How will you fare in prison when you inevitably get caught up being a pedo creep?

How will you fare in prison when you inevitably get caught up being a pedo creep?

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>the white guy has the mike tyson tat

ha, funny

Pretty well I think. 6'4 with extensive martial arts experience, wouldn't save me from a backstab shanking though but I doubt they'd try that.

I'd never go to prison for that, but if I ended up in there somehow, I'd just be in the isolated cell.

Only fags who want to see and smell other men shitting stay in the common area.

>implying those buff guys wouldnt have sex with a 14 year old the first chance they get.

theyre the real pedophiles.

Its always weird to me that in a supposed civilised society, where even the slightest insensitivity is to be avoided, its generally just accepted and even encouraged that prison rape is rampant

I read that Jared is the king of the pedos in prison and walks around like he runs the place.

the thing with you child molesters is that you think everybody else thinks like you when it's the furthest thing from the truth. You're abnormal. Worse than that, you're sick.

i'm a big guy4u
so i guess i'll just lift the entire time

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Jared touched a 14 year old?

That's not being a pedo though

It's like with every other form of mob justice. The system fails to give them their due punishment (prison isn't enough) so people give them the justice they deserve.

pedos are put in a different, more protected part of prison, so they don't get killed.
In civilised countries anyway.

That's only in some prisons. If that were the case, then Jared wouldn't have gotten his ass beat.

I only look at drawn loli pornography, and in my country, we have freedom that allows us to do so without consequence.
God bless America.

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ill die to cop before that desu

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Mob "justice" is just about the worst aspect of humanity, bar none.

>implying ghetto niggers don't gangbang underage girls daily
Shows what you know.

Actually, in some states you can still go to prison even for simulated cp.

I said civilised countries, america isn't.

Okay here's the thing right? You may think that everyone else is like you but I'd unironically be incapable of getting a boner even if a 14 year old was grinding naked on my dick. It just doesn't work, I don't have the illness.

Biologically, humans are programmed to fuck 13-18 year olds over anything else. 100 years ago you would do it without even considering that it might be "bad".

>muh programming
Get over that meme, freak.

>100 years ago
Too bad for you this isn't 100 years ago, huh? It's the present and we have decided that you are a pedophile.

Not only are you a samefag, you are a beta cuck denialist who can't admit that he wants that hebepussy just like the rest of us. On the off chance you are telling the truth, you are the one who is broken

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It ain't a meme, and you know I'm right. You've simply been conditioned to feel the way you do because of modern laws and political campaigning. It still isn't legally or scientifically considered pedophilia, and in many countries it is still legal. First world ones, I might add.

You think that evolution has changed us that much in 100 years?
>we have decided that you are a pedophile.
Who the fuck is "we"? What kind of cuck let's other people decide what makes their dick get hard. How does that even work?

This. most of these militant anti-pedophiles are only doing it to divert attention from themselves.

If a law were passed banning heterosexual sex, with 5-25 year sentences, these retards would eat it up and agree, calling all men who have sex with any woman disgusting and immoral because women are too fragile to consent or whatever bullshit "authorities" come up with. They just assume whatever their textbooks and lawmakers say is the absolute truth. It's a religion, almost.

The funniest part to me is when they hear that another country has a lower age of consent and try to blame it on immigrants, not realizing that the age of consent there never changed in the first place and that it was their own culture that was altered by outaiders.

It's pointless to argue with them once they've shown how vehement they feel. They're either covering up their own urges and feelings to blend in like said, they're ignorant of reality, or, more likely in pedo threads like this, they're just baiting. The first two will never change. The fear is too potent to overcome and the other is willfully ignorant or plain retarded.

I wouldn't be arguing with them if they weren't trying to kill/jail people for insane reasons.

They're animalistic and frothing at the mouth to just hurt anyone for any reason. They enjoy being caught up in a frenzy of mob passion. They long to be a part of something bigger than themselves and can't stand being the odd one out. They will see no reason and hear no argument. All you can do is change public sentiment through the same channels the crazy feminists did. It has to be slow subversion over generations. In this case, it's a return to traditional morals and justified by how perverse the mob mentality is compared to the "mental traumas" allegedly inflicted on poor, young women. Somehow, traditionalists and moralists see it otherwise.

I think 90% of the people here would become good little prison wifeys almost immediately, lest they want to get their boipussies raped by hoards of niggers

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>all these mental gymnastics to try to justify wanting to have sex with minors
Yeap, you people are fucking sick.

>all these mental gymnastics to try to justify punishing natural human sexual selection
Yeap, you people are fucking kiked.

>not hanging yourself with bedsheets at first night
You guys really are amateurs, arent you?

>appealing to nature again
Not only are you people perverts but you're morons as well.

If it worked for hundreds of thousands of years, it works now. You are denying biology. You are doing the same thing trannies are. You are run by what can be described as either programmed ignorance or mental illness. If all academics and politicians decided based on some sociological studies that biological men can never have sexual relations with biological women, you would agree and put on the god damn chastity belt. Not everything that is new is good; neither is everything that is old. But basic human sexual attraction that the vast majority of men possess isn't something that can just go away and any pushes to regulate it is definitive oppression. You are doing the dirty work of scheming progressives and you're happy about it, too.

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You know what else is biologically imperative? Parents protecting their offspring. The community of adults in general to protect the young from predators, sexual or otherwise. Predators like you. It's natural for me to want to kill pedos. Deal with it.

jared is actually in prison? i didn't hear about him in a while

>How will you fare in prison when you inevitably get caught up being a pedo creep?
I would kms unironically. Good thing I'm not though

The biggest danger to a fertile girl is birthing complications due to incomplete physical growth. That stops being an issue at age 14 or 15. That also happens to be the age of consent in wide array of countries. I wonder why? Huh.

It's natural for you to want to kill any suitors that your daughter brings home regardless of whether she's 13 or 33. In an ideal society, females are pseudo-property to be used or sold by the father. If that includes his 14 year old daughter, that should be fine. Arranging marriage to a betrothed from birth should be accepted too on the condition that sexual conduct of any kind isn't permissible until say, 14 or perhaps whatever age the father's contract states.

>gf is 15
>lives in canada
>shes an anime fangirl
>shows me her drawings
>wants to be a voice actor
>lets me hear her different character voices
>the default sentence she says is "hi daddy its me and i love you"
older girls just cant compete

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What is it with anti-pedophiles and anti-hebophiles that makes them desire the rape of other human beings so much?

that is my fetish. pretty little 14 year old black girl with a big fat ass taking on a train of men

Any sexual species that has mature reproductive organs is literally an adult. And they WILL IMMEDIATELY start reproducing. But this kind of thing has become taboo in today's society because our wageslave lifestyle does not allow this behavior. Back when the primary occupations consisted of farming, making pots, being a soldier, doctor, or artist, it would be easy. But when everyone works a nine to five job of picking rocks out of haystacks? Not possible.

>gf is 15

ew what the fuck

Yes and I'm Donald J. Trump. I might just send the FBI after you for vacation pedophilia. Didn't see that coming huh?

I'm not a pedo, but being a pedo isn't a crime.

i heard that jared was actually kind of worshiped in prison and the other pedos formed a protective mob for him
i wonder how it feels never to lose

Correct. Child molestation is a crime. But being a pedo is a sign of moral and genetic inferiority