To those who are 25 years old and older who still live with their parents. Why do you still live with them...

To those who are 25 years old and older who still live with their parents. Why do you still live with them? How do you feel about it?

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25yo and live with parents

I guess if I moved out, I'd have a lot more independence but im saving a lot of money living at home.

relatively, renting a room would be 400-500 if sharing a house and not including utilites, flat-wise it would be 900-1200 a month renting my own.

I live at home, pay 250 a month, including food and and other bills, help out around the house and im essentially helping to pay off the mortgage in a house i'll eventually inherit probably.

It feels weird sometimes I guess, but my coworkers who flat-share are typically a lot more broke, I have the financial freedom to do what I want.

I also get like 2 rooms, my own toilet/shower area and a landing to myself, kind of a bargain for the price.

tl;dr save money and not having to room with random people or worry about random shit.

mostly because i'm stuck in a dead end job and a highschool drop out.
i had anger and emotional issues that i couldn't control, i still have the anger issues to an extent.

i talked to my mother about moving out and she instantly goes, "but whos gonna help me"? so she has literally never had any plans for me to move out, grow up, be independent, anything like that, she barely even raised me other than roof over head.

as for how i feel, it's pretty shitty. i think more and more about moving out. if i wake up to dishes slamming together again i might flip the fuck out and start punching the walls.

Because you have to be a retard to pay rent, it's literally wasted money, either I saved up enough to straight up buy a house or at most I would go live alone if I ever found a GF and split everything 50/50 but even that is a waste of money.

>i talked to my mother about moving out and she instantly goes, "but whos gonna help me"?

I get the same response too and it annoys the hell out of me because it feels like theyre guilt tripping you not caring about your development as an adult in the ready world. Honestly wish I had parents who weren't financially dependent on me so I can leave home with a clear head not worrying about them all time.

I can't afford to move out
It sucks

The apartment was donated to me as a precondition to the divorce, on me mum's insistence (since I was once homeless abroad).

On my turn, I insisted that both my parents have lifetime rights to live in there, so that's what was written in the notary note or whatever it is you call it.

So technically me mum lives with me, but that doesn't make it less manchildy.

I don't feel insecure about it because I've lived abroad on my own for 5 years and done and seen some shit, so I'm not some mommas boy.

What a warped view of reality you have, there's no such a thing as "development as adult" and "ready world", you'll either be taking care of your parents, yourself or you companion/children, that's what an "adult" does.

because we have no other option, i guess? do you think i enjoy having a fucking annoying boomer screaming at me all day because i like it? jesus nigga, get a clue

I've got a buddy that, up until very recently was living with his mom and he just got married, so I don't know what you all are on about.

I am a parasite
I feel great!

my post had nothing to do with having women or sex issues, you've inserted that into this.

Because most employers don't pay enough to survive and my culture isn't full of sociopaths raising sociopaths like WASP culture, so parents tend not to kick their kids out right after high school.

sense of Independence/own space if you will then. I have yet to experience this

Yeah, living with others is absolute crap, especially in a small apartment. Especially if it's in a studio like I did.

Bunch of people packed up in one place. You wake up with whomever wakes up first and starts making noise, and fall asleep whenever the last idiot stops being noisy.

That merely comes with money, your independence will always be tied to other people too, or you think a father of a family has independence? Do you think someone with a girlfriend has it?

I'm too mentally ill too make a life for myself.
I sometimes fantasize about having my own place, but the thought of having to deal with people on a daily basis makes me want to fellate a shotgun.
Most people seem to misunderstand, i'm not here because i want to be.

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Homeless, debts to pay off, and nobody cared about offering me work. Right now, I'm a bit mellow about it but there's times where I feel upset about the whole situation. Theodore and FDR already figured this out 80+ years ago, and yet our society never learned from it.

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>Because most employers don't pay enough to survive
Fucking this m8

>you know, by the time i was your age i already had my own place *sips beer* this generation is just lazy

Yeah you muthafucka, back in your fucking day you could get a decent job with a fucking elementary school certificate and housing was literally 15 times cheaper. Such hard times you went through shithead

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>this generation is lazy
He could never be more wrong. We're demoralized and falsely accused of being lazy. The ones who really are is the generation or social group that's managing us and our world.

They're the critical players in any work effort because they coordinate it. If they don't care, the whole machine breaks down, regardless of what us guys on the bottom do.

32 here. When I was younger I did not have money, to live on my own, I had low pay job. When I was 28 I got new job that pays well. Because I live very frugal life I have enough money saved to buy my own place right now, but I just don't care anymore. I'm wizard and my soul have been crushed long time ago, I just wait to die. I have not killed myself yet just because this will hurt my mother, so I just rot away.

Money and it's not like I need to live by myself

I hate it but it's not annoying enough to change

I am 26 rn and bought my own house 2 years ago with the help of my father ( i didnt have enough credit score at the time so its co-joint under both of names but i put all the deposit myself) and my family moved in to help me pay the mortage and they are renting their own house we lived in before and using that to help me pay for my house. It has really helped me save a lot of money since I work in a trade i still dont get paid as much as im suppose to be honestly. My parents have said that they would move out of the house once i get married but i kinda feel like that I should leave them the house if that happens and find my own place.
I also have been thinking of moving out on my own but I dont know if that would financially set back both my family and myself, and to be honest im kinda nervous to move out since im socially awkward and i prefer not ro do anything after work. Havent had a gf in a while but I think i might be getting back with my ex gf tho since we have been recently chatting.
I just want to improve my life bros, Im tired of being a depress sad fuck.