One of these girls will take your virginity. Which one do you choose and Why?

One of these girls will take your virginity. Which one do you choose and Why?

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The one that's a virgin otherwise I rather keep it.

second from the right please, shes cute

I'd go with any of em desu, maybe not the wide one with the saggy tits but even then,

Second from the right because she is the best looking

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They are all ugly as fuck? I'm not a virgin though and I would never fuck or have something like any of them

far right obviously

all of them have okay bodies but are butterfaced, far right is the hottest but I could probably do all of them

Third from the right. Those hips are perfect for stealing a boy's virginity. Plus I like the smug look on her face.

I second this sentiment.

#5 is so above the rest is not even funny.

>one of them will protect you
>the rest will try to kill you
Choose your ally.

her shoulders are broad and manly, far right has best body

4th one naturally, she is a unit

let my penis harder

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Number 5.

They are all subpar, 5 is serviceable.

5 is nit subpar at all. she's like a 7/10

Either the one on the far left, or the second to the most right.

The droopy titted Asian.
Her face is lovely, she's in proportion, her stomach is tight, her arms are quite shapely given her low body fat so she might be strong, she shaves/waxes, thighs are thick enough and hips look like they could bear children.
Also, hair has that cute professional style and she's got no visible tattoos.

asian qt in the middle or 2nd from right.

same, taking her too.

Far left. She has the body type I like

far left becuz big saggy tits with big nipples and a good face

The Asian has a wonderful innie but her tits are atrocious. I'm torn.

Second from the left with the tattoos. I like tattoos

asian girl for sure.

originalio comment

Second from right: no visible tattoos, and enough confidence to look directly at the camera. The first girl matches those criteria as well but she's not as cute and her wonky tits would distract me.

Why the fuck are 3D women so ugly?

Thick blonde mommy, ofc.

>yellow fever fags are literally this delusional

Third from the right, the hips and thighs of a literal goddess.

I certainly have yellow fever but I don't see how I'm delusional.
If you'd care to explain what exactly we seem delusional about I'd be happy to hear your opinion.

face is fat and has no tits and ugly nipples

If they all are willing to fuck me I'm gonna have to be nice and fuck all of them

here my list. its the best ranking. objectively the only one

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Number 3, please. I won't pull out, that's her problem.

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From left to right 5. 5 all the way.

>face is fat and has no tits and ugly nipples
She has soft facial aesthetics, not at all fat especially next to the walrus to the right.
Tits are non existent, that's fair, but she looks like wife material so she'd soon be a big titted, pregnant Asian girl.
Nipples are asymmetrical, but the only thing you could reasonable take exception to is the colour. More power to you if that's not your preference but that's hardly an objective complaint.
Try harder r/Hapa.

Second from the right probably

Third from the right. She got dem hips, and the prettiest face.

>no penis on any of them
this is such a transphobic image

>looks at picture
>wife material
the delusion

They are all ugly, second from left has beautiful face though.

Well, physically she appears to be.
The fact that she took a group nude tells me that she's probably a feminist so obviously I wouldn't wife her irl but irl none of us are going to sleep with them anyway.

She's ugly af bruh

Not at all. You just have weird standards.

3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 33 33 3 3 3 3 33
oirgami desu ka

I used a paper bag to cover one of them up.

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Patrician taste on display.

The asian one looks intelligent and funny. The others look either too ugly or too stupid.

>asian women
>intelligent or funny

I'd go for #4 because I like them thick, but those tits are atrocious, so I'd go for #1

I have one and she's got more common sense than most of the white women I know.
She's not funny but that's because women aren't funny.
The body of #4 with the face of #3 would be heaven.

But I lost my virginity like 16 years ago.

they're all ugly as fuck, 2nd to last one, she looks the most normal out of the six. And I swear if this is a fucking social experiment.

>she's not funny
lol you couldn't find a funny gf? pathetic

Have you got one?

None, if I'm getting forced then I'm fighting back, saving myself for a qt 3.14 shut in long haired girl to play Vidya with, I'll die before settling for anything less or more.

I've fucked asian girls with small tits. Those are NO tits. Deal breaker, and im not even a tit guy.

5. 2 would be second choice if she didn't have tattoos. instead 1 is my second choice.
pretty cool that all of these women can time travel btw, maybe I haven't been fair to women.

I'm a total polack but I would pick the nigger but not breed with her. She has objectively the best body.

Which one of them will let me put a locking collar on them and call me daddy?

Third from the right. She is thick as fuck and her face is actually pretty good too

why do women look like aliens naked?

5 is literally perfect. Cute face, perfect tits, small waist and wide hips, landing strip pubic hair. Bet she fucks like a racehorse.

5, best looking one.
4 wouldn't be a bad choice either, those hips were made for slamming. Bigger tits would be welcome, but that's ok.
1 would also be good if both tits were the same.
2 and 6 are garbage, tattoos.
3 wouldn't be bad if she had tits. My yellow fever is strong, but not that much.

None. I choose wizard powers instead.

The second one to the right beside the Indian bitch looks like Ben Shapiro's sister.

jeez man, finally someone picks number 2. why did it take so long? is it the tattoos?

oops, that was meant for you

Asian girl of course


I love fembot body insecurity threads

fucking disgusting ranking