Survey time. Please state your gender, age, length, weight, IQ score, general attractiveness on the 1-10/10 scale...

Survey time. Please state your gender, age, length, weight, IQ score, general attractiveness on the 1-10/10 scale, penis length and girth (or boob size), politics, religious views, and how long you have been on Jow Forums or Jow Forums in general.

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how bout that?

Sure, have all my data, i don't care
>Gender: Male
>Age: 26
>Length: 5'7 (170cm)
>Weight: 90lbs
>IQ score: Never took a real one, just online, and got 134
>G. attractiveness: no idea
>Penis: 6 x 5.5
>Politics: none
>Religious views: I don't believe in anything
>Time: since 2006

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Gender: Male
Age: 18
Length: 183cm
Weight: 54kg
IQ: Unknown
General attractiveness: 7/10? ( maybe 6/10)
Penis length: 15cm
Girth: Unknown
Politics: I try to distance myself from it
Religious views: No religious affiliation, atheist I suppose (not the militant type)
How long on Jow Forums: Around half a year

Have some free data

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>gender: minecraft diamond pickaxe with a fortune 4 enchantment
age: just a number
height: 7
weight: 40
IQ: 9
attractiveness: 20
penis: 10x12
politics: gay
religious: jewish
time on Jow Forums: 15 hours a day

4ft 10 inches
>IQ score
No clue
>general attractiveness on the 1-10/10 scale, penis length and girth (or boob size)
I'd give myself a 5 or 6, boobs are 36B
Fuck them alllll
>religious views
I grew up mormon. Fuck that shit.
I believe in science. Facts.
>how long you have been on Jow Forums or Jow Forums in general

About 5 years now. Fuck.

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(OP) #
Gender: Male
Age: 19
Height: 5'10
Weight: ~190
IQ: dont care
General attractiveness: 5/10
Penis length: 5", 5.5 on a good day
Girth: dont care
Politics: drumpf is a retard, putin and assad are alright, i would call myself very conservative but not a republican
Religious views: Catholic
How long on Jow Forums: 2 years or so, this place is basically just a less gay /b/

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>240 lbs
>7 in
>sporadically since 2009

>90 lbs
now that's spooky. do you eat?

>90 lbs
>never took one
>dont even know on attractiveness
>c cup
>Been lurking on boards since 2016

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once a day sometimes, sometimes i don't

you're 17 get out

>Gender: Male
>Age: 28
>Length: 6'3"
>Weight: 280
>IQ score: who gives a flying fuck
>G. attractiveness: average?
>Penis: 6.2 x 4.8
>Politics: guillotine those hoarding wealth and put the workers in charge
>Religious views: agnostic deism
>Time: since 2009

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>4ft 10 inches
i'm have a hard time picturing what you would even look like?

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Just the knowledge that you are 4'10" gave me an erection. What does this mean? Where do I get a gf this smol?

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are you poor, anorexic or just one of those autismos who can't eat anything besides tendies so they don't

none of that, well i guess i have some kind of problem seeing how things are, but i can eat basically anything, it's just that when i try to eat and i see the food or taste it, i am not hungry anymore.

I am currently fetishizing your short stature.

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Please sit on my face? Pretty please?





IQ score:


dick and boob size:
>not in possession of either a dick or boobs

>authoritarian left

religious views:
>christian, non-denominational.

>~125 (actual scores, not meme tests)
>6, maybe 7 from my best angle
>5 inches ;_;
>Social democratic
>I hate all religion with a passion
>7 years Jow Forums, give or take half on r9k

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Fug I forgot weight
180cm, 65kg

> gender
around 176cm
around 83kg
>iq score
yh i had 136 when i was 13 (not some shitty internet tests, legit)
i'd say i'm 3/10 but my mommy says i'm 10/10, SHE MIGHT BE WRONG LOL
>penis length
>religious views
atheist - forced to go to church every week by catholic parents
>how long...
Jow Forums - from time to time for around a year
Jow Forums - idk... 3 years?

i also have no friends, im talking only to my parents and teachers (if asked), sitting at home whole days reading books and shit

if you're so smart then why don't you know the rules of Jow Forums?

degenerates, each of you

115 lbs
>IQ score
120 according to unofficial IQ tests(so probably 100)
>general attractiveness on the 1-10/10 scale
I usually get rated 5/10 if I post asking for ratings, but 1 girl gave me a 7/10 so my final answer is 7/10.
>penis length and girth (or boob size)
6.5" long, dont know the girth
Liberty, Democracy, and the American way of life
>religious views
not religious
>and how long you have been on Jow Forums or Jow Forums in general.
Been a /b/ lurker since 2011, first started posting on r9k in 2017

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Are u my irl steve rogers? Come to me now

>not realizing these are all the same person, me

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why have you chosen this life

Yeah, except I'm brown and dont look like chris evans.

Thats okay. Chris evans is a piece of shit

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>replying to honeypot threads
you guys never learn

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>Gender: Male
>Age: 19
>Length: 6' (183cm)
>Weight: 75kg
>IQ score: something around 130 t. internet tests
>G. attractiveness: somewhere between 6 and 8/10
>Penis: 7", dont know girth
>Politics: liberal right
>Religious views: habitual christian
>Time: since 2019, but I've lurked on the finnish equivalent for a longer time.

Good question. I guess you could say that since women seem to always be annoyed with my advances, I take pleasure in being extra annoying. Maybe its just a cope so I dont have to genuinely try to make a connection with these girls and still get rejected anyway.

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i invite you to suck every ounce of shit out of my festering anus you goddamned inbred fucking mongoloid frogposter

>sex: male
>age: 27
>height: 5'8"
>weight: 187 lbs
>IQ score: slightly above average
>attractiveness: 2/10
>penis: 5.5" x ???
>politics: centrist
>religious views: atheist
>prison sentence: Jow Forums 1 year, Jow Forums 8 - 10 years

but what if these girls might actually like you
if you never attempt to be genuine, never attempt to form a connection, you'll never know and you'll be deprived perpetually
it doesnt matter that you are this way here but if you see women like this in your day to day life, even if you dont approach them this way, youll be less likely to see them as human beings and more likely to fetishize them which can only alienate you from them when it comes time to communicate

You mean height. 5 foot 5.
I'm underweight.
I scored 123 by an actual psychologist, online ones are memes and have zero bearing.
I do not consider myself attractive due to medical issues.
You don't need to know my bust size.
Far right.
Not religious.
A very, very long time.

you'd be doing me a favor really


You are the epitome of bluepilled. Go back to your ancestors' gods.

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*im 18, missed lol

>genderfluid tranny degenerate
>authoritarian left
>80 IQ

Checks out on all fronts.

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Gender: Male
Age: Forever 29
Height: 4'11"
Weight: 90 lbs
IQ: idk but my mom says it's very high
Attractiveness: My wife says I'm cute but her boyfriends says I'm too skinny.
Politics: I love Israel and I love Trump, not a fan of guns though
Religious: I have a personal relationship with Jesus, love has no religion
Time: November, 2016

You're probably right, but this way is easier.
I want to lick your armpits

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Do you live in southern california? Originally

You're a foul and dirty mouthbreather.

I'm not genderfluid or a degenerate, keep projecting though.

enjoy your ban, commie.

Come on, dont be like that. Just give me a little taste ;P

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I'll give you a taste alright.
Of Strychnine.

I dont know what that is girl, just let at those sweet little armpits

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Poison for killing small, disgusting rodents so it should work fine on you.

sure thing fed
>never taken a test, pretty high i imagine
>i dont identify the tube inbetween my legs as having sexual characteristics but it is 2"-8", also 48DD
>two hours

Would you rather I lick you someplace else?

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>sex: Hapa
>IQ score: extremely high Verbal Iq and very low on everything else
>attractiveness: fuccboi
>penis size: smaller than a clit.You might need a magnifying glass,
>Politics: Hegelian
>religious view: Mongolian shamanism
>How long: 2006

>Gender: Male
>Age: 21
>Height: 6'7
>Weight: 200lb
>IQ: 125
>Attractiveness: 4.5/10
>Penis: 7x5
>Politics: Moderate
>Religion: Deism
>R9k lurker: 5 months

Hell fucking no

Cock sucker
On the clock
Higher than you glow in dark nigger
>Benis length
42 inches
Jewish, just like Adolf
>Time on Jow Forums
I never leave
Been here since 1945

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Really fun and comfy Jow Forums discord. Join if you want to meet new frens and have fun!



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6'2" (188 cm)
120 lbs (54 kg)
139 (psychologist tested)
17 cm length, 13 cm girth
Ethnonationalist, Socially libertarian, economically center-left
9 years for Jow Forums as a whole, 5 years for Jow Forums

I don't know why I made this, I didn't read anybody else's and nobody's gonna read mine.

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>sex: Hapa
explanation required

>Gender: Male
>Age: 17
>Length: 185cm
>Weight: ~80kg
>IQ score: got around 130 on the web
Physical - 6/10
Psychological - 3/10
>Penis: 4cm diameter, 16 cm length
>Politics: officially apolitical, maybe centrist
>Religious views: agnostic,
>Time: since around 2016

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Really cool idea!
>5ft 5
>150-155. Changes throughout month.
>103 pretty average. Lower comprehension. Higher hand eye coordination.
>i dunno. Six? Pretty average.
>34 D or 36 C depending on brand
>6 months

>Haven't taken real IQ test. I am not that smart though...
>I dunno, I am short so max 4/10
>Haven't measured my dick properley, it was around 12cm long...
>I want to make people happy
>I hope there is something up there, but I'm not optimistic
>Few years
Kill me pls

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>6ft 4
>Never took a real one. Online said 130 but thats prolly fake and gay
>fuck off
>fuck off
>left wing
>2 years

>Data mining thread
Go away pls.

Lol your politics are all over the place

Wizchan meme

>Gender: Male
>Age: 26
>Height: 6'2
>Weight: 165lbs
>IQ: ~110
>Attractiveness: Ive been told im a 5
>Dick: 6in
>Politics: dont really give a shit
>Religious views: God doesn't exist but then again I dont know anything
>How long: ~10 yrs

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>149 IQ measured thrice took the average (by professional)
> no idea, i'd guess 7-8 looks but i'm autistic in social situations
>16cm, girth not measured
>impartial, dependent on specific candidate
>just over 3 years

here's all my data fbi, also note that I FUCKING HATE NIGGERS
>19 y/o
>5'9" tall
>took an iq test proper when I was 14, scored 141
>5 or 6/10
>6.5" dick, never measured my girth
>royalist unironically (read kuhnelt-leddihn btw), ancaps are cool too I guess
>I'm a catholic but I'm going to hell because I haven't been to church since I was 8 or so
>been on Jow Forums since I was 10

Gender: Male
Age: 18
Height: 172 cm
Weight: 66kg
IQ: 130
Attractiveness: Ex said 10 but I think more like a 7
Dick length: 5" idk girth
Political views: Libertarian Left
Religion: agnostic
Been on Jow Forums about a year

>130 IQ
Your pretty down for saying your under 18
Have fun being banned 1 month
Jannies go get him

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Gender: Male
Age: 18
Length: 180cm
Weight: 70kg
IQ: 150
General attractiveness: 7-8/10
Penis length: 23cm
Politics: neutral
Religious views: neutral
How long on Jow Forums: 4 years

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177 cm
75 kg
17 as a generous measurement, 15 as a pessimistic one, girth 12
Not into politics, but i lean mostly towards a libertarian
Atheist, don't give a fuck about atheism in general tho
been here 5 years, came to r9k like 2 years ago

>5' 9"
>185 lbs
>social republican, center-left (social democracy, but slightly authoritarian)
>Agnostic. God is a spectator, laughing at us.
>since 2009, found Jow Forums in 2012

Gender: Male
Age: 18
Weight: 144
IQ: 142 from one of those Online ones
Attractiveness: at least a 7
PP Size: 6.5x5 (Average gang)
Politics: Conservative Republican
Religion: Protestant Christian
Jow Forums time: 6 hours a day, mostly lurking while on other tabs waiting for those sweet sweet (you)'s

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Why are you all only bones and organs? Do you all get blown away in strong winds? I thought i was nearly underweight with 60kg and 1.70 height, but there are ppl with 1.80+ height that weigh less than me?? how do you survive?

>Gender: Female
>Age: 20
>Length: 5'6 (168cm)
>Weight: 124lbs (57kgs)
>IQ score: Probably under average
>G. attractiveness: 7/10
>Boob size: C10 -- a handful
>Politics: N/A
>Religious views: N/A
>Time on Jow Forums: Since 2010 maybe?

>You don't need to know my bust size
yes we do

I have a malabsorption disorder so there's nothing I can do, at least I can eat like a fatty without ever having to worry about the consequences.

Where are you from origigang?

>Gender: Male
>Age: 25
>Length: 1.65m (5"5')
>Weight: 140kg (306lb)
>IQ: 90
>General Attractiveness: Probably 3.5
>Penis: 4 x 4
>Politics: Libtard
>Religous Views: Atheist
>How long on Jow Forums: Since 2017 when I was being too much of an incel on Jow Forums
>How long on Jow Forums: Since 2013 because I thought /b/ was sO eDgY

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>gender: male
>age: 22
>height: 5'11
>weight: 205
>iq: idk, forgot
>attractiveness: 7-8?, dated a lot.
>penis: 6.5 inches / 16 cm
>politics: none
>religious: none
>how long: 2007, 12 years

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Assuming you meant height, 6'
>IQ score
>general attractiveness on the 1-10/10 scale
>penis length and girth (or boob size)
Moderate/centrist/dont care
>religious views
Agnostic but I find witchcraft interesting
>and how long you have been on Jow Forums or Jow Forums in general
Been coming here since like 2011 but been a regular since 2013, been on r9k since 2016?

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130 according to an actual real test I paid for and not some stupid online quiz
7 according to /soc/ which means 5 in reality
penis is 6 by 5 not 5.5 like most
I know God exists(not belief I know) but don't believe in any religion
been on Jow Forums maybe 8 years

400 lbs.
>IQ score
>Penis length
Agnostic Atheist
>How long has you been on Jow Forums/r9k/
Jow Forums for 12 years, Jow Forums for 4 years

>like 102? Not sure
>4inch flaccid, 6.5 inches erect
>Since late 2015 or so

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Not that user, but how far back are we talking? Depending on where they hail from, their ancestor's gods could very well be Zeus, Thor, Osiris or some other ooga booga deity.

Sure tell the Chinese I accept them as our overlords
169 cm
>general attractiveness
I don't know 6?
>penis length
Only sub humans and people with inferiority complex measure their dicks
Only sub humans and people with inferiority complex measure their dicks
>religious views
>how long you have been on Jow Forums or Jow Forums in general
Jow Forums 8 year, Jow Forums 5 but I left this board after '16 or 17 when the normalfaggot invasion happened then just checked on the board if they left already
So here you go ask a good price for our data

>IQ score
5/10 (really rough estimate, probably higher, I try avoiding women so I cant really tell)
>Penis length
Agnostic Atheist
>How long has you been on Jow Forums/r9k/

Male obviously
Assuming this is height, 5'9"
140 lbs
>IQ score
>General attractiveness on the 1-10/10 scale
From my experience and opinions I've heard, average
>Penis length and girth
6.5", never measured girth but it's decently thick
Libertarian I guess
>Religious views
I don't have any
>How long you have been on Jow Forums or Jow Forums in general
Over 6 years on Jow Forums

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Don't know, remember shitty online iq tests saying 120
3-5, maybe even 6 when I take care of myself
13-17cm, depending on mood
Centrist authoritarian/right leaning
I'm an atheist because the world is too horrible for a god to exists, even if he does then, implying he actually is omnipotent, he is an asshole for letting horrible things happen, but I also think that believing in god is better than what I think, id rather take comfort in a god instead of feeling hopeless because I doubt that there is one. The only religions that I don't like are Islam and Judaism.
Jow Forums since 2014, r9k since 2017

I've been here so long I lost track

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Fairly believable, online IQ scores are fake though. Eat food by the way, when I was 5'7" and 125 pounds I was skeletor mode
You are 17, kys
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Faggot, kys
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Fake and/or gay, kys
Fake and gay, kys
You sound stupid and seeing your online IQ score you probably have an IQ of 90, and rateme shit is always too nice so you're probably a 4/10 as well, kys
Retard, kys
Le centrist, kys
Fake, kys

Fucking kys retarded faggot
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Believable, based and redpilled

who pissed in your cheerios nigger?

thanks, kys too faggot

>>Gender: Male
>>Age: 21
>>Length: 6'
>>Weight: 135lbs
>>IQ score: Around 120+ dont care to know accurately though.
>>General attractiveness: 7
>>Penis: 7 x 6, virgin though so doesnt matter
>>Politics: Libertarian
>>Religious views: Catholic
>>Time: since 2010

not fake PogChamp