Its here, its finally here!

its here, its finally here!

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why would someone humiliate themselves like this?

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They do it "ironically", normies do a lot of shit just for fun but robots take it seriously and make autistic threads, to feel less degenerate than them

>Someone actually paid money for that
I may be an autist but at least I'll never be as autistic as the people who bought that shit

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>The bottle is empty
He used it holy shit, what a fucking degenerate

yeah, i just wasted 40 dollars on a jar of water ironically, nothing wrong with that

Separating idiots from their money is a noble cause and I support it

I have this dude on Discord, didn't know he was famous desu

The ad revenue and exposure makes up for that you sperg.
This is why you're a failure.

Normies man, 40 bucks is nothing for them

Neither is it for me you cheapskate.

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>b-but he really only pretended to be a fat ugly full retard!
He is suspiciously good at it

>this is how thirsty incels look like
not surprised

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I think he doesnt need to pretend he is fat and ugly, are you retarded user?

please someone tell me this is satire

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You must be fucking autistic. He'll make x700 that on his fucking review you autistic sperg, do you know absolutely nothing about life?

if the worldwide nuclear holocaust ever happens I'll smile and laugh before I die, knowing that the disgusting wastes of human flesh like this absolutely pathetic fucker and the whore he sees as a goddess will soon be totally fucking obliterated. dear fucking god

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It could be worse

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You and me both user. This world has gone insane.

it's full, learn 2 light refraction
he's still a faggot though

>Rachelles turds are BIG!

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you don't paid to post on twitter
what the fuck are you talking about?

Pretty sure the review will be on youtube

I was right. He has 150k subs at this moment. What are your predictions for August 1, 2019?
Also bet on how many views he'll get.

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vito gesualdi is mostly famous for this video where he distributed pepsi to protestors at berkley

pretty funny guy