A relationship where a woman desires you and a relationship where a woman settles for you are very...

A relationship where a woman desires you and a relationship where a woman settles for you are very, very different things.
Most men only get the latter. Only a few, the most attractive of all men, are lucky enough to receive the former.

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same goes for men, most men just settle for women who are acceptable but will never have a relationship with a woman they actually desire

Men actually are okay with the women they settle for. It is women who are disgusted by what they get.

bullshit, men cheat all the time and whinge about their wives being witches all day, barely anyone can be together with the person they actally want, they just settle for someone agreeable who also settles for them over their desired person

No, you fucking retard, that doesn't work that way. Men don't have nearly the same options women do in the dating market, ever heard of the 80/20 ratio? Shit, I remember talking about these two women who had asked me out and my buddy was blown away by that because for the vast majority of men that never happens. Only a woman could be THIS delusional about how the dating market works for (most) men.

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you're just wrong, regardless of how many retarded reddit memes you start to list

Yeah older couples the men cheat more, but in younger couples is the woman. Clearly the one with the superior sexual market value at the time is the one who cheats more. Both settle and feel miserable, but the man has odds on his side in the older days I guess, but that will usually come with the price of your dignity and morality

This is especially true in under 30 years couples

young mean cheat a lot too, you can't have your deam woman and she can't have her dream man, so both just settle for something over being alone, tough life

Young men cheat but woman cheat more, also you need to take into account that at younger age (under 30) men have less sex than woman, both by being virgins and quantity, in compensation, the 20/80 rule being especially true at this time, make a few men cheat a lot, thats where the player character comes from. Very few men cheat a lot, women cheat more in general and number

>you're just wrong
>b-because I said so!
Mate, I've heard female relatives gossiping about the benefits of being a sugardaddy and that the cousins should marry only if "he's cute.....and rich! tehehe". These are completely average, "good" Orthodox Christian women and they all talk this way amongst themselves. How else does one explain models in their 20's going out with wealthy, much older men or this whole sugar daddy phenomenon. What, you expect me to believe they have any sexual desire for their partners in that situation? lol.

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so you don't even argue anymore that men settle for women they don't desire just say that there's more women that settle than men
as opposed to your autistic reddit memes? yeah nah I won't even read the rest of your post because of your wojak garbage
get over yourself autistic loser

These fucking comments. Of course most people "settle", hell even Chad and Stacy "settle" 99% of the time. It's human nature to always want better, and it's society's nature today to amplify any mistake someone else makes and scorn them for it. You can't even know your partner until far into the relationship and seen most parts of them that you'll have to deal with over the entirety of your relationship. That doesn't have to obstruct loving each other or whatever, you just do your best part for each other and start loving both the ups and downs. You want to bitch, bitch about society emphasizing finding the "perfect love" (doesn't exist), "love at first sight" (shallow) and hell, even encourages cheating these days (wtf?). Falling in love and meeting is the easy part, it is growing together that's the difficult part.

All I want at this point is for someone to love me just as intensely as I love
I'm starting to think this girl doesn't exist

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Well yeah, the important part of everything about sexual market and cheating and settling is statistics, it would be insane to claim no man settles with a woman, but the point is usually they are more content with their partners so they settle less, on the other hand, woman feel more frustrated with the relationship, frustrated because they settled with billy bux and not chad thunder, hence the way higher divorce initiation by woman, sexual market value strangely fits into everything so right, sometimes I wish it wouldnt but it just works, both statistically and anecdotally from my point of view

Most women do not find their partners physically attractive. Only the top tier percent of men looks wise inspire true, primal attraction and lust in a woman.

and men feel frustrated because they settled for a girl who's chubbier and has smaller boobs than his friend's wife, same shit, you're just trying to appeal to statistics that don't exist and you just kind of pull out of your ass

Men, unlike women, actually vary in terms of what they like in women. To some men a chubby woman is perfectly acceptable or even his personal 10/10.
To a woman, anything less than tall, ripped, alpha Chad is trash. No chubby men, no short men, no.

Have you seen the average guy above 30 today? I wouldn't be attracted to that either if I was gay. Wouldn't be physically attracted to most women above 30 either, but men settle easier. You're also not refuting my point in the slightest (grow beyond your stupid lizard brain) and you're still falling for the meme that women only care about looks long term.

Exemplifying what I am saying is basically a man looking at his wife and saying, eh I like her, the neighbors wife is better but Im happy I guess, she looked hot on her younger days versus a woman being literally disgusted by her partner and regretful of her glory days of old, basically the satisfaction of men is higher than women in older couples

so he'll settle for it, he'd still prefer the prettier girl though, same thing

Im not pulling those statistics out of my ass, ive seen a ton of them through the years, you can google it yourself if you want

sounds like you're wasting a lot of time reading about tinder instead of going out and talking to girls, no wonder you're a bitter virgin

Men feel less frustrated than the women, thats the whole point of it, saying no one is frustrated is absurd

>women only care about looks long term.
Yes, women want to settle for beta providers. But they will not find these men hot. They will not have the passionate sex they had with Chads in their youthful primes (their teens and 20s). They will lie to their husbands that they hate anal, but loved it with Chad. They will only give occasional duty starfish sex before she divorce rapes him, takes half his assets and the kids.
Sometimes men have to settle women with the bastard spawn of Chad.
And lol plenty of people still look great in their 30s

Seething and coping, I don't know why everyone keeps talking about reddit since 2016, maybe its because those users are from reddit themselves? Hmmmm

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Where i am being bitter? You realize you are talking with what looks like 3 people

He will be happier with a kind chubby girl that still gets the job done than a bitchy 8/10

Its not tinder you idiot, tinder is for younger couples, Im talking about older couples now, its about the stuff like where did all the good man go, or my wife is a hag, my husband is disgusting, dead bedrooms, etc

so we're back at square one, most men also just settle and the most you can bring up is that they're "less frustrated" about it on an artificial metric that you just made up
whingeing about women makes you sound pretty bitter
and most women are happier with a good but uglier looking guy than an abusive 8/10, again you should go outside and talk to girls instead of basing your entire world view around Jow Forums pictures of tinder
>Yeah older couples the men cheat more
so where the men are supposedly less satisfied than the women

Keep falling for the looks meme. If you look like Chad but act like Billy, you're still gonna be Billy. Women are emotional creatures first and foremost, not physical like guys. Act like a doormat, get treated like a doormat.
>And lol plenty of people still look great in their 30s
Let me change it then. Most settled guys and chicks in their 30s start looking worse with the years because they stopped giving a fuck and all they do is eat garbage and drink beer when done with their job. Remainder of the point stands, why settle for someone who doesn't think the relationship important enough to keep doing what worked (stay fit, stay flirty, stay dominant/submissive)?

If you look like Chad you can be a sperg or a serial killer, you will never have to worry about getting bitches on your dick

Ok, first one, men being less frustrated is demonstrated by the statistic that women initiate the divorce first, this is I believe widely known and all the divorce rape memes and etc and mgtow and all that stuff
Second, Im not whining, Im just explaining statistics and the sexual market, that I believe works extremely
Well to explain a lot of stuff on the sex dynamic
And third, men cheat more in older couples because like I said their sexual market value is higher so they have more chance to do it, mind you that having more men cheating and more men less frustrated in their relantionship is not exclusive, all about statistics. The basic rule about cheating is the sexual market, the person who has more possibility cheats more

so more reddit memes, cool
you're whining
go outside
blahblah reddit memes
go outside and have sex, unironically

How are statistics reddit memes? Are you this dense and stupid or just trolling? I probably have more sex and a higher sexual market valeu than you unironically, since you care about this stuff

>how are reddit memes reddit memes
you're the one going on about retarded shit like "sex market" you're the only one who cares, sitting in a room all day making stupid shit up so you can find an excuse from going outside and finding a girl
but oh whoops you couldn't get your dream girl so you'd have to settle, which you don't want, what a shame isn't it

Today I will remind them

>"When women perceived themselves as more attractive than their mates, they reported less commitment, more flirting with other men, more appealing dating alternatives, and more frequent thoughts about breaking up."


If you are not better looking than her, if you are not simply better than her, then prepare for a rocky road.

Sexual market valeu its not a reddit meme, its from the work of the French writer Michel houellebecq, its basically class struggle and neoliberal economics applied to sex. Are you a Marxist or left leaning in general? I dont know why you cant see it, Im left leaning and believe it has everything to do with class struggle especially in todays age

>online survey
>N= 700
F-, sit down

To summarize, sex is undeniably a commodity

>it's not a meme it's from le meme man!
and you wonder why you're a bitter virgin, go outside and play with kittens you sperg
maybe your single mom should've told you that sex is an act that two people who like each other do, not a commodity, no wonder you ended up as such a damaged person

700 is not a lot but Im pretty sure you believe in those retarded statistics like 52% of woman are gamers, that are completely blown out by the media and with even more stupid methods of research

700 is a good sized survey, fuck tard.

And these are the kind of answers that one would expect women to lie about to make themselves look better, not to admit they are unfaithful to their less attractive partners.

People literally sell themselves and buy sex since the beginning of the world, is a coin, are you stupid?

statistics are all retarded, I thought you guys knew this already
no it ain't
>it confirms my beliefs so it's true
people also sell and buy kids since the beginning of the world, at that point anyone and anything is a commodity, and no wonder you're fucking deranged if you think like that

Honestly, you sound like a left liberal who thinks Disney is a good guy because they put the nice black man as a cast on their movie, literally zero class awareness and the doom of our civilization

>no it ain't
>>it confirms my beliefs so it's true
Using buzzwords and ad hominem does not disprove me
What would be at stake for women to lie about being unfaithful? Seems silly to pretend to admit to such a shameful act.

sounds like you're going off topic just so you can shit some deranged ranting out of your mouth

The kid in your example is either 1 workforce (commodity and important) or 2 sexslave (sex, pleasure, commodity) yeah it can be applied too

>people don't go on the internet and tell lies
but yeah 700 people on an online surves is a 100% representetive of over 3 billion people, you got me there, not
so everyone is a commodity 1. workforce, glad we got that out of the way, since everything is a commodity the word is pretty redundant now

The point is, sex has intrinsic value to it

my boyfriend insists im the most beautiful woman in the world even though i know im not, I hope everyone can know that feeling someday. it makes me wonder if hes blind but it also feels really good. I pray that everyone on this board can hear those words from someone, someday.

No, since everything is a commodity the world is literally the world. Are you disconnected from the world? Do you know what capitalism is?

>expecting a survey to ask the entire female population
Do you not know how surveys and sample size work? Have you never taken an actual statistics course?

Commodity is only what has intrinsic value to it , so you per se you dont have anything and can be cast aside and killed on the street like most homeless and etc, or you can provide workforce, labor, that have intrinsic value. Have your heard of Marxism?

so everything is a commodity, which makes the word meaningless, sure
but just keep going on whingeing about degeneracy and whatever while you have no regard for the divine and the beautiful and just put a price tag on everything while placing them in "markets"
700 is hardly an acceptable sample size for over 3 billion, make it at least 70.000 and then we can talk

So every sample size less than 70,000 is worthless to you?
If I ask a small college campus, a place with maybe 2,000 students and half of them girls, is 1,000 pieces of data meaningless to you? Fuck it, why dont we throw in female faculty like professors and shit.

>divine and beautiful
First I thought you were some retarded uneducated liberal leftist disconnected from the class struggle, but now I see you are even worse, a tradcon, I really wasted my time with you, fuck your morals and your religion, tradcons belong in the past, Theres no point in talking to you anymore since tradcons go by things that are not bound by reason, good bye

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are you retarded? are you unaware of how percentages work? it's like asking 1 student out of 2000 and saying that every student there is a fat asian guy
but then again that might be true based on the course
lots of reddit buzzwords you got there bud, maybe you should grow up emotionally a bit before talking about sex

And what are you gonna do about it, you fucking omega? Sperg everyday for another 20 years on r9k about it? Fucking autist

>society in shambles, countless problems arising
>if we just believe in god and the sanctity of the nuclear family we might revert everything back to the 50s
You tradcons are worse than etnonationalists unironically, this is my last contribution to this garbage, i just wanted to see your response after being correctly labeled and it was just as garbage and shit as your beliefs

>Humans have the most complex brains on the planet
>Humans also have the most complex social interactions on the planet
>Human mate selection is also the most complex. Factoring in things that don't even exist in nature.

>No bro it's 100% only looks that girls care about LOL.

Have you ever considered that good looks give people confidence, and it is that confidence that is the most attractive thing?

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>Have you ever considered that good looks give people confidence, and it is that confidence that is the most attractive thing?
Have you considered that good looking people are confident because people give them nothing but positive reinforcement from birth, resulting in someone building confidence?
Good looking people are confident because good looking people tend to not get treated like total garbage like unattractive people.
This is all because of the halo effect. We associate good looks with good, and bad looks with evil.

Yes good looks are a good thing. But they are not the be all end all thing.
While looks help with first impressions it is personality, interests and confidence that are the real meat of human interactions.

What? An ugly man who acts confident is seen as a joke. A creep. Ugly men who try to pull the shit Chad does are considered creepy. Cold approach? Creepy. Stalk her? So romantic when Chad does it.
An ugly man with confidence is nothing more than a court jester.

boohoo someone only liked you for your vagina and womb and not 'who you really are', metaphorically.
grow up little boy, only the elites get to experience positive emotions

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back to the dilation station, hellspawn