4th of July

>4th of July
>figure I should do something rather than just be lonely
>google events going on in my city for the 4th
>festival going on within 10 minute drive
>think it might be fun
>go to festival
>walk around
>all I see are families, kids, groups of friends all having fun in an outdoor concert together
>get sad, wander for 20 minutes not talking to anyone
>go home
>feel 10x lonelier now than if I had never gone in the first place

I just want to know what its like to go out and have fun with friends and stuff like normal people. I want to feel what its like to relate to other people and feel accepted and just be able to have a good time but it seems like no matter how much I go outside or use dating apps or go to events like this nothing ever changes. I want this nightmare to end. Anybody else here feeling lonely?

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I'm always there for you, OP. You know I love you.

Don't worry user, we're here for you. As laughable as it is, I feel your pain. I'm blessed enough to be living with family that's (relatively) chill so I cannot feel your feel, but I sympathize. I hope you're able to pick yourself up or at least distract yourself from the loneliness.

I have no idea how to meet people. The bar scene is disgusting and I'm not the type to go to a bible study. Going outside is already hard enough, and the mere 'chance' of meeting someone that I could connect with just doesn't seem worth it to actually venture outside.

Feel better.

>making an attempt
You did this to yourself. You were predetermined at birth to have this life, and fighting it will only make the pain worse.

In all seriousness, it's good you made an attempt.

Are you an user or femanon and how old are you?

Male, 23

Fuck. I've done this before as well. You think going to something like that might be a nice change of pace, but going by yourself is just depressing as hell. That feeling steadily creeping up on you that you don't belong, that you're a complete outsider to everything and everyone, until it finally gets overwhelming and all you can do is leave.

Then you get back home and you're psychologically burnt out and defeated for the rest of the day, with nothing to make it better.

Hey op Im sorry man I know your feel if you want we can talk about it or something

go to actual activities that you are interested in instead of big random things where everyone there is already with people.

begom Muslim, borther

it's the only thing giving my incel NEETlife any meaning. A reason to get out of bed to pray, to keep my body clean to pray, keep myself from drinking and risking a drunken suicide attempt again, more reason to venerate my cat

Insha'allah I can have women to love me in the afterlife

I know this well, user. You have my sympathy

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I just recently moved to a new town for the summer so I haven't even had any family around for the last month or so. I haven't had much in the way of friends for a very long time but now it feels like I have nobody at all except for some internet people.

Maybe. I wasn't always so lonely, just the past several years (which is basically my entire adult life). Since I moved into my new apartment I've tried going out doing something new every weekend and I've also tried dating apps for the first time. I haven't made any friends or anything like that so far and its been discouraging especially since I've already been lonely for so long, like all the doubts in my head I had about nobody ever being able to like/love me were all true.

Unfortunately I can't really talk tonight because I have to go to bed soon for work.

I'm not really interested or excited about much at all to be honest. I go out because that's the only thing I know to do.

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>now it feels like I have nobody at all except for some internet people.

Even in time they will fade away. Slower, sure, but it will happen. Making new friends will seem like more and more of a chore, until you forsake all contact and deathspiral into some form of addiction as a distraction.

Make it, dude. Out of all of us here a few of us have to, right? You have to be the one, because it probably won't be any of us. Good luck at work tomorrow.

When you make it, remember us

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I don't think I'll ever make it user. I certainly won't ever end up with lots of friends in the way the normalfags do. At this point I'm hoping I can just find a gf and a nice friend or two to be comfy with. I think I'd be satisfied with that. Just someone to spend time with so I don't feel so lonely.

Damn it, it's like I was really there. I have done this sort of thing far too many times. I don't know why I keep getting the idea that going out alone to be with groups is a good way to spend time.

This happens to me whenever I try to do shit. Even when I see people I know, I either just say hi to them or engage in small talk for like five minutes then proceed to do nothing. Even my attempts to make new friends amounts to nothing. I must give off a vibe, even if I am usually chill

I have more fun getting drunk in mom's basement.

Unfortunately, we are a different tribe from them. Our fun is texting close friends and meeting up at a coffee shop. Stuff like that.

Even for me it's bittersweet to think about. I almost feel like a late bloomer at 24, but I missed out and lost so much until this point.

And I tried going out for fireworks, too. They postponed it for some bullshit reason, and I only saw stuff behind a tree. The most depressing analogy ever. Fuck

Been there many a time op. Everyone goes to these events with their social groups. They aren't really for us unfortunately. Hope you find someone man. I know first hand how shitty and draining this is. 23 as well...

>our fun is texting close friends and meeting up at a coffee shop
sounds like some pretty normie shit to me my dude

Very few of us will probably ever make it. The internet friends I have are what ground me right now, and I don't know where I'd be without them. It hurts going out and seeing friends and couples laughing and being happy around each other, but I know that's just not the life for me, no matter how much I want it. I guess I'll just bide my time until I die watching anime and taking pictures of my plushies.

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Normies do it constantly, though. And annoy everyone else in the process. Guys like us are more comfortable in our own living space, but can set aside a small portion of time for close comradery.

The whole introvert vs extrovert thing.

>there are people here who think adult friendship exists and isnt just a matter of proximity and what you have to offer them

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literally walk into the most sketch bars or clubs that families wouldn't dare touch and you're in the clear for a good time trust me faggot

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I have made that a lot of times.
Going out alone to some event or to a cool place.
>get there
>just kinda lurk around
>feel watched
>start feeling weird
>see how other people are talking with friends, relatives, etc
>feel that all are looking at me and my loneliness
>feel more weird until eventually leave the place quick