier?

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What is your booze of choice, user? Beer? Gin? Whiskey? Vodka?

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Balkan hooch made of grapes (I've seen this one most often). It has more alcohol in it (like 50-60%) than vodka but also it has a milder taste. Faster getting drunk, harder to puke, I love this drink but I have to go more than 1k km to get it so I don't drink rakija very often.

Hmm, nice. I drink my friend's moonshine sometimes, but it is worse than vodka and I get mag hangovers from it, so I try to avoid it.

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>drinking vodka again to drown out that feel of not having a qt redhead gf

When I was an underage, I used to steal some moonshine of my dad and yes, I know your feel. You can call me a faggot but I prefer flavored vodka (30% but at least I don't puke like a wild animal, especially lemon and cherry) to pure one.

>drinking vodka again
>just drinking vodka, not to drown any particular feel, but all of them at once
I had vanilla vodka at my friend's birthday one time, that was the shit. But that shit's pricey, so moved on to the cheap, non-flavoured stuff.

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vodka is for communist twink boys

Vodka has best drunk to money ratio, that's all that counts.

If you want pricey alcohol, then buy severnoe igristoe (I hope you have it in your shops, since you're Russian) or other cheapest vines. They don't seem to be powerful but you can get drunk with them easily and the most important fact - it's cheap af.

cheap plastic bottle vodka because its cheapest

I only know of monsatirskaya trapiza and a bunch of cheap beers like zhigulsevskoe. Never seen what you're talking about, user, sorry.

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taking it easy on the booze for now, I got utterly hammered last night on Sailor Jerry. probably gonna finish what's left of the handle later, maybe some beer/wine also

Yeah, whenever I get piss drunk I embarrass myself in front of whoever cares to listen to me /take my messages.

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that's why I drink alone, well that and no longer having any friends

im wrapped up in a blanket drinking hot chocolate

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I'm drinking pic related, seen it today for the first time in my local lidl. I thought it would taste like a cheap kopparberg but somehow its actually better.

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Cheap 3.5 ABV beer from the local shop. Too young to buy the real stuff.

Waiting until tonight to drink some vodka, it's Tito's

I can't even drink anymore cause of my meds. I want to be smashed from plum moonshine

i already drank 2 tall natty daddies. I got 3 more ready to be drunken, along with some delicious pizza. as soon as it gets here. but beer goes first, then pizza in the fashion of a true alcoholic.

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i thought you quit drinking you glorious bastard.
what happened?

x posting
>Moved back home recently to save more money
>Retain about 60-70% of my drinking habit
>Try to be slick about it but I'm pretty sure they're fully away by now due to some incidents.
>Now my mom comes running outside whenever I start the car to get some food/etc thinking I'm driving drunk.

Funny thing is i partly wanted to come home to stop drinking, but life's too unbearable.

Probably should just end it

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Bought a box of Budweiser beers but they all tasted rancid so finishing off last night's bottle of Russian Standard vodka.