Time for a good old drinking thread, the 4th is certainly the day for it

time for a good old drinking thread, the 4th is certainly the day for it
currently drinking pic related, really smooth with a nice caramel/licorice flavor
post your drinks, troubles, music, etc

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got some shitty vodka and a line of tacos i stole from my mumbs birthday
im gonna smash both and pass out playing runescape I hope I black out before the fireworks and festivities start

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At the pub after work. Again. On my 3rd beer.

nice, runescape is classic. that said, you should do something special. fry some hotdogs or something, idk

should probably start cooking before I get too drunk

>cheap vodka


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>neet so brewing cider
>14/20ish days will start to drink it
>room smells sour
>3000 ounces

>when you realize that averages to 4 bottles of cider per day when spread out monthly

Honestly I'll die sooner rather than later at this rate.

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Drinking beer and music, its fucking nice weather outside but im to lazy to move anywhere.

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>handles of 100 proof cheap vodka
I am actually jealous, all the cheap vodka here is standard 80
still, it'll be worth it to have some booze you produced yourself. personally I'm too lazy though, and since I have a job I can afford to buy my liquor

My booze may only be about 2/3 USD per gallon and 10-14 ABV, but it's dogshit due to fusel oils and tannins. Use minimal juice so it's flavor is mostly solvent, mostly dry, and mostly yeast/alcohol flavored.

But yes, cheap and I'm neet.

>steel reserve, cause Im poor till next paycheck

Still bored, I want to just eat all my benzos and sleep for 4 days but I need to save them for emergency panic.

Nothing to do for 4 days. All I can afford to eat it ramen and eggs.

Need to last on 85 dollars till the 15th.

what a shitty 4 days off.

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I still have some Pinot Grigio in the fridge so I'll drink some of that. And I'll hopefully be seeing an old friend tomorrow at a bar inb4 normalfag, I just like to drink and there's a bar right across the street where I live
where I will most likely be drinking Yuengling on tap

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>hank williams III - stoned and alone

>failure - the nurse who loved me

matt elliot - drinking songs

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Hey man it's cool that you can brew your own stuff, I've been thinking of getting into brewing beer and distilling liquor for myself and and any close buds

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I only have the assets of food assistance so I can only make wine, and live with a my mother so a still won't happen from junk I throw together (at first she was like fine until she realized how often I drank then said no). I do use freezer distillation sometimes though rather than evaporative distillation. In colonial times apple jacking was a thing you know. I have cider too, so it's almost like it's meant to be with how cheap apple juice cider is.

still a good skill to have, perhaps if you can get enough people to drink your stuff you could start a brewery and have a business

I usually favor cheap vodka but now I'm having a glass of cheap whiskey instead. Mostly I'm drinking because I'm going to see my mom and some of her friends and family for the 4th of July. Dealing with people is easier that way.

try adding some spices/other fruits/etc, whole cinnamon in still apple cider would be dank
I guess if you're meeting a friend there it's cool, but otherwise I don't see the point of bars. there's one right near my house too, but I never go. why spend extra to drink with normies when the shops have better selection and I'm not bothered by anyone when I drink at home?

>no knock warrant
>get shot by police
>die angry
I'm not a people person neither. No one drinks my stuff but me. It's essentially pruno due to my jumping the gun in drinking it after only weeks rather than a month and a half minimum and other bad things.

Sounds like a great combo to me. If you have enough beer til sunday. Time to ge wrecked since fucking work tomorrow.

3 dollars for 2 24oz steel reserves,

I will see how long I can go without buying mroe I only have one left right now

Might go out and get another jug of bourbon. Trying to make friends but maintaining friendships seems so exhausting now
I got a birthday coming up in a couple days and know I'm not gonna get any messages or anything. Never did when I had friends anyways
My dad asked yesterday if I was free. I told him I'm not. Hes going to Vegas with his wife anyways, so we couldnt have done anything even if we got along. Last year he missed the lunch plans we had cause he extended his trip another two days.
Sorry, I've got a lot swirling around in my head

Some bars are shit
some are a complete scam
some actually have a good selection and most importantly SIZE of drinks
Where I live there's a bar/restaurant called Duffy's and their beer selection is pretty good priced with 2/1 deals and they can serve a size up to 24 fl oz.
If you got a Hofbrauhaus in your area you can get a whole liter of beer.
I would not recommend most bars though because in some of them you pay for one that can cost as much as a pack.
And of course I'm talking just beer here, liquor can be expensive and in America unless you're going high class or to a wine bar the wine selection sucks too

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Fuck, is vodka cheaper then? a handle?

is it? I suppose so.

maybe I'll go buy the cheapest vodka I can find instead

haha it's about to thunderstorm to, fucking normies trying to party and light fireworks in the rain ahaha, I get to sit by my window barred out listening to the rain

could put your experience with home brewing on a resume, get a job at a brewery
is that like a beer garden? went to one in Munich, great sausages and huge mugs of lager. still more expensive than beer in the shop, but for the food and atmosphere it's worth it

The cheapest way to get drunk really depends on how much your particular local and national governments steal from you in taxes. where I am, plastic-jug vodka is pretty cheap per ounce of alcohol it contains, but your mileage may vary. go to your local liquor store and do the math.

Indeed you should and watch normies get rekt

I actually used to live near a restaurant with it's own brewery. It's five mile away or so now though and the bus takes hours to get you from A to B. I have given up.

yeah there's one in Saint Petersburg and another in Chicago

Whatsup my fellow r9k loser

five miles isn't so far, used to regularly walk 4 miles and back to the nearest town when I lived in rural Sonoma
hey, long time no see. how have you been?

I weight 290 and it's FL. I'm not even going to bother walking even one mile in this summer here. I already have chaffing scars as it is and don't stop sweating until it's 50 degrees when walking.

>the trips are becoming active
I like it.

Been okay. Killing the boy and becoming the man more and more with every day that passes. What about you? I'm here only very very rarely.

Kill the man and stay a boy forever.

Don't faggot enable society by being """""mature"""" to help it in it's dire directions.

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It is not about changing morals and opinions just about changing abilities, confidence and skills.

yeah, but it's worth it to be less bored/depressed/useless and have more money for booze/weed
have no friends, haven't had a gf in years, and still work shitty jobs. at least getting some skills though, learning bakery jobs opens some doors for me

Skill helps society. Lack of confidence is endearing for it's apparent honest purity.

That's how I feel.

I have a pretty good job I think. Getting paid well, its not too much stress, we drink at work regularly. Like once a week or so.
Single for a while now though and I can only get random whores to put out like the thots they are on the first date. gfs dont exist

Going to buy myself a bottle of Johnnie Black tonight, though not sure if i'll be able to get a glass in tonight.

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Johnnie Walker sucks man, get a better whisky

Oh wow a 13 dollar bottle of brandy. You probably think the XO makes you classy as fuck. It's trash. So are you, you pretentious fuck. Try cognac and actually spend 50 bucks at least. Otherwise you're wasting your time and money. Brandy is for niggers who want to impress other niggers but can't afford Hennessy. Even though that's trash too.

or maybe I just genuinely enjoy e&j? unlike you, I'm not so weak and cowardly I base decisions like which drinks I buy on the shitty subjective opinions of other assholes

>how dare you be pretentious
>do this so you an be pretentious properly

I know you're being sardonic but did you have an actual point? Was it buy only the cheapest booze ever or only the most expensive ever or you're being dishonest with yourself despite the fact that cheap booze has fusel oils in it and super expensive stuff is just a waste of money due to being very overpriced and anyone with common sense and money would aim in the middle?

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Even as someone who prefers the more expensive drinks, it aint always worth it to buy the pricier stuff
For instance a $12 bottle of Anna Cava is way better than a $100 bottle of Pierre Jouet