Christian brother why doesn't God allow us to masturbate...

Christian brother why doesn't God allow us to masturbate? I mean most of us are going to die virgins yet we have this desire to relieve ourselves.

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What's the proof that we're not?

Can't commit adultery. Even the thought of sex with a woman you're not married to is adultery.

He is talking about things that lead to adultery when he says that

>Even the thought of sex with a woman you're not married to is adultery.
source? And if so does that mean masturbating when married is allowed?

Matthew 5 Verse 27, and I don't know?

Look at Jesus wasn't just talking about what leads to sin.

God wants you to get married, be fruitful and multiply. Jerking off is a waste of time and satisfies you without putting in any work to find a wife and breed. But it's better than having a one night stand with a slut. Which in turn is better than being queer.

But that seems to at most forbid porn, not the act of masturbation.

And what if someone looks at the woman he plans to marry and feels lust?

If he feels lust then according to Christ you already committed adultery because you weren't married to her.

What defines lust? And what about masturbation without porn?

So brother wouldn't you said that with the way society is now structured most of us will remain virgins?

This is the exact verse I was talking about, and to me its about what leads to sin.

"If your right eye causes you to stumble, gouge it out."

It starts with just looking at a girl, then flirting with her and eventually going the whole 9 yards

How come it's more common to see christians that have had extramarital sex than to see christians that have gouged their eyes out and chopped off their genitals?

Well that's because most christians dont believe in god

That makes literally no sense if you're not already with somebody/married; how could you commit adultery if there is nobody to cheat on? What, are you cheating on fucking God???? This entire fucking thing is written to keep incels like you caged up, while Chads like Jesus enjoy all the Mary Magdelene pussy they want

Haha trust me, I can't even approach women. But does porn and masturbation fall under sexual immorality?
Lust is like a selfish desire for sex, disregarding the consequences.

I read somewhere that fucking a hooker(without a condom) would be less sinful then masturbating because you're not spilling your seed.

watching porn satisfies your sexual desire and keeps you from pursuing better things

Proverbs 16:26
"The appetite of the laboring man labors for him; for his mouth urges him on."

>Well that's because most Christians don't believe in my god

You can't see past the confines of lust.
You are not freed when you do not temper your own desires for fleshly pleasures.
The kingdom of God is not of this earth.

Excuse me but this is a christian thread not an atheist thread to blaspheme Christ

You forgot to quote "Christians".

That's not what he's saying at all.
How many people do you know who have casual sex, use drugs, or live for the pursuit of material wealth and yet call themselves Christian?

>Lust is like a selfish desire for sex, disregarding the consequences.
But what does desire mean? The actual intention of having sex, or simply being sexually attracted to a woman?

>believing the law described in the bible makes him "my" god

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Wait did Jesus actually have sex?

No this man doesn't know scripture.a

there are rumors he married mary magdalene

revelation 14:4 seems to suggest he didn't though, since he is promising an award for eternal virgins?

>No this man doesn't know scripture.a
Where in the scripture is Jesus/God quoted as saying that he's a virgin?

>"These are they which were not defiled with women; for they are virgins."
Are women impure or something?

>implying that scripture tells the entire tale of Jesus life, leaving out nothing, while also remaining to the T accurate, particularly through generations of translations back and forth
Hmmmm you really are the type of brainlet organized religion is meant for

>Jews invented thoughtcrime
Full circle

Where does it show that he had sex or married a woman here on earth? That's right nowhere.
Sex was created by God so that man and woman could have children together and raise them. People have forgotten this and have sex outside of marriage and end up with children they can't take Care off together.

or is it talking about people who died before they had the chance?

revelation confuses me its like john took shrooms again then wrote a book about

>Where does it show that he had sex or married a woman here on earth? That's right nowhere.
I'm not the person saying he did. But you said "no" ie he did not. So what's your proof for that?

that didn't answer my question?

I'm not an atheist, I believe in God, Christ was a great guy, but organized religion is for fucking retards dude

Demons really hate the discussion about the Lord don't they? You want to make God a fornicator just like you so you could feel good about your sin.

I don't think anyone would dare claim that God was a fornicator! Sure His son was born of a woman not His wife, but that's different. But that doesn't mean that Jesus/God couldn't have had sex in marriage with a woman on earth, right?

Ahhh, the best and (probably) most plausible explanation in the thread. However, who is God to say that masturbation inherently is degenerate? If I think about people who don't exist, or masturbate when I have random boners (which would make no sense for God to give people unless you're literally just going to say it's a test), then the entire lust idea goes out the window. If the masturbation has no subject, it leads to nothing, yet God is going to disallow me from his kingdom because I toucha Mai pp?? Even if I do imagine/dream of somebody, that sounds like the biggest brainlet God ever and I'd rather kick it in Hell with Satan and Hitler and other interesting, smart people, than to have to sit in Heaven with no power and just watch what God does while I disagree with what dumb rules get you insta booted from Heaven

The fact he didn't user, Christ is our model on how to live out our lives. Marriage would've been a large part of this model wouldn't you think? Just look at how the bible documents his many dealings with pharisees

Tons, however the argument at hand is saying that they are not true Christians because they have extra marital sex, RATHER than gouging their eyes out or mutilating themselves. How many Christians, Catholics, from the least devout to the fucking Pope, are going to agree with that statement? I agree with those degens, who claim to be all this and all that, post shit about their religion online and then go fuck ten different people, being absolute scum, but the root argument given made zero sense. Why not just say it like you did?

christ is a human and humans have sex to procreate. Wasn't Adam and Eve, the grandparents of Jesus, told to do just that? And don't christians procreate? So Jesus' marrying would make him a greater role-model than if he didn't.

>Just look at how the bible documents his many dealings with pharisees
the bible skips 30 years of his life. Where did it say he was a virgin though? Or are you just speculating?

>they have extra marital sex, RATHER than gouging their eyes out or mutilating themselves.
that's in contradiction to Jesus' command. True Christians would start off the nofap routine with chopping of their hands or dicks, or gouging their eyes out.

But look we can't say that Jesus(second person in the trinity) was married or had sex because this would be an earthquake of a revelation. His apostles and disciples would've used him as an example of how marriage should look like.

>But look we can't say that Jesus(second person in the trinity) was married or had sex because this would be an earthquake of a revelation.
But why can you say that Jesus(who is fully God) is a virgin, without revelation stating it?

Jesus wasn't a mere man user, he was God. You dint understand the trinity do you?

And how could you jump the shotgun and say he was married and had kids?

According to the trinity, Jesus was a fully male, adult, human(and fully God). What do you disagree with exactly?

>And how could you jump the shotgun and say he was married and had kids?
I never did. To me it seems like the bible leaves it open whether or not Jesus/God is a virgin or whether or not Jesus/God had sex.

Lmaoing when that's the best argument you have
>"Get behind me, Satan!"
Laughable. What would your God say if this was your only tribute to his defence?
Also, I never claimed that God was a fornicator; I simply stated that there are dozens and dozens of Biblical holes. Again, why not believe in the Lord, but without the retarded leadership, such as the Pope, or everybody's favorite, George Pell? Is it because you need decisions on right or wrong made for you because you're a brainlet? :(

user if a christian is going out of his way to sin despite knowing that what he/she is going to do is sin really puts to question their love and faith.

The word adultery means that once is cheating on his spouse. It is impossible to commit adultery if one does not have a spouse. Having sex with a woman that one is not married to can also be adultery if one does have a wife, but the general act of having sex with someone one is not married to is fornication. Fornication is also a sin that sends one to hell according to 1 Corinthians 6, but I'm not sure if masturbation counts as fornication. As Jesus said that lusting after another women is adultery, I don't think He said that lusting after another woman is fornication. I would think it can't really be since one would have to lust after a woman if he wants to marry her in the first place.

What does lusting after mean? Intention to commit fornication/adultery, or feeling sexual attraction?

What makes you think I'm a Catholic? It's clear to everyone here you don't know what you're talking about.

We are clearly disagreeing on the bases of Christ having sex.

>any possible negative discussion about the Lord or Jesus is not discussion at all
Sounds like you just don't have the answers for those who ask. Much like the nuns and priests who beat the children in Catholic school for inquiring about the religion, or asking questions about the Lord.

The post you just cited was a question, not a statement. What in my post contradicts the trinity?

Again, I am not doubting that, however the argument given was that you should simply chop off your hand or genitalia if you are a "true Christian", which is bullshit. The body is a temple, right? So why would Jesus' or God's command be to harm your own body.

It's hard to say

Well the answer determines whether or not masturbation would be sinful. Because if lust is intention to fornicate then that would not hold true for the one masturbating.

The whole "thou shall not spill thy seed" thing is an onanist argument. Onan refused to fill Tamar with his seed because the child would essentially be Er's, Tamar's already-dead husband and Onan's already-dead brother, not his. God killed Onan for not obeying his commands, not necessarily for the sole act pulling out, AKA coitus interruptus.

For Catholics, it's expressly stated in the Catechism that Catholics cannot at all masturbate (2352). It's a gray area for the rest of the Christian sects. A lot of them argue that masturbation isn't a big deal. Whoever you are, though, you shouldn't use Onanism to argue against masturbation.

mfw Catholic and addicted to masturbation

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Does it matter whether or not you are Catholic, or part of some other bullshit organized religion? Did I ever explicitly mention Catholicism, or any religion? Because my argument isn't against Catholicism. It's against the idea that any of the religions that Man has organized thus far are correct at all. You seem to fervently defend them, and thus are part of one, or are so brainlet that you just completely subvert the argument because you're too stupid to realize what I'm arguing. Come on, man.

It still has been completely avoided, the fact that the Bible skips huge years of Jesus' life, leaving massive holes. All you did to argue was call me a Demon and then tell me I don't know what I'm talking about. Stay on topic, bud.

There's a difference between mocking Christ like in the other threads and genuinely asking questions.
Salvation is no game to Christ, but he's using hyperbole here. He isn't going to expect us to chop a limb every time we sin, otherwise we would've saved ourselves. Repentance is what he expects from us, and part of repentance is turning away from sin.

>and part of repentance is turning away from sin.
And why don't you chop off your limbs to help you turn away from sin, instead of being tortured in the hellfire, as Jesus said?

You haven't made any argument apart from calling me a brainet and saying organized religion is bad. I'm waiting for You to make your argument user.

>why don't I have enough faith to go to Arabia and preach the gospel in Mecca?
This is a question I don't have the answer for.

You can't even answer basic questions about the gospel here on Jow Forums, why would you fare better abroad?

This is the first time I have ever entered a thread like this, let alone responded. The original post of mine responded to questioned why the Bible leaves years and years of gap in Jesus' life, with no explanation. I was responded to with, "You must be a Demon and hate the Lord!" which on paper, and out loud, sounds like the stupidest argument or explanation ever. It's also muy difficult to not mock religion and the cast of characters each encompasses, when as soon as you question somebody about their religion, the stock answer is often something to the effect of "YOU'RE JUST NOT A BELIEVER! YOU'RE A SINNER A SIIINNNEERRRRRRRR AHAH! TO HELL WITH YOU!", or, "YOU'RE MAD JELLY CUZ U WON'T GET INTO HEAVEN", or the most common, "THAT'S JUST THE WAY IT IS", and then they either mock you, or are angry at you for questioning their religion, especially if you continue to question after their first answer.

missionaries are just trained to deliver their pre-formulated sales pitches. Don't expect to have any meaningful discussions about their beliefs.

Go like five replies back (or literally one reply back since I guess you can't read) to my original post, where I made the assertion and observation that the Bible skips massive numbers of years or Jesus' life, particularly his teenage years, which are often integral to the human sexuality. All the while, the Bible offers no explanation for the gap; this leads to the argument that it is stupid to seriously believe that everything that happened in the Bible is not only the truth, but the whole part of the truth. Additionally, it leads to leaving it open to interpretation whether or not Jesus had sex or was married, which goes back even more posts to the original argument I made in the thread. I'm sorry that you're so stupid I had to finally spell everything out for you.

Are the people on this Aztecian sacrificing mound, or any Catholic/Christian friends or acquaintances, missionaries then, too? Because I wasn't just talking about them, I'm talking about the vast majority of people that I meet who hold these beliefs; it seems to only increase exponentially when it's found that they don't just believe in a God, they believe in a religion.

He's saying that mutilation of oneself and preaching the Bible in Mecca, the heart of Islam, are akin to one another. Which they probably would be if we're being fair.

Yeah, the last thing you want is to be burned on the stake for being an infidel by some religion's church

Yt, 10min bible hour just made a vid explaining this fallacy.