Say it with me

Say it with me
>Transgirls can be robots!!

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of course
us robots pride ourselves on our diverse and inclusive environment here on arr nein kay

Give me a cute trans robot gf that would let me suck her dick before I pump her full of my seed

Transgenders deserve the purifying flames of gasoline.

The only people dying right now is the white race.

Cope harder tranny.

tits+pp or gtfo

No need to cope, I'm directly contributing to the end of the white race.

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started talking to a tranny avatarfag, too bad i started crushing on them and they wouldnt even let me shlonk their conk

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annoying shitposting trannies

nah chief. trannies are one of the most protected people nowadays. if i get banned for saying this the mods will prove me right.

>I'm directly contributing to the end of the white race.

you're never going to look like those anime girls you know

Excuse me, just a quick intervention


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Trannies are mentally ill faggots. Can't have best of both worlds. Shouldn't have a place in this world honestly.
Based and truthpilled.

Fine, we have to cull the weak. By all means, cull yourself, you abomination.

This is LITERALLY me though

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>anyone who calls me mentally ill is a Jow Forumstard

I didn't call you a Jow Forumstard Incel. Are you saying you're me?

I'm still here

>I didn't call you a Jow Forumstard Incel
your picture seems to say otherwise.

>I'm still here
For now. I encourage you to cull yourself. In death, I'll respect you.

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i hope you guys are sageing. this is obviously bait.

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I'm already part of the 41% too. Still here lmao

I said that's LITERALLY me. I go boymode. /polgbt/ represent

Don't go on a murderous rampage because you can't get laid

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Jow Forums loves a spectacle. This year goes to Brenton. Next year, who knows? See you at pride, homo.

Don't wear dresses just because you haven't gotten laid yet virgin

Sheesh, can't even get that right, huh? I pity you.

Stop suppressing women incel

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At least you can read graphs correctly.

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