Fembots, how bad is your baby fever right now?

Fembots, how bad is your baby fever right now?
I bet your ovaries are screaming in need

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Shit, I have baby fever worse than any femanon cunt. All my life I have wanted, above all else, to be a father and have a family. If only I had realized how truly unobtainable that goal was......

Yes but I only want to bear Chads baby.

I do really want to feel the release of putting a pillow down over the baby's face until it shuts up and stops shitting. Or waiting until its 2, realizing it's still a dud, and holding it under the bath water until it stops thrashing. Grabbing it by its ankles and swinging it against the wall, replacing its crying with rhythmic thuds would be really satisfying too.
God, I really want to kill a baby.

do any women in their 30s even browse this board?

So much but no one likes a geek girl like me I'm a social outcast and I'm destined to be bullied

I'm so thankful for my beautiful white babies

I know it's shitty bait but it still pisses me off.

Fuck off to hell you shitstained scum

I can barely take care of plants of pets, babies are too much of a responsibility for me. I suck at being a female desu

If your husband has his head screwed on he can cover for you being absent minded. My mom had a lot of pets die, but I'm alive.

Already had a kid but I'd love to have another with the right guy

was the first father not the right guy?
was he black?

At what age do woman really experience that? Trannies do not reply to my post, thank you.

Im actually 4 months pregnant

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Name of the father?

Please unironically KYS. It's scum like you that makes me hate women altogether, the sheer selfishness on display here has become a staple of not only feminism but womanhood as a whole and it fucking disguists me to no end.

can I punch you in the belly

He's a good guy but not mine. I had the kid as a surrogate.

Tyrone and/or Chad of course teehee.

Won't know for sure until it's born ;)

as a feminist I can't approve of surrogate gestation.

Well I don't care about that, the couple wanted a baby and were willing to pay. As a friend it wasn't a hard favor to do.

Retarded scum
Also retarded scum. When will people quit trying to make fucking Frankenstein a reality? Quit playing god with this shit and adopt a child if you need one that badly.

Was it a gay couple? You just ruined that kids life.

Oh its you. you're the one that secretly wants to cuck his wife, right? I'm gonna say what I said last time, there's no way that kid is going to have a healthy parental relationship with his kinda-but-not-really moms

you have pretty feminist views sir (you just don't know, judging by your answer to my post), have an upvote.

Fuck what is with all the retards today?

Being antisurrogate/antiabortion/antitesttubebaby/ect isn't feminist...... It goes against feminism. I am telling women they don't have the right to murder others or play god with other lives because "muh bodeh"

feminists are antisurrogate tho.
It mercantilizes the body of a woman, only financially poor women do it, which is an abuse against them.

No, sterile couple.

Why adopt when you can have one related to you?

I don't secretly want to cuck his wife, I just got secret enjoyment out of it.

was the insemination natural? I hope so....

Yeah sure ok whatever. Lie to yourself. But the other point still stands that he will have a very hard time defining his maternal figure, especially because you've said before that you still check up on the kid. He'll probably end up with some serious mommy issues.

hi surrogatefu i remember you

But if you are getting a surrogate you either are incapable of having one related to you or are just a selfish cunt who wants to reap the rewards of pregnancy without doing the work.

Either way you can adopt and improve someone else's life instead of fucking with shit mankind was never supposed to touch.

I probably won't live to see it but it's gonna be awesome when the same technology that allows surrogates is used by "terrorist" freedom fighters to steralize people or some shit. Maybe it will even be fstal like AIDS and spread like an STD..... That would be great. No more than you degenerate scumbags deserve

It was.

More like you lie to yourself. And just because I'm around doesn't mean I mother the kid.

I'm surprised anyone does.

Fuck you bigot, all people should have the right to be aborted.

The wife is sterile, the husband is not. Why would they adopt when they could have a child that is at least the husband's?

So you are the biological mother? I hope he gets pissed one day and takes you to court for child support. That would be so kek.

Even those shitty MGTOW/redpill/incel sites would have a laugh at that.

Sure, guess that means I have the right to abort you then.

Post your home address.

Yes I'm the bio mother. Not sure how he would win a case like that but it would be funny I guess.

Because what he did was commit infidelity and betray his wife. She may pretend to not care now but as time goes on she will. In time she will resent them both because they have a genetic connection that she doesn't share. My sibling is a psychiatrist and this shit has come up tons of times.

Meanwhile their selfishness prevents a baby with dead parents or whatever from getting the home and loving parents she deserves.

You are the biological mother. He has been raising the child. You haven't paid shit to them.

If you were a man it's be an open/shut case, the only reason you would stand a chance in court is because courts have a MASSIVE bias towards vaginas.

>My sibling is a psychiatrist

And you're an armchair psychiatrist

I know, that's what I meant. It's great.

She'd resent the man she loves and his child that isn't hers, but she'd be just fine to love some completely unrelated kid that also isn't hers? Ok sure thing pal.

Any fembots want to let me get them pregnant HMU

No you idiot, I'm a messenger telling you what she told me.

If this is true it has nothing to do with playing god or stopping women from bastardizing themselves, but is meant to encourage women to leech off the welfare system instead.

>Why would they adopt when they could have a child that is at least the husband's?
The child isn't the husband's dumbo, it's a bastard now raised by two unrelated people.

I want a a baby and have desperately since I was like 14. I wanna wait till marriage to have sex and babies tho and finding a husband in this generation is not easy ;u;

I want to have my boyfriend's babies. I think being a mother would be infinitely more fulfilling than any career, especially with a man I love deeply.

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Ugh, you idiot. She wouldn't resent the adopted kid because she adopted it with her husband. Like conception, they both have a hand in it, and they are both equal in the family dynamic that comes after.

That is NEVER the case with a step-parent scenario, whether it's a woman pissed at being left out because it's a surrogate or a man pissed off about raising his wife's child. It almost always ends the same...... A very bitter divorce.

No you're just a big retard

It's actually easier than ever, you are just a picky entitled cunt with standards higher than the moon.

Also you almost certainly lie about being a virgin and are on the cock carousel.... But hey it doesn't count if it was just oral or of he wore a condom right?

You're suggesting that single parents can't find love and get married again, their childless partner will never love the child(ren). You're wrong, and probably deluded too.

>No U.... Durr, I pwned him gud!!!

GTFO underage faggot.

Stop giving her false hope, nobody is retarded enough to want to wait until marriage.

lol why the fuck would the husband want that? He's not sterile, why would he give up his chance to pass on his genes just because his wife can't? Her hurt feelings for being sterile are worth ending his genetic line?

>Nobody wants a pure virgin bride

Toasty roastie detected. Stay toasty whore XD

>pure virgin
Lel. You are so obviously 15.

If he chose to marry her, yes. The vows state "In sickness and in health", not "only when it's convenient".

Keep on toastin' roastie.

What exactly is pure about a virgin? She still shits and farts and bleeds like everyone else.

My wife was a virgin on until our wedding night

post belly pls originally

A) go to a trad Catholic parish
B) do not be aloof

I'm not even a girl and I have baby fever.

Can't wait to have a baby, but due to financial reasons I have to wait 4 years. We've decided one is enough. Still don't have a house. I'm scared about giving birth at 34/35 but my mom kept having kids until her late forties so I'm hoping I'll be alright.

No women browse this board. It's all trannies larping as women or robots doing it for fun.

I mean, men can have baby fever.

I do go to church but I'm aloof. I wouldn't be on this board if I wasn't socially retarded.

I don't think just wanting to find someone who loves me and who I love and wants to start a family is unreasonably high standards. But you can believe what you want, that's okay.

based mentally ill tranny

>based mentally ill tranny
don't be rude, trannies can have kids as well.

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Already promised myself to never have kids. Single childless women are the happiest people on earth.

>Trying to imply self control and restraint aren't admirable features in a partner
Who ordered the toasted roast? Get this shit outta here

how do you measure happiness?

>how do you measure happiness?
In coping

The high standards kick in when you are incapable of loving a man unless he:
> Over 6' tall
>Extremely handsome
>Hairline of a teenager
>Huge dick
>6 figure salary
>Giant frame
>Has a wit sharper than most comedians
>Has other women constantly lusting after him

>My GFs sperm

Why aren't these "people" hung from the nearest trees or lampposts?

cuz creeping sharia is too slow.

Just google it. There are many papers and articles about it.

You'll get ovarian cancer and be unable to conceive. You waited too long.

More likely that her kids will have severe autism/retardation/ect and require tons of special care.

Women having children after 35 intentionally need to be jailed, that shit is like intentionally endangering a child.

Be my aloof Christian gf
All the girls at my church are taken
They're all pretty much Stacys though

Plenty of men want to do that
You just don't want to love them back

im 19 and havent yet met someone i want to have a child yet so i dont really care that much. never had baby fever or whatever

Tell that to the women who keep putting off having children for their careers

All women have baby fever
Just some have more intense cases because their biological clock is ticking

None of that is attractive to me besides the height part,and even then I dated a dude who was 5'5" and was attracted to him. But keep projecting. See its so easy to just assume things about others and get mad when they point out that you're wrong but it's a shit way to live. Also nice digits.

You don't control who you love. If it were that easy, we would all just love whoever loved us and no one would be sad over breakups. You don't know my life nor my situation but please, go on and tell me how I am as a person without ever having spoken to me.

So you'll only be with someone you love, but that entire pool is just Chads
And I'm supposed to feel sorry for you?

Theyre not all chads at all. The ex I loved most was a literal autistic robot who went skelly mode a lot due to his depression. He wasn't a Chad, I thought he was beautiful and my mom thought he looked like a goblin. He was your typical mentally ill autistic gamer boy. But again, go on, go ahead, and keep assuming and projecting your self hatred onto me :)

I want to have children and a husband badly, but I have PCOS, I'm a virgin and I'm 30. If there is a god and we have multiple lives, I must have been a pretty cruddy person.

Tayvon Aqwib Delerone

all women are whores and want nothing but to be bred like the subhumans that they are.