Do you have a virgin fetish? If so any stories of deflowering someone?

Do you have a virgin fetish? If so any stories of deflowering someone?

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Thought Sunny had grown up for a second there.

Yes I do. I even left girls at bed just because they weren't virgins.
I don't have problems getting laid, but I'm slowly getting older (19) and virgin girls are getting rarer.

Dreianova? I forgot how you spell her name but she's a camwhore

just google dreianova teen and youll find her

No, the opposite actually. I gave my virginity to a girl who was a past slut (nearly 30 guys) and we've been happy together for a year and a half since. I can't lie, it really does bother me but I think she had her justifications

>virgin fetish
You seem to be a woman poster, you must understand, for a male prefering virgins is not a fetish, a sexual preference, it's a personal preference, as a guy you're not attracted by the blood coming out the first time, that's rather disgusting to be honest, you want the virgin because she's not been touched by other men, in body and in mind, she's there for you and only for you.

Bullshit. Being teased and blueballed by some butterface big titty virgin you'll want nothing more but to take away something from her she'll never get back while also always remembering you.

I do. I had an experience once with a boy I was babysitting.

I think I got the fetish from this monologue from persona: vimeo . c slash 222986156

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I don't have an implicit preference for a virgin woman, but if I ever seriously date someone again I'm sure I'd prefer low body count (3-5). I do like being a girl's first black guy lol although I'm sure it's horseshit 90% of the time

Sorry, i wasn't considering i was around actual degenerates in here, my fault.

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Not a virgin fetishist but took the virginity of my first girlfirend, and her and other girls anal virginity.


as a virgin girl my fetish is to serve as a virgin in a ritual

It's not that I have a preference for virgins. Rather, I do not consider non-virgins something I want. Like a straight men cannot imagine being with another man, like a gay man cannot imagine having a woman, I cannot imagine initiating a relationship let alone marrying a non-virgin.
If that means dying alone as a turbo wizard, so be it.

I dont have a fetish for it but desu every girl Ive slept with was a virgin. Does this make me a manwhore?

Yeah I have a virgin fetish. However I have never had the privilege of deflowering a girl and I think it's too late for that anyways since i'm 20 years old now and all girls my age have fucked plenty of guys

How tf did you find virgin girls to sleep with user? How old were they and how did you meet them?

First gf I met in high school. She had only dated one other guy and broke up with him after he kissed her lol
Second gf I met online and eventually met up with her
Third girl I met off Tinder

How old were you and the girls when you fucked them user?

Ah sorry, you did ask that. We were both 18 with my first gf, I was 20 and she was 17 with my second gf, and I was 22, she was 19 for the tinder hookup.

Wait wtf, what country are you from if girls on tinder are virgins?