>Thousand cock stare
>Skinny from abusing cocaine or mdma
This is why whitemen have yellowfever, why would you want some stacy who has had 40+ cocks inside of her?

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Those eyes tell a thousand sad stories

>women rights and liberty is bad
ffs third worlder, go back to your middle ages society with your biological women and faithful matrimony. You make me sick.

That is not a genuine certificate

Poor girl, if only her deadbeat dad paid her more attention

whew where can we get more of her?
i need more of this collard tatted ho'

How do you tell a genuine BBC certificate from a fake one?

the watermelon mark

how many loads of nigger babies and spit have they seen?

>This is why whitemen have yellowfever
Speak for yourself. I have a waifu that is pure and deserves all my love.

this. it's a forgery. too many white girls, not enough black dick to own them. a sad state of affairs.

go to your local kfc and see all the snow bunnies with niggers

she looks fucking disgusting. id rather jerk off with my own vomit than be in the same room as her


psssssh, if she bent over and spread em you would still plow, wouldn't feel like much down there but you still would

all the bois say that. hence the bestiality

>Countless black men willingly chose to fuck that
Jesus, I thought we could do a lot better than that
What the fuck

that's why i became redpilled and stopped liking both men and woman , i rather be alone forever than with these types of people

Thats the face of regret

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try harder asian masculinity

also this girl would actually look better if she had a double mastectomy....somehow. cute tomboy>saggy acne tits i guess

it's actually really sad, you can see the despair in those eyes, I bet she was sexually abused a child

looks like she just saw her neighbor run over a turtle with his car

>TFW you realize you are a wet hole for a nigger with a double digit iq
>TFW you will most likely be stabbed or strangled to death by your ape master in a drunken/cracked out rage

originally hearty kek

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>tfw the michrochimerism hits

So cringey knowing that some guys is making her do that and she is probably cringing too