Think about this before you fuck chad, you stupid roasties

Think about this before you fuck chad, you stupid roasties.

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>thinking they will end up a loan


>implying there are any chad fucking stacies here
also, is this bait? what a stupid comic.


I think feminists are ugly

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I think both of them are nasty

I've never fucked and you'd just use me as a starter girlfriend anyway till you gain enough capital to attract stacy

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This. Men are despicable.

What's with that fucked up edit?

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Only extremely attractive men do that.
The vast majority of men would cling to you like a fucking clam you deluded idiot.

I've never fucked and you'd just use me as a starter boyfriend anyway till you gain enough self esteem to attract chad

>not posting the actual original
What's your problem?

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>the reason more men don't do this to women is because they're not able to sleep around
This isn't unlike male vs. female virginity. It tales a smattering of restraint to be a female virgin, whereas men only remain virgins because they're scared of God or can't have sex. And the former is not an thing anymore in Western societies.

His new work where he's become more self-aware is kind of sad IMO

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>Average looking men shouldn't complain because they can always fuck pic related.
>Women have to be extremely restrained to be virgins.
Yeah and they don't restrain themselves.
So you're virtue signalling virtually no one.

is that the original picture?

Forgot the pic related.
Anyway, no.
There are very few men that do that starter gf shit, and they are precisely the types of assholes that women choose so so much for all that "restraint".
And in the end they can still easily find someone else to fuck.

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you're not wrong

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Women don't care about marriage anymore.

funny edit
funny edit
not funny edit

Yeah, it's an r/antifastonetoss original

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I don't understand the joke.
Is the joke her sister looks funny?

That one didn't really have a punch line.

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it's a leftist meme, don't overthink it

I prefer the apolitical ones myself

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Except virgins are pretty common. See CDC statistics where virgins, male and female, are about 10% of the population for the mid-twenties age group.

But of course, the rates of virginity are not the issue here. That's just you being a brainlet and not seeing the forest for the trees. My point is that the other user literally conceded that men would be infinitely worse the moment they had better options, which is also the case in male virginity.

>it's not all men!!!
>it's a few!!!
Except the frequency isn't the issue here. Of course they're rare. Few men are confident to try it because they know they're pathetic and likely won't succeed. The issue is that they would try if they felt they would succeed (see ). They have no innate moral compass that would make them restrain themselves.

>but women choose these men!!!
So you concede few men do this "practice gf" stuff. Well, how often do you think women fuck over men in divorce payments? Steal their kids? Make false rape accusations?

So now you have to take a stance. Either women don't do these things that often even though we could (making us morally superior to men) OR you argue it does happen more often than men take practice gfs. And if you take the latter option, then, if women are at fault for dating jerks, then men are at fault for dating cunts. And since there are more men falling for cunts than women falling for jerks, it sounds like men are the ones who love to be abused. Sad!

The joke is that people with MD are monsters and jokes.

Great post, sisteranon. Robots complain about women being the gatekeeping sex, but it's pretty clear society would go to shit if women weren't there to control men's sexual impulses. The only real issue is rape. I think women should put chastity belts on their sons before they grow up, so that rape is removed from the equation entirely. Once that's done, women can go about ending war and crime forever because male labour has been controlled and funneled into a proper, healthy direction.

Wow so many.

>they know they're pathetic and likely won't succeed.
They will only be in that pathetic situation if they choose chad.

>So now you have to take a stance.
Yes the stance is that the vast majority of women cuck their husbands and fuck them over (literally 67% of marriages end in divorce here in Portugal).
And the very few that get cucked by their husbands (the starter gf thing) still have it way fucking easier than the average man.

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As for everything before marriage, what is happening is a great number of women hoping around a few chad cocks and an increasing number of men being virgins.

As for the women that have stable, loving relationships well into marriage, they are often religious and even when they aren't, they aren't bitter cunts like you.

>not posting the original version

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>I concede that women are gold-diggers
>in my cognitive dissonance I also posit that women are saints

>this anecdote that is antithetical to all statistical and evolutionary biological bases, is my argument!


antifa members are weak faggots

Are you a strong heterosexual man?

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>wow so many

>They will only be in that pathetic situation if they choose chad.
If men choose Chad? I don't understand. I think you misread and need to go back and read more slowly.

>assumes they're all cucking without statistics just because they're divorces

Anyway, thank you for conceding that men are disgusting masochists who deliberately choose sadistic women and open themselves up to abuse at far greater rates than women do for men. As a woman, I can't imagine having such a sad and pathetic psychology. I'm very sorry for you.

>that pic
Actually, yes, that is patriarchy. Women get special treatment because they are less than men.

>bitter cunts
That user you're replying to is a man and not the femanon, dude.

im just not a faggot that is being paid by an old man to be a nuisance, and push an agenda on behalf of foreign interest

Weak men create hard times. I'm sorry some twitter liberal hurt your feelings

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the answer to his question is "yes"

I'm not here to answer questions

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The AntifaStoneToss subreddit is full of shit-spewing retards who cannot meme. That's an edit. The original comic is making fun of the AI Bixby. Check out Stonetoss's website and stay away from Reddit.

To be fair, some people did say it's not okay to be white, just nobody who fucking mattered lol
Welcome to social media

"Redpilled" MGTOW are hypocrites.
Men cheat more than women do.

Im not white, you dense, brainwashed idiot, im just calling you out for what you are. Also no one at fucking antifa lasts a full 15 min bout against me im telling you that

>Weak brown man complaining about shit


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that's right baby, I stay away from fembots because im prone to cheating on you with a hooker

You know why?
Because women leave instead of cheating. And they leave more often than men do.

They definitely still care about having children. And who is going to raise that child? Chad? OH NO NO NO

At least we can do it without breaking windows, hurting people, stealing vehicles or property, blocking highways, you know, the typical lefty protest protocols. We are more civilized than you

>so much text that it can barely fit into the bubble

Women are more likely to rationalize their shitty cheating and rationalize downplaying what actually happened. They're fucking born liars and can and will use that to get away with it.

Care to explain why right wing violence is so much more prevalent than Islamic terror or left wing terror in the US?

I'd much rather have my daughter come home from a protest and have to replace my trash can than having a trash can and no daughter. Rest in power, Heather Heyer

>In the United States, right-wing violence is on the rise

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That is pretty terrible, my guess is there is a lot of people with extreme right wing views and they sometimes are not the sharpest tools in the shed. I know it sounds like a platitude but it should make sense to you

Not an argument dumb niggerfaggot

>Dumb weak brown man apologizes for violence

honk honk

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>has anyone ever said it's not okay to be white?
Why, yes.'s_OK_to_be_white#Reaction

There isn't even a fucking joke! It's just being preachy and "dude i fucking love science lmao." If you're going to make an edit then at least have some attempt at a joke.
Sorry, what I meant to say was
>The Left Can't Meme: Example # 7594873507820394850249097123569274981263598721934869124098612984096230948692683140981620946092386409862349682398560982613409862509368093286569615124

women like it when their man cheats

Good thing very few Western countries are actually democracies. The majority are republics (including the USA).

>Comic stops shitting on the rightwing and goes straight into circlejerking the self-insert Antifa character for being so tolerant
What virtue-signalling faggot made that comic? This is why no one likes SJW's, because at the end of the day, when they're not flinging shit at anyone to the right of Chairman Mao, everything that happens is all about THEM and how tolerant and wonderful THEY are and what THEY can do for muhnorities.

sauber brudi, viele lacher geerntet nachts um dreiviertel 2 auf nem texanischen mariachi forum mit deutschen insider memes

>"Simply put, these signs have no place at our university."

Signs, not the message

>The Guardian columnist Jason Wilson argued that "It's OK To Be White" was devised by white supremacists in order to stoke overreaction from the left

Didn't say it's not okay to be white

In other media
>The controversy was widely reported worldwide and was only a couple of months after the white supremacist Christchurch mosque shootings.

They didn't sell the shirt

Australian parliament motion
>On October 15, 2018, right-wing politician Pauline Hanson proposed an "It's OK to be white" motion in the Australian Senate intended to acknowledge the "deplorable rise of anti-white racism and attacks on Western civilization".[32] It was supported by most senators from the governing Liberal-National Coalition, but was defeated 31-28 by opponents who called it a racist slogan from the white supremacist movement.

They didn't pass the legislation

I didn't see anybody say that it wasn't okay to be white.

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really? then how do fags fit those badragons?
my peen is 5.5 girth

My bad, dude. I'll send it back to the Redditor and ask them to make it better.

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>he replaced me with a 22 year old
what a beta, should've grabbed himself an 18 years old

girth is measured by circumference you fucking smoothbrain

his degeneracy makes him less human, thats the point, honey

Goddamn I'm tired of explaining how these comics miss the mark on so many levels, like how this one totally mischaracterizes the reasons people like Trump in the first place.

Isn't that kinda fucked up though if you think about it?

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what if

hear me out





What if dude

What if





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>lel rednecks sure are dumb rite guise
So more elitism from the party of tolerance. What else is new.
Also get the fuck back to that cuck palace you call home.

IQ is 134 i'm just not a faggot you faggot

If you think that's bad, watch this

I'm gonna say it


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You can have diversity without sacrificing intelligence, the very thing that separates us from every other animal.

I'll keep that in mind next time I post that comic, thank you

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My IQ is 135 so im right and you are wrong

I'm not even a Hollercost denier and yet again the point of the comic is missed. The whole idea is that you cannot be even slightly skeptical and have to blatantly accept absolutely everything as fact, including that rising number of Jews that were ACHSHUALLY killed. If you deviate that, they will silence you, run your name through the mud, and get you fired from you job. On the other hand, people are free to dehumanize and strawman the fuck out of skeptics to their heart's content and not face any social repercussions.
Not that I would suspect an antifa-year-old to understand any form of nuance stronger than "Nazi man comic bad and now we make it good because character agree wit us!"

Deplatforming holocaust deniers is funny tho

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Discord tranny ruined the thread. Sage and leave

Is it really sad masochists if the sadism and absolute cuntery of the woman is only shown once she feels she's earned her place next to the man? Female cuntery didn't exist when men had them controlled and shackled, right, so is that how it should go so that we don't "have so many male masochists"? No, you're fucking retarded, and everybody else replying to you generally is as well. Things aren't this black and white. You, nor anybody else in this thread, myseld included, has the answers. You may bicker and quarrel and try to choose a conclusion, but at the end of the day your conclusion is going to be biased based on what you want to be true, in order to fit the worldview that your (one person in billions on this planet) experience has brought you to create. Stop generalizing, and realize that people are people. Statistics and numbers don't mean that humans have a set algorithm for behavior that every person runs on; they are numbers collected from the exact opposite of an algorithm, and are often meant to be misleading in order to push an agenda. Thus, everybody is different from the other in some way or another, differing in aspirations, motivations for aspirations, means to achieve those aspirations, etc. This also means that just because one person may have the same aspirations as another (ie fucking bitches), they most likely won't go about it the same way, leading to shit like your starter gf talk being absolute fucking nonsense, particularly as you try to read all men's minds (something absolutely ludicrous to do), and then begun to assume and push that, "ALL MEN WOULD DO THIS IF THEY COULD AHAHA TOTALLY NOT PROJECTING BASED ON MY (ONE PERSON) EXPERIENCES!!", before attempting to argue that to try to do the same to women only "proves your point". Fucking kill yourself you absolute narcissistic, deluded brainlet. Saged.


worse than literal abos

It's not a strawman if it's simply not true. You're not just cherrypicking something Trump said, you're making it up and pretending he's a racist, and you're pretending that's why people like him.
On to the next eye vomit material: editing a comic to make sense only to the mouth-breathing retards over at ChapoFagHouse and STILL not having a punchline does not constitute a good comic. Next. Or actually, you don't have to because you can still go back to cuckit.

>Antifa admiting they want to indoctrinate children with they're fantasy roleplay
Nothing clever in that comic other than WE'RE RITE URE WRUNGGGG

No right wing terrorist did anything as horrific as 9/11

Who cares if there's a joke? We can just throw bubblewrap on something to make it better!
Go back to wholesemememes you insufferable faggot.

>Claims to be against the fatcat richers but wants to destroy the career of anyone who deviates from their retarded thinking, including literally most people in the "working class."
Checks out.

What the fuck happened to this thread

Sex and gender are the same thing.

cope happened

God damn, are you a zoomer? Fucking Christ user, what's happened to you? We used to laugh about 9/11. I just want my friend back.

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i can tell your iq is low for falling for that obvious bait

>inb4 i baited you, retard XD

If you wrap the Jewish question in shit, it's still the Jewish question underneath all the shit

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i dont want a fucking stacy, my brother is married to one and i cant fucking stand that cunt

So there's this retard who comes from a community of retards that edits a man's internet comic in unfunny ways, just so that the message can align with their authoritarian way of thinking. They even go so far as to omit any sort of punchline, because their ideology being displayed over the original artwork is apparently more important than any attempt at humor, which is inherent in the type of webcomic that the original was. After this, they preach to their choir about how horrible the original artist is and how awesome they are for "totally owning him." After this, they go out and infest and invade other communities. By some cosmic blunder of bad luck, one of them found this board and decided to start pulling his pants down and leaving a trail of long, smelly shit, and is no doubt contacting his friends on the retard forum to come back here and do the same.
Hope that cleared some things up for you.

Aha baited and switched.

You know like 60% of people in on the IOTBW tjing were non-whites tired of seeing another group trodden on for no reason, right?
Also the fact that simply saying "It's OK to be white" is taken as a neo-nazi white supremacist slogan, simply being tolerant of whites is racism, shows these people honestly think it isn't OK.

>Gender is a social construct and sex is biological
>Making a point about "basic science"
Holy shit do these people even think

Thank God I'm not the only one that thinks that making a self-righteous comment at the end of the comic isn't a slam-dunk conclusion.

>this whole thread
imagine being a fucking leftist, jesus christ

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These characters look very fashionable