I don't care that they poop out of them daily to multiple times a day

I don't care that they poop out of them daily to multiple times a day.
I still have the urge to want to taste and bury my tongue in them. What's wrong with me...

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You're gay nigga

I desperately have wanted to feel what it's like to have my ass licked but i'm a 3/10 twig with no boobs or ass and no redeemable qualities so the only guys interested are desperate guys who would fuck a tree trunk, and with each passing day i'm considering biting the bullet and fucking one.

Did I mention i'm utterly insane?

w-what's gay about that though...they're girls

Squat you dumb bitch, all you need is to be thicc and female and guys will be lining the block to lick your anus hole

that woman has very interesting fat distribution, looks artificial, no way genetics could be that dramatic

Have sex, incel virgin loser

Her thighs match up though. She could just be pear shaped.
You can tell she's sucking in her stomach too.

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Eat two buckets of KFC then call me in the morning.

Even though you're a larping faggot I'll humor you.
Do squats and lunges. Lift heavy and eat more your ass will grow

Ass eating is a meme. Just because her ass is big and looks good doesn't mean her anus is going to taste like candy.

If there's anything I miss about going to uni it was staring at the women.

Same. I'd actually leave my room for reasons other than going to class just because it was so easy to take hoards of creepshots/vids of all the jiggling T&A everywhere enclosed in leggings and tank tops
HS and uni was like a enclosed of utopia of eye candy.

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>has never seen a black woman
There's are islands and two continents full of women like this user

Nobody ever said it will. It tastes like skin.

Did you ever talk to any of the girls and go on dates with them?

>hoards of creepshots/vids
and where might one find those videos, sir?

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I mean you can find plenty online desu, I'm not going to post my personal ones though. Tbh half the fun of creepshots are taking them yourself
No, I'm a social autist.
I'm terrible at small talk

>I'm not going to post my personal ones
fuck you

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I know the chance is small, but I feel like they'll one day see them after being spread and reposted and think back to who was around them and know it was me

May I have the source of this orig

Nevermind found it originaly

This is schizophrenic tier thinking...

Yep, he's autistic alright

Demographics in my area is 55% black. If they have a fat ass they also have fat tits and a fat gut.

I work with a lot of black women and most of them aren't fat but have big asses.

That has more to do with you being in America. In other countries, black women look more fit.

>I still have the urge to want to taste and bury my tongue in them.
Its called being a healthy high testosterone man. Nothing to worry about

That goes with all women in America desu.
Even the asians look like whales compared to the ones who actually grow up in asia. It's ok though because they just call themselves "thick" and are uplifted and worshiped because "fat" is a bad word now.

Unfortunately fatties stole the word "thick". It was never meant for these obese cunts.

Only ugly or fat girls poop. The very few attractive ones that can all wind up doing scat fetish vids

What was "thick" meant for then?
I always thought it meant if she had meaty thighs/ass. Do they suddenly not become thick if they get a gut too?

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Yeah, meaty thighs and ass. If you're thick, you'll have the ass whether you're skinny or not. Once you start getting fat in your stomach, you're just a fat bitch.

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That's gotta be the ugliest ass I've seen in my life on somebody of a relative normal weight. You americans are fucked in the head if that's your standard for any semblance of attractiveness. God bless you poor bastards

normal women don't look like that, sweaty, that's a 2.5/10 at best walking abomination

Help a fellow coochie lover out?

Nevermind, I found it eventually

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