Own up fembots, why aren't you lactating?

Own up fembots, why aren't you lactating?

>easy to induce, most women can do it with a simple stimulation regimen, just get a hand pump and play with your nipples a few times a day
>burns up to 400 calories per day at full production
>creates an incredibly useful liquid that can be used for an income stream, worth around $2.50-$3.00 per oz in bulk, at high production you can make up to $80/day from it
>increases your breast size over time
>over a third of women who lactate admit that it feels erotic, about a quarter report orgasmic pleasure
>studies show that women who never lactate are at increased risk for breast and ovarian cancer, paradoxically breastfeeding also reduces risk of osteoporosis in old age despite it lowering calcium levels
>free birth control, lactation suppresses fertility just as well as hormonal pills without the side effects (at peak production, at lower levels of production fertility will return so be careful)

Seriously, you'd have to be stupid to not do this. Literally no disadvantage except that you have to spend time to keep production up and eat a healthy diet and stay well hydrated which you should already be doing.

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>easy to induce
You have to do nothing but rub your breasts all day every day for months to get even a few drops.
So good luck if you can't even keep up with your diet goal.

>free birth control, lactation suppresses fertility just as well as hormonal pills
[citation needed]

>easy to induce, most women can do it with a simple stimulation regimen, just get a hand pump and play with your nipples a few times a day
It's not. I even followed a guide on the hentai fetish chan and didn't work at all. Think I need to get actually pregnant or buy some hormones online.

what would you want to do first if you could lactate

This is my biggest fetish
I really wanna be tied up and milked like a cow. God, I wish I can find a bf okay with it.

>tfw will never start a fembot ranch and farm them for their milkies

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What the fuck is this guys problem? Why is he letting half the milk go over the floor and why is he using such improper milk storage methods?

>feed a girl cum
>she turns it into milk
>milk her and then drink it

Sounds gay, but it's not.

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It varies a bit woman to woman. Try Fenugreek, the lactation hormones they sell clinically are just isolated from compounds in that. Don't give up sweetie, no woman should be a milkcel.

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i guess kek approves of lactation

HOLY SHIT. every femanon is obliged to lactate now. if you don't lactate you're not a femanon.

Hormonal birth control does nothing but trick the female's body into thinking that it's pregnant/lactating. Humans are super high investment reproducers so fertility is severely reduced by the stresses that lactation puts on a woman's body. You can definitely get preggers while lactating but when you're at peak production the chance is about the same as it is on hormonal birth control.

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>sexts telling fembots to lactate
okay this thread is based

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>tfw no gf to hook up to a breast pump and fuck doggy style

Hi, pick me sweetie.

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>a claim with [no citation]

Also that webm just proves the first point though. Those udders are obviously capable of much more than those pathetic few drops, and that's probably after months of training.

KEK is on the roll tonight in this thread!

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It's not like this is uncommon knowledge, it's been recognized since antiquity that lactation reduces a woman's chances of becoming pregnant, as the demand decreases and the first child is weaned the woman's fertility begins to return, but the first year or so after birth a woman who breastfeeds exclusively is pretty unlikely to get pregnant.

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You list all of that but FUCK no every webm that's been posted other than maybe and looks painful as hell

muh dicc

It's true that some women claim that lactation is painful but like I said, about a third of women who do it claim it provides sensual pleasure and a fourth of women, according to a British study, experience orgasmic pleasure from it. It all depends on your body and you never know until you try.

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for any fembot who is worried that lactation might hurt, i will make a bet, i will suck on your teats until you lactate and if it hurts, you can punish me proportionate to the pain you feel.

punishment can only be meted out after you start giving milk btw.

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I'm too old probably. 31
Last time I got pregnant I miscarried so...
Plus I've been on birth control for years

come on just lactate you know you want to

you're never too old to lactate dear. Fertility doesn't nosedive until 35 for most women anyways.

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old women for hundreds of years lactated for other women who did not want to.

daily reminder that a 2011 study found that female nipple stimulation sent signals to the same part of the brain that stimulation of the clitoris, vagina and cervix sent signals to.

Nipples are the most open and available erogenous zone of a female, master the nipple and you master the woman.

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Mmm, Christmas cake femanon. Can I call you mommy?

*siiiiip* quite pungent milk you have there my dear

>had a tumor on my pituitary gland in high school
>supposed to be extremely rare, doctor said he never expected to see one in someone my age ever
>breast milk would literally leak from time to time
>so embarrassed I stuck pads on my bras and wore hoodies until it was resolved
it's not fun

Well when you're at that age, you become self conscience of the stupidest things. I have no doubt it sucked, but now it could be a great thing if you circumnavigate the mommydom fags

Sooo how does it taste tho?

>never had the chance of a lactation high school romance

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I hated it so much I would probably be uncomfortable with it if I end up with kids.

There was NO WAY I was trying anything with anyone at the time. No one got to see me when I wasn't fully dressed and protected.

>I will never even touch a girl's breasts
Man, I wish I could be asexual or something. This is hell.

>There was NO WAY I was trying anything with anyone at the time. No one got to see me when I wasn't fully dressed and protected.
but we just want to love your tit milkies

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We live in a society user.

this isnt original.

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Yeah and I didn't want people to have any idea that it existed.

im sure if you got together with a boy back then he would have liked it
we have very very sick perverted minds

that was then, this is now. Embrace your special body, God wanted you to be a cow.

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Okay, well I hated it.

I don't lactate now.

fenugreek is supposed to work fairly well, it makes your body odor sweeter too, as an upside

If you did it once, you can do it again.

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>the hentai fetish chan
I would like some further direction here

it makes you smell like fake maple syrup because it's used in making it. So you'll smell kinda like Ms. Buttersworth if you dont bathe frequently. Not bad but probably not an objective good.

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>ywn get intimate with a woman as you milk her

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threadly reminder that lactation releases large amounts of oxytocin into the woman's bloodstream, oxytocin is known as the bonding hormone and makes women feel more attached to people around her when it's being produced. Milk your woman r9k and she'll be loyal to you forever.

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meh, I like the smell of it, it's basically just sweet with a bit of syrup and a bit of spice really on me. Obviously I still use deodorant and bathe, but I like it far more than my natural body odor

it's definitely better than garden variety BO but I can see some people finding the scent offensive. For me, I could smell that sweet syrup and know that the girl is highly productive and ready to feed a needy man her milk.

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In all seriousness what does human milk taste like?

somewhat similar to sweetened cow milk, it has a different mouthfeel though, it's creamier and richer. Depends on the woman's diet though. Human milk actually has close to the perfect globulization profile for making aged dairy products like cheese or yogurt, only pig's milk is better, but milking humans is actually easier than milking pigs.

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even traps can make themselves lactate, women have no excuse

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get this nasty ass soimilk out of my thread, we only support real female hucow milk on r9k.

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teach me how user. if it involves painfully mashing my chest every day for a year without progress though I don't want to hear.

It was too difficult and time consuming to induce by myself. I wanted to do it with a partner who could stimulate with him mouth.

like op said, you need to massage your chest, try 30 minutes a day of massaging your chest and nipples. Using oil makes it far easier. Start taking fenugreek. Once you start getting a little bit of dribbling, start using a pump too. Are you a guy?

30 minutes a day isn't enough. I'm this user and I tried to induce for a very long period of time. You have to massage and suck for 30 minutes several times per day. If you don't do it frequently it won't happen.

I thought you were lucky to have double trips. Then i saw
Holy fucking shit this thread is blessed.

the ideal way to induce is pretty simple, get an electric pump and have it suck your teats multiple times a day. You want to let it suck for at least 10-15 minutes at a time, and the more times the better. Gradually you will start producing milk provided your hormonal balance is good for it. If it's not, Fenugreek is the ideal supplement for helping you in your quest.

You can get a thirsty boy to help but its hard to line up schedules for that many nursing sessions per day, you want to mimic a baby trying to feed at your breasts as well as you possibly can, because women evolved to be able to lactate to feed the babies of their tribe members if they died in childbirth or something.

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also reminder that while Christianity damns most sexual fetishes, it basically endorses lactation. Islam has a more complex relationship but some clerical opinions say that a woman should breastfeed men who work with her in order to make them technical family members under shariah law so it is not haraam to work with them or to have them in their presence without family members around.

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i hate the webms where they dribble it from their mouths, it's gross. I'm fine with drinking it but leaking it all mixed with their saliva from the mouth I hate.

Islam is for faggots, take that shit back to the desert you fucking sandnigger

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They do it to prove they're sucking milk out of their tits and not just playing with their nipples.

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how the fuck is this biologically possible

female is much closer to the "baseline human" than male is.

No rules active Jow Forums server, get the fuck in here already:


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nipples are nipples. We all start off in the female form before our chromosomes express themselves and give men penises. With the right hormonal balance men can give milk as well because our nipples are basically fully functional given the appropriate stimuli.

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fuck off discord trannny

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that's not really true, there's no "base" human form, the idea that everyone starts as a woman in the womb is a misconception. The reason everyone has nipples is simply because nipples are developed very early on, before any sexual development occurs, nipple development isn't linked to sex chromosomes at all.
Men don't even really need hormones to lactate, it's helpful but it's possible to induce gynecomastia and then lactation just by massaging.

This! It makes me mad how few hucow videos have any sex.

>tfw no forced paizuri or forced lactation videos
I love the idea of a woman being forced to lactate so much.

>Implying I'm not lactating
My one and a half year old refuses to wean. I still have like 50ozs of frozen milk that expires soon in deep freeze.