Anyone else having tech issues with tinder?

>visit family for 4th of July
>get match with horny Latina
>all my messages beyond this aren't being sent

Fucking rip

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she blocked u bro..

Not possible on tinder. Block = unlatch. I just have the circle of death.

>tee bee h
Absolutely yikes.

Should have just said "come by my place and let me and my friends run a train on you"

Nvm, tinder was acting up. Just reinstalled.

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What do you think OP looks like

Yeah, I keep getting matched with niggers and fat bitches.

i cant understand half this shit, fucking zommers

Tinder is awesome, like a free uber for sex
I'll never use that thing but will always be in awe of the culture

And who's the one getting laid

I only sext girls on my chad profile

I'm farrr from chad bro

How do I do this

Someone teach me

what the FUCK IS THIS
you talk like a fucking RETARD


i hate normies normal fags can get shot and die holy balls fuck the normies

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t. 23 yr old boomer

tfw no gf fuck my fucking life bro wtf

Casuak fun - casual sex
TEE BEE H - desu - to be honest
Hmu - hit me up
Deadass - I'm not sure, but I think it means seriously/legit
Lmao - laughing my ass off (actually just means haha nice joke, I may have actually laughed)
Lmk - let me know
Rofl - rolling kn floor laughing, basically lmao
Kk - ok

Are people really this inept to the point they need a norm or translator

You're a cringey tryhard and she looks like literal shit. Fucking americans these days, man. The fuck happened over there in 2 decades?





Yeah I have this bug where I never see any matches or get notifications, is that normal? How do I fix it?