Tfw she abanodned me again

>tfw she abanodned me again

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hey, is this the same OP from yesterday who posted that greentext about that bdp girl? you've used the same image as the yesterday's OP, so just wondering

it' has been already 13 hrs since last chatted and I'm destroying myself over the idea she's gone can't take the pain anymore mp rdv[sr gpt ,r

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Do you have literally no one else to chat with? r9gay is friendly even if youre not gay

My mind is obsessed 24/7. I can't stop thinking. Hate me for all I care, I've no other choices anyway and i'll cling to anything which could relieve my pain

Mine gave up on me and never spoke to me again, because I'm a fucking loser but don't worry I have a plan up my sleeve. I'm gonna do my trio of drugs and forget that I was alive for 10 hours don't worry I got this

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I can already guess who you are.. It doesn't matter all. All or nothing. It's us and based. Bottle is already empty so pills are only option left

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t. underage discordfag

can relate to the feels.
called her a "feral thot" and now she won't talk, she doesnt understand it was a joke

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I wanna know what's happening user, tell me what's up.

BPD 'friends' not even once, look how crushed OP is. Emotional pitbulls waiting for you ro relax.

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Learn the lore.... i was 100% blackpilled.... I btfo her made the biggest mistake as lost my key. her or self-destruction is all I've left. she blocked me. i've nothing left but self-destrution I can't deal with the piannnnnn

happened to me twice. This promise isn't empty, things WILL get better. Good things happen as often as bad things and we don't have to deal with this alone. i should probably make a /mh/ mental help thread

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>tfw won't meet her again
I know that feel, OP. We have, at most, one class next week and then we won't study together anymore. But I have reasons to think she's already travelling with her parents for the whole month, so no dates during vacation.

I'm thinking of asking her out by the month's end when she may be back, betalpha shit be damned. Not following my feelings is what got me in this mess! Played "cool" so much I may have wasted the best girl I ever had into me.

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Fuck wait how do you know who I am? Well yeah man you gotta take a fuck ton of pills it feels great. Wtf who am I? Why am i sad? Idk anymore

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I think I know you, it's.. strange feelings.. discord.. you know.....
she blocked me. Only sefl-destruction is left. My pain is so strong, I drank so much and i so much pain. It's all or nothing. either her or self-destruction - I don't see any alternative

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user, are you looking for a gf still? I'm single :c

I was and still am there,she wants nothing to do with me but I used to go by seven, not anymore well maybe i will. I feel bad i know how you feel the pain is awful and i wouldn't wish it on anyone. It's awful but I'm here suffering with you don't worry. I just do drugs to suppress the pain sometimes it gets overwhelming. I was forgotten and discarded I don't know why but I've already been replaced. My irl life sycks my friend is a pedo well who cares I'll drink so I forget

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It's all or nothing. Either her or self-destruction. She fuckin lied morning telling me she won't aabandon me, It's all or nthing I can't endure the pain. i'll take tons of DRUGSSS, the black pill break in hafl - and share. i'll take them all in the path of the blackpill

I can understand why she would be hurt by the thot part but if my bf called me feral Id probably sorta like it.

Please user! I want you to be okay. I can be there for you, just give me a chance...

I chatted with nine today. i requested to your tag but couldn't give me. You're the only relateable person

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Relatable person? Who are you? Surprised you chatted with nine, she thinks I'm cuckoo nuts but I am so no problem throw me your tag or somethin

My diginity is only thing left. Please, leave me your new tag. Unblock me if I was blocked. My alias start by X. i swear i'm in pain and could relate

Because you helped me out here throwaway7#6682 I don't mind helping each other out but I'm gonna delete this account its been a while since I used this pueve of shit app