Are virgins who lose it to escorts the most blackpilled men in existence...

Are virgins who lose it to escorts the most blackpilled men in existence? You're basically taking care of your sexual shortcomings by paying for it and have accepted how much of a subhuman you are. I wouldn't be able to live with myself if I lost my virginity to a prostitute, it'd make me feel even shittier.

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spending money on women is the most bluepilled thing you can do though

losing your virginity to a prostitute is like saying
>there is no other option, i will die virgin if i don't

My rule is still if I don't lost it by 25 i'll pay for it, i'll admit i've come close to seriously considering it before then but i'm still 4 years away and am actually self improving so no reason to go to the deep end yet.

So you're saying that you don't have sex at all? How sad.

This is a solid plan. I'm three years away from 25 but I still don't think I could see an escort just based on the fact I want/feel like I need a connection to the girl. I want to be passionate. Maybe I'll be too disillusioned by then to have any hope of something like that though but for now I need to dream otherwise I'll have nothing to look forward to.

Even though to some it's pathetic to not have it before 25 I still think there is PLENTY of lee way for girls to be okay with it, I think past 25 it's clear something is really fucked with you and you spent the last 7+ years not fixing it which is not a good look, ya know? Makes you just seem absolutely pathetic and unsalvagable, not to say you couldn't get a GF or anything it would just be a lot harder

I though the same, but here I am 28yo and still virgin, going to escort just seems gross

is it worse to lose it to a hooker, or to lose it to a gf but then visit hookers after?

Yeah I think being 22 and virgin wouldn't seem too outlandish to girls if you had a convincing enough story. Also I'm college aged so its assumed I'm top busy with class work or some shit.

I don't see the big deal about sex in the first place. I personally would rather pay for it than deal with all the bullshit that comes with being in a relationship. I don't want to be in a intimate relationship. Being in a relationship just to get laid is pretty shitty desu. Even rich and/or famous people fuck with escorts. Not only desperate losers fuck escorts.

Shit man, I lost mine to a Asian prostitute when I was 18, I am now blackpilled for life and I am ruined

well for me it's either I lose it to a prostitute or I don't lose it at all. I don't really see any downside to the prostitute. women won't acknowledge me as a person unless I literally pay them to, and I have money to spare so why not?

How old are you bro and when'd you start seeing prozzies?

haven't yet, I just decided somewhat recently that I have no reason not to go to one. It'll just take me a bit to find one since I live in the US but I pretty much know where to look

OP pretty much describes me. I felt terrible afterwards but I do realize what a subhuman I am. I wish I atleast had the guts to kill myself but I don't even have that

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Not only did I lose my virginity to some prostitute but I also don't care and have gone to prostitutes multiple times after

Holy shit who cares, lad? Fuck an escort or don't. All this shit about 'but does it count?' is nonsense - of course it counts, you're nobbing some bird.

Escorts are fun, discreet, do exactly what you pay them for, leave when you're done and have always had much, MUCH worse than anything you do that you might think is embarrassing.

Escorts are great. Punting is like almost like a hobby for me now, it's my little treats to myself every now and then. Way better than having a gf around constantly.

>having an interest in other things than flopping your noodle around instead a wet cylinder

based, and escort pilled

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Why do you do it? I feel like the only reason you should ever do this is if you're 30+ or LEGITIMATELY UGLY and I mean actually ugly not "waaah i'm not a literal chad" and being fat and/or unkempt is not an excuse for saying you're ugly, it's a cope and it's something you can fix.

Is it worse to lose it in a one night stand kind off thing with someone who was supposed to be your gf afterwards but couldnt because you were forced to move to a different country the next week?

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No that's ok. Theres some element of heartbreak for sure but it's better than seeing an escort because this girl wanted to sleep with you of her own volition for free.

It's just fucking sex why do you incels get so fucking triggered by it??

I personally would not have sex with a guy who has used a hooker. Do you think other girls have a similar feeling? I'd really like to know.

That being said, I can't imagine making it this far in life without it. So I can understand why someone would want to. It makes me depressed that people are in this situation at all. I do think prostitution should be legal though. It might be good to try to demystify sex so that you can learn to be with a regular women. You guys put too much mental energy into worrying about it. Once you find it's not as big of a deal that everyone makes it out to be you will find it easier the next time. It's a dumb catch 22 that the only thing to make you better at getting sex is to have sex. I think people should try to feel more upbeat about being pure, I took it seriously but most people don't. The pressure was unbelievable at my school to have sex. I don't know why people care so much. I'm glad I waited and at the same time I wish I realized there was more worth to be had than only sex as a young girl. Guys need to feel this way too without supporting a girl without benefits. You're disease free and drama free. It's not the end all be all. Good luck user.

Odd how you sympathize with men thatd use a hooker who couldn't get it any other way yet youd reject them if you find out they slept with one, but whatever. Thanks for the half hearted good luck that you dont mean or can mean because you're a girl who will never understand how bad it can get for unwanted men.

You're Implying that interests are mutually exclusive.

Believe it or not you can have sex and also enjoy other hobbies. I know it's hard for your kind to understand but it does exist in abundance.

>"You can only have interests or have sex. You can't do both."

What a sad and pathetic life you live believing that.

sex only isn't a big deal once you've had it. it makes sense from a biological standpoint that no matter what anyone tells you you can't get over your desire to have sex

I see normies whine about constantly being on the pull but not not getting any and I'm just here like look, I might not be getting laid every night, but I have scheduled sex I can count on, with girls I pick out (not settle for as guys usually do), who will do anything I ask and pretend to have the time of their life. I know it's all fake but who the fuck cares? I know what I'm getting and I pay for it and then she leaves, and at the end of the day I'm way more satisfied than guys who manage to bag a drunk/high one night stand with a 4/10 and end up worrying about if they remembered to wear a rubber.

You'd be surprised how many B/C list pornstars do regular escort work (no way in hell I could afford the A-tier ones; some of them charge upwards of fucking 5 grand a night). Might be different in other countries, but the UK seems to be a good place for them to get work since they're here all the time. Had my fair share of fun with some of them and it's fucking great.

>B/C list pornstars do regular escort work
like who?

Tons of them lad, you can just look at an escort site that has a pornstar section to see who's currently on their books/in the area. Off the top of my head I've punted:
>isabella clark
>cathy heaven
>jasmine webb
>kayla green
>kiki minaj
>sheila ortega
>jureka del mar
>rebecca moore
>alysa gap
>arwen gold
>stefanie moon
>jasmine black
probably some more I can't remember right now. It's so easy, they're just right there online and you book them, they turn up, get paid, fuck you and make you feel like a stud, then leave

>when the normalfags come out of the woodwork to shame robots for not caring about sex

>kiki minaj

how was it user?

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It was great, kind of have a thing for black girls. Professional when she turned up but let herself get into it when things started (this is what you're looking for in an escort desu, it makes everything easier when dealing with the money/rules and more fun when you're getting to the screwing). Booked her for just plain old vanilla stuff but that's always a good idea if it's the first time you're meeting a particular escort. If she's in my area and our calendars match then I'll definitely think about getting her again.

i am a 23 yo virgin who is considering paying a prostitute in couple of days

keep trying for another 2 years faggot!

Don't do it lad
The pleasure is not worth the STDs nor is it worth losing your wizard powers

Not shaming you, just correcting you on your failed logic. You're treating sex and hobbies as if you can only have one or the other. This is known as a false dichotomy and it's a logical fallacy. You don't have to like sex but that doesn't mean that others are the same way and you're wrong for thinking that way.

considered an escort countless times, but then i always clear my mind by having a fap and voila, no longer want to waste my money and risk getting screwed over by an eastern european cumdump