Give me apus (right now this is my favorite in my folder)

give me apus (right now this is my favorite in my folder)

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mad wicked apu love, ninja

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>tfw transporting myself using a box on wheels

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apu miss hitler :[[

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Apu exchange fren

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Born To Fren

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Apu needs mummy

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Apu brain stop work durrrrrrrrrrrrr

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Apu despair

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Apu chainsaw self

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fuck euronymous

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fancy and lavishing apu

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Apu cat helper

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Apu has had ENOUGH

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Apu likes sips

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Apu wanna see your woink loicense

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Apu lonely, Apu drink vin

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Apu wishes Happy Halloween

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Fuck off, you faggoty Reddit frogposting fags.

Apu wonders what's bothering you champ?

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why you no Apu like
Apu sed

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