Reminder: plastic surgery can turn one from incel to fuckboy. Plastic surgery can save your life

Reminder: plastic surgery can turn one from incel to fuckboy. Plastic surgery can save your life.

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Holy fuck, what a massive difference.

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Proof? I mean they do have the exact same hair but idk, I don't trust the internet

Right here

what surgery happened? his profile looks basically the same, just looks like he lost a lot of weight and started grooming his beard and getting a real haircut

According to OP of the thread;
>double jaw surgery, chin wing, buccal fat remoal, ZSO, hair+beard transplant, upper blepharoplasty and fillers.

that's kind of sad, he didn't really need half of that.

>be surgically augmented chad
>have a baby
>it's ugly as sin

I feel like it's just the beard. We should all just get beard transplants.

Holy shit it's real. The only thing is, how much will this fuck him when he gets older? Doesn't plastic surgery, especially heavy plastic surgery fuck up your face in the end and make it overall weaker or more vulnerable to damage?

Nigga he went from some ugly looking recessed jaw mouth breather to a dude with slayer facial aesthetics. He did need all this.

His beard already looks decent though? At least in the first pic though idk if he got the beard transplant before that pic

he didn't need so much plastic surgery. He could have just lost weight, got fit, either learned to style his beard or just shaved it, shaved his head, etc. The large differences in lighting quality make the change seem even more extreme too. In a few decades he'll look like a bog now.

He spent over 30k man. I just feel bad because I cant even save up that much if I wanted to. Poorcels stay deadcels.

There is zero guarantee getting fit will give you that outstanding facial structure. We do not even know if he was fat before. Plenty of jacked guys out there with disgusting faces.

Surgery is still my last resort because of this I don't want the implants to fall apart in my face and I don't want my kids to expose my ugliness. Also I don't want to have to explain to the people in my life why I suddenly look like gigachad and I don't want to risk a botched surgery that will make me look worse. However if getting Jow Forums and losing my facial fat doesn't make me look as good as I want to then I will do surgery regardless because I'll have nothing to lose at that point.

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The level of cope in this one poster is amazing. just get fit to move your chin an inch forward bro!

yeah probably will look like shit in 20 years but so what
did you read his post
he gets tons of attention from women both irl and on tinder, not hard to believe looking at him now
he's in god mode for the next two decades; definitely a bigger improvement vs whatever non-surgical looksmaxing he could have attempted

look at the second picture, his jaw changed a lot, but his chin didn't actually move much. The real cope is doing all these surgeries when it's clear you haven't actually tried anything else. He looks bad before, but he had plenty of potential before surgery. Plastic surgery is the ultimate cope.
>did you read his post
I have no idea who this dude is, I don't browse reddit plastic surgery threads.

If there were a cheaper and less invasive method of cosmetic surgery available, I believe most people would consider it.

>i dont browse reddit plastic surgery threads
you got me dude i have them all bookmarked and browse them obsessively, my fav place on the internet
i'll copy paste for you tho
>Thanks for the encouraging comments. I spent over 30k+ for everything. I regret nothing. As for what has changed after surgery: When I walk somewhere almost everyone stares at me, male or female.

>Tinder results are also insane. Got 99+ likes after one hour of uploading just one phone selfie of my face in a plain white t shirt and no bio. Also had a bunch of women messaging me first wanting to meet up. Hundreds of matches, whereas before I pretty much got zero matches after months of swiping.

i've never seen a transformation like this, what if really good plastic surgery got affordable in the next decade or so? would change society big time

Why should good looks only be exclusive to the rich? Let the whole world dip their hands into the pot.

If everyone is beautiful, then no one is.

Me before and after I watched Captain Marvel

I disagree. I feel like beauty could exist in a different and more refined way.

pathetic faggot needed to cheat in life

there are no cheats in life

This is it. Every move counts
There is no such a thing as a rulebook.

i have mixed face features. Incel+Chad features

>have kids
>kids looking different from father
>everyone assume that you got cucked super hard
>wife ask why the fuck kids don't look like father
>h-h-h-hon- i h-had s-surgery...
>get divorce raped
>die on the street

There is no "cheating" dumbfuck.
You only get one chance at life.
Why spend it being ugly and miserable?
If I had the money, i'd do it to. Just to see what its like to the benefits of Lookism.

This surgery is obvious. Would not do that lmao

Lifting weights won't change your face structure you fucking halfwit.
He had a receded chin, flat nose and low cheek bones.

my face already looks like the one on the right.

>muh jaw and chin
>incels don't realize that eyes are the most important feature
fuckken tards

it's only obvious because you saw the before pic. if you saw him on the street you probably would just think he was a handsome fucker with good genes.

is the ZSO what gave him cheekbones? never heard of this surgery. but it certainly has the biggest effect on him, he practically had a concave face.

I wonder if feminists would throw a fit if incels started surgerymaxxing en masse.

what a fucking retard you are. post feet

Reminder that being an incel is 100% a mental thing.

you are definitely mental

Keep on denying the truth. The day you will realize the truth you will stop being an incel.

You can't stop being an incel by definition

>the only thing that counts in life is looks

spoken like a true brainlet

He bought?
Dump eet

He sohld?
Bey eet.

You literally stop being an incel when you decide to stop being an incel by definition, retard.

are you blind or just retarded? or perhaps coping

Have sex :)