Why haven't you taken the fashypill yet, Jow Forums?

Why haven't you taken the fashypill yet, Jow Forums?

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Because I have an IQ above 80.

Because nazis lost and i don't like losers.

Because I'm anarchist

Nazi faggots ruined eugenics for everyone

"Anti-racism" wasn't a thing until after WW2 - if Germans hadn't have started it, there wouldn't be de-segregation, allowance of mixed-race marriage, mass immigration, etc

Because I can only get erect to the thought of black dicks

because i had sex

with women

What they said.
Also because I realize it's your responsibility to take control of your life and that you can't blame others for your misfortune. Brown people have nothing to do with the fact you're too socially awkward to get along with your peer and society in general.

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There sure are a lot of (((normies))) ITT

Lmao you don't know the first thing about fascism my man

and a whole bunch of fashy lil pussies
Someone didn't get bullied hard enough,huh user? Now you wanna gas the (((normies)))? Too bad the most you'll ever do is shoot up some place, and even then I bet a security guard would get you when you're halfway up the parking lot.

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When did this place get so cucked? This is as bad as r3ddit

Oh come on, if you were a real robot you'd know this is the place to cry about loneliness and that the fashies used to camp out on Jow Forums. What are you, 20?

>yfw you realize Jews are the reason white girls reject you and you cannot succeed economically and the media exists to tell you you are worth less than mud

Come home, White man.

I know it failed miserably, what else?

Cause they wanted to kill my people.
T. Slovenc
Could show you foibas thow.

>tfw America is buckling under the weight of the brown hordes (already spending more on welfare than their entire military and it gets worse every year) and will be a Brazil-tier irrelevant nation in 10 years
Feels good man.

Good thing this place isn't Jow Forums faggot.
Now get back to your containment board to cry some more why se joos are preventing you from getting a waifu.

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The man with the iron heart. What a dude.

Because my family tree diverges

This Also I ain't a pathetic fucking cuck who needs a magnifying glass to find my penis

You guys have said this literally every year since the 19th century and it still isn't true.

I'm not a retarded loser with a caveman mindset.

Take the sleazepill faggot. No longer care.

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i'm not a teenager

>tfw I can't talk about how genetic engineering will lead to massive improvements in human race without retards thinking I'm a genocidal Nazi
They ruined it all by association

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>calling it genetic engineering
>not calling it conditional augmentation to side step the negative connotation of the latter
outside of think the box