I've failed my driving test three times and feel like I'm gonna fail again next time

I've failed my driving test three times and feel like I'm gonna fail again next time.

Am I just retarded?

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you probably are but whose keeping track?

You need to take a drivers ed course and actually practice in a car. They're really strict, many people fail

You should probably not be driving.

I failed a few times in the suburb where I live. Then I signed up for driver's ed and the instructor took me to the north part of the city and I passed without a sweat.

The written part or the actual drive? I failed the written test the first time and barely scraped by the second, but got 100% on the actual driving portion.

I need to take mine again too. Was always too afraid to go through with it when I was younger and Im paying for it now. Failed the first one because I went 3mph over the speed limit.

finished my drivers test in 15 minutes
passed it with ease
only training i did was a couple days driving dads old car in the neighborhood

What's the test like?


Not retarded user driving is a meme

kind of
but im more retarded than you so theres that

My friend has bad anxiety and took it four or five times, at least. Not too long after that he got his first job at a grocery store, with the objective being 30 hours a week. He was 32 or 33 when starting.

I'd say you're not gonna make it, but I have real evidence to the contrary.

I'm assuming you're from the US where all you have to do is drive the car around a fucking empty DMV parking lot

depends on the state
you're probably not though, a lot of driving instructors are real shady / have deals with local driver's ed places to go easier on their students and harder on everyone else
but take it easy and don't do any crazy shit once you start driving, it's easy to panic in a new situation if you're only used to driving on residential streets

I'm from the US, I had to drive around town, merge lanes, turn across traffic, parallel park, etc.

OP if you're from the US take a look online and look at the reviews for all of the testing sites near you and also ask people you know where they took their test and how hard it was. Chances are some sites will be more strict than others. The first time I took my driver's test I went to the hardest site by accident and failed. They cited me for going 26 in a 25 zone for a few seconds. The second time I took the test I went to the most ghetto site ever and literally all I had to do was drive around a single block (and do a maneuverability test) and they let me pass.

I failed the driving test twice. Instructor or whatever in the third test was not strict (i.e a cool guy), unlike the two others. I passed the third test and got my license. You will do it user, just concentrate!

I can't choose where I take my test. The state selects it for me based on my address because fucking bureaucracy

you must be truly retarded, i bought a car and i taught myself. passed the first time

Well that sucks. What part of the test are you having trouble with?

In an automatic lmao. Also any 'driving test' that is 15 minutes long is a joke