Does r9k actually hate women?

I started browsing r9k for memes but I've decided to stay because I'm quite lonely and the sense of community here is really strong. I've seen a lot of assholes but most of you seem really chill. It seems like the majority of people here are just lonely and don't bear any hatred for anyone. However when I talk to people outside the community about r9k it seems that they confuse the users with incels, what's that about? does r9k actually hate women or are people just misinformed?

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>being this new
of course they do.

People confuse "hating women" with literally just describing their behaviour accurately.
i.e that they fuck a bunch of guys up until their 30's and pick them solely based on looks and then decide to pick some poor loser who is willing to marry them only to cheat on him and/or divorce him shortly after they get his money.

If you don't hate women, you're the one who's misinformed.

I'd say 35% actually hates women, 35% just shitposts about it, maybe still a bias against women, and the last 30% doesn't hate women. Rough estimations.

Every man hates women unless they are horny

>It seems like the majority of people here are just lonely and don't bear any hatred for anyone
yeah I mostly just rant on here about my bitter thoughts that I have due to being completely lonely. having literally zero friends can really wear you down so it feels good to come here and let it all out. basically what says. I just happen to post about hating women the most because they are the exact opposite of me in terms of socializing.

yeah, and that's why you're all trash.

You're the one who sucks that "trash" cock so what's that make you?

I don't hate women, since this would mean I would group up with ugly nonwhites who complain they don't get pussy.
If I'd live in an ethnostate, I probably would, but like things are, I hate foreigners instead
>don't bear any hatred for anyone.

AHAHAHAAH. This is why I love this community.

>It seems like the majority of people here are just lonely and don't bear any hatred for anyone
This is true
Unfortunately, at least here, they are basic as fuck, so they just repeat what the board expects of them. This involves moaning about race, women, pedophilia, climate change, progress and so on.
I wish they could just cut out the crap but then they go "my old Jow Forums wasn't like this" or whatever, and keep themselves from improving this place, only to go moan again on the next Belle Delphine advertisement thread.

>People confuse "hating women" with literally just describing their behaviour accurately.

Yeah this is a big one. You can't describe female nature without sounding like a hateful incel.

They're actually the ones who hate us.

Do you hate dogs for barking? Do you hate birds for flying? No, because that's in their nature. It's in women's nature to be selective, bitchy, and a selfish bag always looking for someone better. Do we hate women? Only the ones who believed the lies Disney has pumped out for decades do, but only because they're experiencing cognitive dissonance. The ones who understand women don't hate them, but avoid.

From what I've gathered the people here are really autistic and are stuck thinking in "Them vs us" patterns.

Dude.... you're beyond saving

t.beta trained dog for p*ssy

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Jow Forums is just bait and fags now. the real robots are dead or have moved on.

You're half way there. The entire human race is fundamentally flawed - regardless of gender.
You only focus on the women because of frustrations you have towards them. If those insecurities were satisfied you'd look at men with equal disdain.

Not that I'm somehow perfect. I'm just as flawed as the rest of us. Knowing this doesn't make me a lick better either. It's something that' not hard to figure out.

I like women, any dislike I have for them is for people in general, or on a case by case basis
I come here out of loneliness too
Most users here are incels, incel does not mean they hate women it just means you have never been with one despite wanting to
This last part is why I believe this to be bait

Less a matter of 'hate', more like noticing that most modern women are not worth having in your life.
They seem hellbent on making everything about them but sex into social bullshit and drama.

That's a white female actor.

And to a lesser extent Have it slightly correct.
Remove your masculinity from this for a second and look it at as detached as you can. Women choose men to sleep with, whereas men try to sleep with a lot of women, by and large. What happens if the woman isn't selective? As the gatekeepers of sex, the sense of eugenics is strong within them.
So they don't like having sex with ugly guys. Would you want your children to be ugly?
The main problem both men and women have is that they've been poisoned by hollywood lies about what's good in a person, what you should look for, what love is, the importance of said "love" (fuzzy feelings), and etc.

The men are correct to hate most female behavior, but they fail to see their own faults. Women wouldn't have gotten this bad without men allowing them to. $oybois are a thing. Thirsty guys who give money to webcam whores. Reddit. Men have their own flaws and deserve to have that behavior hated as well.

But don't hate the people. Hate what they do. They're not inherently irredeemable. If they shape up, accept them back (to an extent). Never say "you are horrible", merely "you're acting horrible".

There are certain people who are irredeemable and it hurts when you see them flushing everything down the toilet.
I am like this too but to a far lesser degree than some I've known over the years.

I don't hate them but I don't respect them either.