Go to Japan for the first time

>go to Japan for the first time
>one of the first girls who sees me mutters "kimochi warui"
trip ruined already

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are you an english teacher?

no, just a tourist

>one of the first girls who sees me mutters "kimochi warui"


well l wouldnt let it spoil your trip

please PLEASE post a pic of yourself i won't dox you i'm just very curious

just go to asia to get a gf fags BTFO

I have no idea what that means and I really dont care either.

tinko syabure

some Japanese people are scared of foreigners, everyone hears that at least once

i want a cute jap girl to insult me too

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>i want a cute jap girl to insult me too

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Lmao, that's hilarious. Next time say, "anta hidoi ama. shine." in response.


if you're disgusting at home, you are disgusting abroad. you have to improve yourself

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don't do this unless you're a masochist that gets off on girls laughing at you

post more images like this please

The Nips are so nice and polite and would never say anything rude to a foreigner myth is so funny to me. I have a friend who is a US size 10, when she went to Japan people were calling her a a fatty, white monster etc.

What all this mean?

was it men or women saying that?

is that even a myth? it's well-known japs hate foreigners

They only like white people, men specifically. If you're nonwhite don't fall for that fucking meme.

do nips like mediterranean guys or do they all just crave nordic cock?

nordic mostly

>The Nips are so nice and polite and would never say anything rude to a foreigner
No one says that, literally anyone that lives in Japan as a foreigner for long enough will experience racism especially if you're not white. The people there are still some of the nicest and most polite you will meet and the ones that are dickheads mostly keep to themselves.
>men specifically
It was weird learning that many people in Japan basically see white women as easy sluts.

>It was weird learning that many people in Japan basically see white women as easy sluts.
the entire world sees white women that way, sweetie


it's the japanese way of saying you're fucking gross, get away from me incel you're gonna make me barf

oh wait it means "gross" lemme guess, you're one of those "lesser" brown """"people""" amirite? you thought you could just slide into the porcelain skinned paradise that is japan and think they wouldn't be revolted by your gross mongrel skin?

think again, faggot

Everyone knows how fucking racist and snobbish Japanese people are.
Japanese racism isn't like racism in the United States.

It's like they know you are inferior to them, but they feel sorry for you at the same time.

OP here, I'm a white guy with pale skin

user Japanese people barely know the difference between you and other brown people, they'll think you're a BR since there's lots of those in Japan.

>waiting at bus stop
>Japanese girl turns around and quickly says something that i don't quite catch
>she introduces herself but didn't understand what she said when she was telling me her name and was too much of a pussy at the time to ask her to repeat herself
>introduce myself
>we sit and talk about bands and stuff, how our day went
>ride the bus together and keep talking about whatever
>she says we're getting to her stop, smiles and we both say goodbye
just bee yourself, op
you can have pleasant experiences like this too

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>porcelain skinned paradise
sigh. You're just begging for someone to start dumping the non-cherry picked pics of actual japanese women right?

fuck you and your successful interactions with other human beings, normie

the one guy that does that posts cherry picked pictures of girls that are literal children going through puberty and he still can't find ones where at least 50% of them aren't cute

>Japanese guy comes in my store
>he says something in japanese
>I watch enough anime to recognize it
>say, "Nani?" Just to mess with him
>his face lights up
>repeats himself excitedly
>He repeats himself again
>He cathes on, laughs, waggles his finger at me and leaves

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did you show him your waifu collection before he left?

She literally said she feels bad.

wow dude that sucks. you must be fuckin ugly then.

riajuu go explode, I can't even talk to my own family

lmao your friend got owned

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yep. fuckin ugly duckling shitting up japan with his uggo muggo

Japan is xenophobic.

And for good reason.

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I went and had a private guide. He said I was very thin for an American (6ft2. 160lbs) and some older ladies were talking at me after a baseball game. And from across the street I saw some school girls pointing at meand talking to each other

Or short or fat or just ugly