Tachycardia thread

"how bad is your resting heart rate?" edition

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a bit less than 60

Nice b8 cunt
...fuck u edition

why do you even care? i mean you will most likely wont die. I have a heart problem and i haven't taken my meds since 2016 and i smoke, have a bad diet and stay up for 2-3 days most of the time, still im here.

very erratically high.
>at rest: 70 to 80
>working out: drops to 50 to 60, and then jumps to 90 to 100

used to be 40, because I exercised all the time. but now its like 60/70 because im a fatty again

64 bpm right now
used to be in the high 70's but for the past 3 weeks I started going for a 20 minute bicycle ride every morning so I guess that is helping

63 beats per second

Did you know a high percentage of psychopaths have a really low resting heart beat? Does anybody have any tips to get it lower? Does masturbation count as cardio?

>Does masturbation count as cardio?
if you have rough sex with a life-sized doll then probably

98-104 how bad is this im 22 and physically fit (i hike)

Mine is 130 and honestly im probably dieing in my 60s.

I'm 19 and my resting heartrate is usually between 95-105. I'm underweight so that probably has something to do with it.

I had my heart rate taken at MEPS last week and my heart was beating at 130bpm

I was just nervous though and had no sleep

The healthy limit is up to 90. Beyond that your resting heart rate is abnormal. Beyond 100 you are having tachycardia and should go see a doctor.

At this moment, my heartrate is 105 and my blood pressure 130/90.

I hope I don't die too soon.

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75-80 and am a fat hapa

was much higher earlier when i was stressed out

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you guys are so fucking stupid. if you go to the gym or simply jog/treadmill/bike whatever for 30 minute every other day you have nothing to worry about. even a brisk walk. how do you suck this much?

I briefly dated a girl with POTS in high school. She often fainted, had two heart attacks before age 17, and eventually became wheelchair-bound after we broke up.

Tachycardia is fucked man

I was worried about my blood pressure for the last year until I got health insurance and got it checked. It was normal besides my bottom number being a little high. I would always check it in grocery stores right after I finished walking so it would naturally be high . I also drink and smoke

Is she still alive, fren?

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75 bpm resting. Is this good? I remember when I went through chemo one of them was like, heart toxic or some shit. Whenever I got that drug my resting heart rate would be in the 85s-90s.

60bpm ish but BP is more important. 150/100 was at the doctors office. 145/88 was the best i got for getting cleared medically. already contact my doctor, this shit is no game. i'm 25.

im anxious 70% of the time and 30% im furious.

it beats at a normal rate but it's so fuckin strong when it beats

goddamn thats tragic. young people dont deserve that kind of shit.

108bpm right now. (basic bitch shitty measuring)
It's been like this for at least a decade, still haven't died.
Last time I measured decently (12 years ago) it was 120bpm.

>he thinks he'll make it to 60

lmao, with a hr like that you'll be in and out of hospitals by 40 at the absolute latest

"Normal" is 60 - 100. Athletes are typically under 60. If you're relatively young (under 30), 75 is shit. Lose some weight fatty.

110+ resting. It's idiopathic and docs say I'm perfectly healthy otherwise

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Counted 52 atm but Fitbit reckons it's usually 46. Apparently it gets down to 37 when I'm asleep.

If you weren't all such fat disgusting unfit faggots maybe you'd also have a gf.

mine is 78 and im 28 years old
110kg 200cm tall
i do nothing

>mine is 78
>i do nothing
We can tell

>still im here
For now jackass. Also if you manage to survive it's because of luck and not because those things are ridiculously bad for you.

You are clearly not physically fit if you are resting heart rate of 100. I've seen fat people hike.

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yeah that's too high dude
anyone with good health should be hanging around 80, 60 or lower for athletes
at 100+ your heart is working too hard to do basic shit
see a doctor
also mine is like 105 most of the time, 170-180 when exercising
but that's because i'm a fat sedentary fuck

I'm and never been overweight. 5'10, 130 lbs. Also do cardio regularly. My ticker just ticks more than usual.

Sorry meant to tag but fucked up

>fat disgusting unfit
That's me.

Hey, I'm not you.

>maybe you'd also have a gf.
Nah, I tried.
I was fit in my late teens, nothing came of it so I became a depressed shut-in NEET. and got way too fat (95Kg was my heaviest, when I got the 120bpm measuring).
I pretty much quitted life at age 20. There's nothing out there for me and I learned it way too early.

This is the equivalent of a fatty saying it's fat just because of genetics but it eats a really healthy, low-cal diet. My ex gf used to run with me. Only she only went once a week max. And she jogged. And she took breaks. And her hr reflected that. I suspect the same with you.

>have loser mentality
>become loser
Like pottery

You know idiopathic benign tachycardia is a thing right? If every doctor I've been to says I'm perfectly healthy and I've never had complications of any kind I see no reason to argue with them. But obviously you know better.

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>I'm perfectly healthy
>but I have a heart disease that literally increases my risk of dying
Again, like a fat pre-diabetic who claims it's COMPLETELY HEALTHY otherwise.
>b-but I'm not dead yet and issues haven't yet arisen so it's 100% safe and fine
Until it isn't. Cardiac Events are sudden and without warning and, mostly, they only need to happen once before you die.

I'm not scared of death at all. My parents will get a killing from a malpractice lawsuit or something too. If you're right, you're right. Currently that doesn't seem to be the case.

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>My parents will get a killing from a malpractice lawsuit
The fuck are you going on about you dweeb? Why would they get money for you dying from their shitty genetics?
>If you're right, you're right. Currently that doesn't seem to be the case.
>*takes drag from cig*
>yeah i heard cigs kill you so if they're right they're right but it hasn't killed me yet so it doesn't seem to be true

If you say so user. It's not a big deal to me.

As long as I don't have to die from heart failure, I'm satisfied with life.

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Since last thread got 404'd i reply to you here:

"No, what i have is this Sick sinus syndrome (SSS), but again, i don't remember the name of the medications i was taking at that time, since it was around 2015 and i let my mother take care of it. But i guess it was also a mixture of the anti-psychotics, anti-depressants and the alcohol that made me have hallucinations (i always had deletions regarding weird ideas or thoughts but never hallucinations or fake memories).

When did you noticed your irregular heart rate? did you do anything out of the ordinary or took any drugs or something you haven't take before?"

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>When did you noticed your irregular heart rate? did you do anything out of the ordinary or took any drugs or something you haven't take before?
I literally was stupid enough to mix Ritalin with propanolol and I started fainting and losing consciousness and I got to the Hospital. They discharged me after doing an EKG, but two or three days later I fainted on a shopping mall and then was put on atenolol (beta-blocker). Now I'm only on Olmesartan. I'm thinking of talking to my doctor to take it concomitantly with propanolol because the BP pills aren't solving my tachycardia.

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If you want you can write your lifestory and I'll read it by tomorrow morning. I really have to go to sleep because I gotta go to a laboratory and do a blood test.

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No namefag he obviously ran into a hospital and did the John Q thing.

My life story for what? I will keep talking to you in your threads or Aiste threads anyways, i guess i can give a reason to why i decided to namefag and start going on your threads, seems fair to give an explanation, goodnight.

You can write whatever you want, I mean, and I'll read it. No need to get all fussed up about it.

Sorry if it seems that i'm upset or "fussed" or whatever. It's just interesting to me.