All your posts to this board have just been made public for all to see and they know it's you

All your posts to this board have just been made public for all to see and they know it's you.

How fucked are you?

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Nothing noone didn't already know, Im honest about nearly everything I have an opinion on, my family knows that I hate niggers and israel, my family knows that I'm skeptical about me finding a person I could even be friends with, the only thing they aren't allowed to know is that I browse /trash/

>How fucked are you?
zero percent. i say nothing here that i wouldn't say aloud.

who else /pure/ here?

>How fucked are you?
trannies murder TERFs but I want to die so not fucked.

you're pretty self absorbed if you think anyone would even bother reading more than 5 posts you wrote

very, very fucked. Minimum I lose my job, probably all of my friends, probably my family never talks to me again. I'm actually very very racist but I'd never let people know that in real life.

I'd be humiliated, but it'd probably end up about the same as before. Just more fuel for the self hatred fire

Not fucked at all, even if I was I'm a hermit so...

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>they know I'm an empty husk of a person holding onto the memory of my long term gf/wife
>they know I have given up on relationships and am just waiting for her to call me back
>they know I use drugs to sustain my facade and get work done
>they know I am suicidal
>they know I suffer from paranoia and psychosis
>they know I'm a little submissive, nothing too bad, and that I kinda like feet

Honestly not too bad. Maybe they would stop fucking judging me so hard.

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Not at all. I act exactly the same here as I do in person. Well, more or less. Nobody likes me in person already.

Honestly not to bad since I am a Cyborg.

I'd prefer it that way famalam. Some people be shameless and I want to see you shamed if you're not.

Lmao nigger telling trannies to kill themselves will probably get me a medal.

You're pretty naive if you think people don't sporadically stalk people for no real reason. I lurk profiles and read everything like it were a book sometimes. I have to actually like you though, but then it's ours of me lurking around you trying to pick apart your psyche, deciding if I would save you from hanging from a cliff or if I'd want to marry you.

Normal human behavior is to be so interested and there's less posters here than you think that chronically post.

Not fucked, people will think i am nice.

>zero percent. i say nothing here that i wouldn't say aloud.
>who else /pure/ here?
Strongly disagree

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well, a bit fucked. I will most likely get ostracized from my friends and family, and that's not really a bad thing lol

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Probably pretty fucked, I tranny post a lot.

Not very. Nobody cares enough about me for it to matter.

I'm just happy that I could finally
>be yourself

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I've made enough obvious lies here that they'd probably just assume none of its true and I'm just a master shitposter.

None at all, because I post like a human being and not a board culture slave