Nobody's speaking to me on Jow Forums again

nobody's speaking to me on Jow Forums again

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Me too, I make threads and they 404 when all I want to do is talk to some anons about the thoughts in my head because I don't have anywhere else to talk about them unless I was to write them in a diary or something but then I would just be talking to myself in a very roundabout way so I come here to talk

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have you tried being less gay lmao

all day ee'r day m8 watch this thread hit the 404 with me

Big kit kat

Hmm, this makes me wish I could have a giant kitty.

yep this, I feel like I'm uninteresting, weird even on a website full of fucking outcasts

is thate maebel

write a diary and post here

This image is the greatest art of our times.

I need me a cat

August 1st, 2019
I wonder if Brooklyn still has that heart shaped pillow I sewed and stitched for her my freshman year of high school. I made it on my grandmother's sewing machine and used some red fabric and super soft stuffing to make it, before sewing off the opening I stuffed the pillow filler with a black string and needle. It's very tedious to get string through a needle eye, imagine trying to fit a camel through one. I gave it to her as a valentine's gift, along with some roses and chocolates. She blushed when I gave them to her. It's been six years now, and I haven't even seen her in four. I wonder if she threw it away, or if she still has it and hugs it to her chest while she sleeps. More likely than anything, that pillow I made is hidden away in some dusty closet. I just can't imagine her keeping t somewhere where she could still see it, I probably never meant much to her, I couldn't bring myself to ask her out then and today my self-esteem is more rock-bottom than it ever was. Maybe one day I'll get a gf, and I'll love her, and she'll love me, and I'll sew another heart shaped pillow

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you gave her a fucking heart shaped pillow on valentine's, doesnt that count as asking her out?

fucking cute. What happened to brooklyn user?

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will you sew a pillow for me user?

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I have to admit, the blunt honesty here is palpable. I wish you the best user.

r9k isnt a talk board anymore. were down to sitposting at each other in pointless bait threads. at this point the only discussion you get is in generals and even then its a dice roll
pls respond

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Yeah but I think it's been like this for a while. It's the small things like people not saying "REE LEAVE" when someone mentions their gf or ex, or how there's some many 'fembots' now.

>there's some many 'fembots'
a lot of it is attention seeking and the culture has shifted from being abusive to begging for a discord to worship them

if only people just remembered tits or gtfo

I don't know if this will make you feel any better, but I've spoken to quite a few users from here on discord and most of them are quite normalfag, myself somewhat included.
The real outcasts are the the hundreds, maybe thousands of people who just browse and don't post. If you regularly post here, there's some degree of normalfag in you.

What might you have done to facilitate this user?

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>click on the catalog
>interracial b8 thread, woe is me thread, femanon b8 thread, cuck thread, tranny thread, avatar thread
>finally find a thread where I can actually relate to the discussion
>8 post or so then 404
It sucks, I see the same exact threads everyday and just roll my eyes, I have no idea why people think the same boring discussions and debates every single day are even something worth participating in

This board is dead and its the losers who can not leave well enough alone not to participate in a debate on why women can not be incel with someone pretending to be a lonely female, or not to reply and tell a transsexual seeking attention to kill themselves, or not to beg what they probably do not even believe themselves to be a woman for contact information

I do not get it, I hate these posters so much

Maybe? I don't know, I felt overwhelmed and embarrassed after I gave her those, and quickly excused myself. I think it was a symptom of my AVPD, I could barely bring myself to speak to her after that, because I felt stressed, so I disengaged and avoided her. I think part of it was I never really felt like I deserved to be loved.
Like I said, I haven't seen her in four years, so I don't know. I switched schools my sophomore year and moved halfway across the country and haven't seen or heard from her since. I guess I could try finding her on social media, but that would be hard, she was adopted from an abusive family, and she alternated between using her genetic parent's last names and using her foster parent's last names. She told me once that when she was old enough, she would have her surname legally changed to something simple and generic.
I would only do that if I felt you were someone special and dear to my heart, I wouldn't make heart-pillows for just anyone.
Thanks, but what do you mean by blunt honesty? The recognition of the fact that she probably doesn't keep it close anymore?

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