My rapist gave me his number today

I bumped into my rapist today on my break from work. I went into Greggs to get a sandwich and he was standing right behind me in the queue. He tapped me on the shoulder and i turned around and was shocked it was him because he had grown a big beard. He's a white guy but looked Muslim with the beard. I dated him before it all happened but last saw him 8 years ago. He was friendly and seems to have turned his life around since we were together. He made small talk with me and i was so nervous the whole time. I got served and paid and went to leave and he passed me his number on a rizzla packet and said "sorry about everything if you want to talk some time whatsapp me" and then he left. I'm still in shock and i have a boyfriend who is so loving and supporting and i'm wondering if he will be upset that i took this guys number. It happened so fast i didn't really have a chance to say no!!

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Good effort, OP. You really tried to put yourself into the right mindset, it's a well done piece.

Why did you take so much time to type up obvious bait?

You deserve rape for not going to Cooplands

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Greentext the rape fagger

Accepting it is understandable but keeping it isn't. You could have just thrown it away once you left but alas you didn't. Instead you want to continue a correspondence because you believe so quickly he has changed. This is exactly how he can easily isolate you and do this again or worse.

>but last saw him 8 years ago
Oh, so you never went to the police so he never did any time.

No i put the packet of rizzla that he wrote the number on inside a drawer in my kitchen that i never go in. I did not put it into my phone.

We broke up after it happened and he smashed my house up. i didn't go to the police because i was scared of him

That counts as keeping it, faggot.

>inside a drawer in my kitchen
for safe keeping knowing my bf would never look there and not stupid enough to put it in my phone

Lucky you. He LOVES you fool!

>i was scared of him
and you're not now so call him, you want to

What a weird fantasy to write out. Is it sexual? Or do you hate women and have an agenda to push?

nothing wrong with that fellow femanon

you can give him a second chance to redeem himself.
im sure your current boyfriend will understand if he really loves you

Your bf is an asshole if he is upset over you talking to your ex. It would prove he isn't the loving supporting bf you believe. Your ex has done well obviously and perhaps you were hasty in ending it when you did.

My bf hates him for what he put me through and i have opened up to my bf about more than anyone else. I feel like it would be weird to tell him i all of sudden started talking to him again

Amazing. Worried how to hide you kept the number instead of if your ex might rape you again.

Well you shouldn't tell your bf, why risk his ire when it probable he will become violent and/or rape you too or worse. Just see where this all goes with the ex. There was a reason you didn't hurt him before and now fate has brought him back into your life.

why the fuck are you on this board and why is nobody telling you to get out


>had a boyfriend
Gtfo normalfag. You knew the risks when you decided to date someone. Also, this is a Jow Forums thread.

>My bf hates him
and yet you do not. your bf is so easy to manipulate. I see this often. Women that were abused in the end punish the guy that tried to help instead of punishing the abuser, EVER..

She's had at least two. Bearded rapist and pathetic loser but who knows how many before and after the rapist

No he would never become violent he's the nicest guy. Sometimes too nice!! lol. In the whole time we have been together (4 yrs) i only heard him raise his voice once and that was when he got frustrated. He did seem so different but I'm not sure i believe in fate especially when it comes to him

Throw away the number, tell your bf (he will get mad, just let him deal with it) and fucking figure yourself out you fucking idiot, the fuck would you accept a rapist back into your life?? Because he seemed nice?? The absolute state of women. Better yet give your bf the number so he can catfish him into getting an 8 year overdue ass beating

Confirmed for Satan larp
We can all comfortably leave this thread now okeedoke

So why don't you like or respect your current bf who's obviously a good guy? Too nice???! Doesn't choke you in bed???! Just tell him what you want!! Learn to fucking communicate

>i believe in fate
yes you do or you would have tossed the number already. text him now and ask him over your pussy bf is history already

you guys need to stop taking bait so readily

I'm not accepting him back. I put his number in a kitchen drawer that i never need to access and i did not call or message him at all. I still have gifts that he bought me in my house but it doesn't mean i want him back all these years i just like the ornaments, i wasn't even thinking of him until today which is why i got so shocked

Cheat with your """rapist""" already whore

>slut comes to r9k, knowing she'll get attention since robots are so nice
I hate women

If you don't want the number, throw it away in a public trash can, coward. You keep it within reach because you are a pathetic whore and two timing bitch.

I know this is probably just some elaborate LARPer but I'll take the bait to an extent I guess and say that it doesn't matter what you do because no self respecting person here should care whatsoever about your underlying rape fantasies and validation seeking writing style. The question you're asking is so fundamentally fucking retarded it shouldn't take anything other than basic common sense to understand what you should be doing. But go ahead. Go fall for your rapist. Get raped again. Die brutally and mercilessly and have your whole life reduced to shambles and possibly a grave to accompany it. I'm apathetic to your decision either way.

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