I hate being a male. We're so stupid and gross looking

I hate being a male. We're so stupid and gross looking.

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I think men have equal capacity to be handsome as women do beauty, but women are certainly my preference to look at so I get where you are coming from.

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speak for yourself ppl call me cute :D

speak for yourself


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Well, I do admit that is a cute male. But I only find about 5% of males cute

Why the hell is Tarrent in that pic?
He wasn't young and his attack had nothing at all to do with loneliness or hornt.

that's the face of JUST if I've ever see it
even his hair is just a longer JUST



I want to beat the shit out of this guy. I bet he'd be easy in a fight despite what his tattoos make him think.

yeah sorry I think your boyfriend looks nearly suicidal

he has almost a million followers on ig because hes a well paid fashion model,if anything you're the one considering suicide

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What's Chad Tarrant doing there?

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I should go get tattoos and start smoking ciggies so a bunch of 12-18 year old hoes on instagram can comment "aesthetic af" on my posts.

theyd call you a creep and an incel

Hehe he monke

I'd only count 3 of the men on that pic as less than 3/10. The others are peaking at 5. It's not the end of the world.

he looks far better in that picture, in the other one his hair looks like shit and his eyes look swollen

I've actually been told on /soc/ that I'm handsome and a 7-8, so I'd imagine I could be decently successful with tats and ciggies.

>lonely and horny
>Breton Tarrant

You might have to update that graph, Breton had a WIFE and KIDS, how could he be lonely? He just wanted to purge "le shidskins".

>Top left
Average looking. Hair could be a bit better. Elliot may not have been able to get a girlfriend even if he tried, but he had no real place to complain because he never even approached a single girl.
>Top middle
Haircut would help marginally but he'd still be a little below average.
>Top right
Not exactly a Chad, but I don't see how he could be considered ugly in any capacity.
>Middle left
Pretty ugly. Weird head shape, protuberant ears, weird eyebrows, not the best skin. His eyes are attractive but that's about it.
>Middle right
Perfect example of the haircut bringing someone way down. Make the hair better and he'd be a completely average looking guy, maybe even a tiny bit above average.
>Bottom left
Strikes me as a weird camera angle and bad quality image, but assuming that's a good representation of his looks, he's not that terrible. Another average dude, skin just a bit wrinkly and nose is kinda big.
>Bottom middle
Obviously being Asian is working against him, but if he cleaned up the oily skin and lost the glasses, he could potentially look normal.
>Bottom right
I always thought Dylan looked like an awkward, ugly fuck. Giant nose, beady eyes, not the best teeth. Apparently he had a few girls interested in him though, he just didn't acknowledge/realize it?

Elliot was not ugly. I know he wasn't a good killer but he was a lover not a fighter. He just couldn't swallow that black pill.

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>Breton had a WIFE and KIDS
lolwut? nope

1. meh. 4/10 at most
2. 2/10
3. 5/10
4. jesus fuck
5. also jesus fuck
6. 2/10
7. 2/10
8. Easily at least a 6/10

>Comparing saint Brenton Tarrant to the likes of incels mad over limp cock.