Be you

>Be you
>In bed at night, trying to sleep
>Pic related busts into your room, takes off her panties and sits on your face
>Her asshole is right in your nose and she farts in your face for hours
>You are completely trapped under her huge ass

what would you do in this situation?

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Ejaculate willingly.

This just makes her press down her ass on your face and fart even more

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keep cumming until i'm empty

We already had this thread, OP, you haven't even given us long enough to think up a new tactic. If she can manhandle me like that, then there's really not much I can do but to lick away at her unless she wants to take further advantage of me.
What would you do, though?

idk what I would do man I think i'd just enjoy it tho desu

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Do nothing it's not like I can lift the bitch

but would you enjoy it haha

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But why would she do that, though? Like, did she meet you or see you somewhere before, and just decided that she just needs to have you to the point that she's willing to break into your house?
It just seems kind of wild, man. Like, would that ever happen to someone? I'd probably be busy thinking about that the entire time.

She's a family friend that had fantasies about sitting on your face and farting for as long as she's known you

Well that'd explain how she managed to get in without setting off the alarm, at least. She could've at least tried asking me first, though, that's kind of rude.

Dude she just can't help it she HAS to sit on your face

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Yeah, but she could at least knock first, that scared the shit out of me! Speaking of, I hope she picked the lock instead of breaking my door, or I'm going to be really upset with her to the point where she's gonna have to do a lot more than fart in my face to make it up to me.

Inhale every one of her farts, and use my weak arms and all their strength to push her up for a second and ask her to shit down my throat.

Okay but what would you want her to do other than sit on your face? Facesitting is the peak of anything in this universe, what could you possibly want more?

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Beat the shit out of her then call the cops and let them charge her with rape.

She is much stronger than you and you can't even lift her off of you. However, your struggling makes her even more excited and her farts get stronger as she humps your face even harder

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Good point, there really isn't anything better than that. That doesn't stop my dick from being hard, though, so she could at least play with it a little bit so I don't get blue balls. Plus, it might be fun to try facesitting and something else at the same time. It's kind of like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, two good things at once for what could very well be an even greater experience, though I could be wrong.

What if she invites her sister over to bounce on your dick

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>She is much stronger than you and you can't even lift her off of you
that's where you're wrong

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While you were in shock because of the intrusion she tied you up so you're unable to move nigga, you gotta endure it

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Well I'd have to be an idiot to say no to that, then. Did her sister want to break in here, too? She looks pretty, but is she nice? Not like I'll be able to see her, anyway.

i like big girls but i dont want to be gassed

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She's nice and gentle but firm, if you know what i mean?

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Reunite her with her family

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Oh, that's good. If she's anything like her sister, though, she probably won't have to worry about me being too uppity.
Though it's kind of weird to have a family friend and her sister break into my house and have their way with me, I guess I couldn't complain if they decide they want to do it again sometime. Though, it's not like I can stop them.
How long is this going to happen for, though? I've got work in the morning, and by being completely trapped under her huge ass, is she at least nice enough to let me catch my breath every now and again?

I guess you'll have to call in sick to work because she'll stay there until she's completely exhausted. Also yes she will sometimes lift her butt just a little bit but even then, the only thing you'll be able to breathe are her farts

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Pray God will show me mercy and wait for this whole thing to just blow over.

"For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all." - 2 Corinthians 4:17

Then you'll have to pray for hours little boy

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Well that's alright, I've got some sick days, and as long as I don't asphyxiate, I'm good. But if she's gonna keep doing this in the future, we're going to have to come to an agreement to at least allow me to go to sleep on time on work days, but in exchange, I'll be all hers from Friday evening to Sunday night to make up for it. Same offer goes to her sister as well. I've still got to come in sometimes, after all. Though that would definitely motivate me to consider trying to move all my work to a home office, if possible.

Yeah Fridays and Sundays only are definitely not enough for her, she's gonna need a lot more than that.

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Her shit on my face. I could want that more.

I meant from when I come home Friday evening through to Sunday night, including all of Saturday, that's like, 36 hours I'll be awake and she can ride my face for, hot damn. That's four hours short of a full work week, and that's if she only came by on those three days. If she also stopped by for like, 4-5 more hours after work every work day, that would bring it to anywhere from 52-56 hours per week! If she's somehow that insatiable, then I won't be able to maintain a job at all.
She doesn't want me to lose my job, does she?

Dude, you're lucky enough to have that woman sit on your face, are you really gonna complain about losing your job?

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Oh, well I just figured she wouldn't want to have to bring me in and take care of me, but if she wants to do that, then hell yeah, fuck the system. I'll gladly clean up and do whatever the fuck else needs to be done before she comes back home to ride my face into the freshly vacuumed carpet.
Does it hurt you too to know we don't have this right now?

Life is fucking cruel ain't it. And of course she's a mommy and will take care of you and then sit on your face as much as she physically can

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Don't you know it. Just think, as far as we know she could be doing that to some insanely lucky bastard right now as we speak.
God it fucking hurts.

On her instagram she keeps talking about how she loves cuddling, so yeah there's actually a guy out there that gets to touch her ass

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Man, facesitting and also cuddling? Damn, that's nice. I need to get myself a thick brapper mommy NOW


this is unironically the best thread on r9k at this very moment

Thing is, most fat women have disgusting disfigured bloated faces from all the fat. This woman has godly proportions and a 8/10 face, which is impossibly rare

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i m o the fart shit is gay but I'm loving the pics

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Well, how disfigured are we talking here? I guess I could always compromise in weight until it's not as bad? Lowest I'm going is a shapely mom bod, though.

I know, not surprising when you post about every male's fantasies

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how do i get a fat girlfriend

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It's an acquired taste, soon you'll live for the brap

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just look at what posted, that's what disfigured means

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Checked, and yikes, you're right. Well fuck, guess I'm screwed, then.

No, I wouldn't be able to breathe and I would be inhaling farts all night and then I would probably have a panic attack

yeah but like don't you think it's kinda hot haha lol

I need a name, user. You can't just post this chick and not give a name.

Go check it out homie

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>Those fucking comments
Man, that is just a torrent of thirst. At least we have the dignity to remain anonymous haha, right bros?

Yeah it's fucking insane the amount of validation this womangets on a daily basis

but god damn she is fucking hot

Yeah, if there's one thing you can say, it's definitely not undeserved. That's prime genetics right there.

you don't know the amount of money I would pay to shove my face between her asscheeks

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Actually when you think about it, it is undeserved. This woman was just born with the perfect body, she obviously does not work out or anything to preserve that figure, she just exists. Still wanna lick her ass tho.

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One day, I'll have a hog of my own...

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in a perfect world we all have our own brap hog

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Well, she does have to do just a little bit, but it's really just as simple as not eating too much or too little.
Oh, another beauty. This gives me hope, user. Thank you, I hope you find yours as well.

Have a fake seizure
She gets scared and gets up
Yell "I'm not epileptic, you whore!"
Run away

Honestly I highly doubt she does any considerable effort. I think she just has it in her genes to not grow much fat on her face and neck, she probably could gain more weight without it affecting her face

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You can't run, the door is already locked. Before you even have your hands on the handle, she grabs you and shoves her ass right in your face again

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good thread, cheers yall

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Stay, give us your opinion on extremely thicc women

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Probably. I just said she at least does something, though again it's really as simple as not stuffing her face.
Though she's already perfect as is, I'm curious how she could fill out any more, now. How do you even prove yourself worthy to a goddess like this?
Cheers, user.

reach for gun, remember I'm a noguns, start crying and promise myself that I'll listen to Jow Forums next time

Also when you look at her face, the smoothness is definitely photoshop. She is still extremely hot in the videos she post on instagram, but you know, there's still a bit of retouching. Her body however is consistent between her videos and photos, that means she really is just that fucking thick

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Why would you even think of hurting her with a weapon of any sort

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That's kind of a shame, even the most gorgeous women still feel the need to hide their imperfections. Good to know she proudly owns her thickness, though.

Get gassed by the braphog, obviously.

fart louder so she knows who is the boss, then proceed to explain i have no sex drive due to my little 4 inch dick and tell her to grab a cookie and leave

Howl in rage and agony because all I wanted to do was sleep.

how do fembots compete with this?? peek fertility.

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jesus christ someone put this heifer out of its misery already

I'm pretty sure most fembots are as fat as this woman.

Jokes on you, this is practically taken right out of my search history

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(You) because I feel like this was probably funnier in your head

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M-Mal Malloy? Wtf happened to her?!

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>No other sizes of this image found.
Name please? I need more of this dangerous thickness

You have no choice but succumb to her exquisite inner scent

Bro it was posted earlier, if you really wanted to know you'd read the whole thread

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