Don't tip

>Don't tip
>They start leaving you these when you order
>Still don't tip
>They start fucking with your pizza, getting it cold, shaking up your soda, etc
>Get free pizza from corporate
>Rinse repeat
Why do you still tip in 2019? It's a net positive if you don't.

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Kek! I always do this. They dont fucking deserve a tip!! So entitled pieces of shit. I unironically ordered a pizza last February in the middle of a horrible blizzard and didn't tip!

I tip because I go to the same places often, and they remember me.

Take a local burrito stand for example; I throw a buck or two into the tip jar, and they remember that. If there is a long line, they point at me, I nod, and my normal order is ready when I reach the head of the line.

this is so funny and true! im going to order a fucking apple to my house through doordash and not tip the poor fucker who has to deliver a single apple to my house because fuck them right?

>shaking up your soda

Fuck this gay earth

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Same, local Mexican place and tipped the little girl selling gelatin or some shit and they threw in 2 extra tacos . Don't tip pizza places or McDonald's or that sort of thing

Corporation be like:
>Please pay for my wagie and my pizza so that I can make bigger profits
>Yeah, Nah fuck you cunt

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I'm sorry you flunked out and became a wagecuck and a samefag.

1. They can get a better job at any time. You're not responsible for their shitty employment.
2. They shouldn't give a shit about what your order is.
3. If they fuck with your order because they feel entitled to your cash, they should unironically kill themselves.

I'm actually an adult and can cook my own food.

I were on vacation of one week in merrica-land and within that timespan I probably tipped well over 200 bucks which basically is giving away free money.
Fucking hate tipping as that is not a thing in euro-cuck and suddenly I had to tip for everything I ate and did.

I say don't tip, their boss should bake the tip into the price and give baseline wages instead.
Every time I tipped I felt dirty and like they didn't deserve it as they were literally doing their job and it wasn't exactly above and beyond either

Keep refusing to tip user, if I visit again I'm gonna do the same

Conversely, the times I've been in euro-land and going to the same places often; they've REALLY remembered me when I tipped, and I always got amazing service.

Why are they stealing the delivery charge from the driver?


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stop acting like the blacks and just tip bro. this is why many of the female servers hate black customers for not tipping.

One'd think US is supposed to be the promised land of employee's and customer's rights, but then there's this shit.

Because no one tips here so when merricans show up and start tipping 10-25% or whatever of the final price, of course they'll remember you as you suddenly upped their already decent paycheck that month and now they can pamper themselves with something expensive and still afford the usual.
What I had to tip for in merrica is expected in euro-land, a waiter that takes your order and gets your food to the table ..

Basically the tip is in the price as I mentioned above and they all get the same wage so any extra they can get in tip (mostly Americans actually) goes straight into their pocket as free money

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Guarantee they are spitting in your pizza . Lol. And you deserve it, piece of shit.

You deserve to be unemployed for feeling so entitled to a tip you fucking piece of shit. No, you deserve to be killed unironically.
>No tip?!?!wtf I'm gonna spit on your food
Just thinking about how much you deserve death

I used to think tipping was no big deal because hey, its pretty much just for waiters right? Its just an old tradition or something.
But it turns out, you have to tip the fucking barber, you have to tip the fucking taxi driver, you have to tip the fucking guy at baseball games that walks up and down and says GETCHA HOT DOOOOGS GETCHA HOT DOOOGS.
Theres absolutely no fucking pattern in who you're supposed to tip. And normalfags will always say its just for anyone in the service industry, anytime someone does a "service" for you, you're supposed to tip them, and thats the clearest answer I can get out of normalfags or out of online research. Heres why I think this is bullshit. Nobody can define what fucking "service" is. The guy that scans your shit at walmart is doing a service, right? How come you dont tip cashiers? If I'm in a public restroom and a janitor is cleaning it, do I tip him? Why doesnt him wiping the shit off of the floor of the bathroom I'm about to use count as a service? Am I supposed to tip veterans too? We always say thanks for your service, shouldn't we tip them too?
Pisses me off

Everybody who buy's domino's deserves spit and feces in their food, tip or not.

holy shit is that a real fucking message

when do we replace minorities with machines already, i literally only avoid fast food because im distrustful of minorities sabotaging my order with their bodily fluids, i experienced true customer service in the japanese ethnostate and it was without exaggeration on another level

Hey listen you cocksucker. Yes I AM entitled to a god damn tip. Cuz Im driving to delver the pizza to your lazy ass, and using MY gas , on MY car, fighting through busy traffic and keeping your pizza warm. The least you can do is fork out a couple of dollars for my effort. If not, just dont order delivery , shitbag

>Yes I AM entitled
Yeah we know.
Get a better job

I'm sorry that you are autistic and don't understand simple human interactions; for most people, the delineation is obvious and requires no thought.

They can get a better job at any time. You're not responsible for their shitty employment.
Yeah, dude I'm sure unskilled teenagers and boomers decided to work at dominos because they like the job they could definitely go get a high paying job at a law firm any time.

>They shouldn't give a shit about what your order is.
It's pretty shitty to order one fucking pizza and then not tip when they very well can.

>If they fuck with your order because they feel entitled to your cash, they should unironically kill themselves.
Sure, it's a dick move to mess with someone's food just because they don't tip but that doesn't warrant a death wish on them.

Gas money probably.

The US has always treated it's workers like shit this isn't a new thing. The fact that tipping even exists institutionally like this is a direct consequence of corporations paying them below a living wage.

not that user but,
and the waiter that lazily chews her gum, writes down your order on a paper and takes it to the kitchen, fiddles with her phone while waiting for it to get done and then puts it on the table so you can eat
How exactly does she deserve a tip?

wait, what - how is the delivery charge not being paid to the driver ?

here in the UK there's no 'Tipping Culture' and it's assumed that the delivery charge is paying for the driver's time - but in the US they expect you to pay Deliver Charge for what, the time it takes the guy to make your pizza and box it... and then you're expected to pay the driver's wages as well ?

genuinely confused by this -- any smart yanks care to break it down for us ?

You CHOSE a job where they pay you less than livable wage, you also CHOSE one that requires you to use your little bro worked at a taco bell in college, no deliveries there same wage. Your a fuckin retard mate and no one should feel bad for you. Faggots like you with attitude make me want to stop tipping

i dont eat pizza because i dont eat dead animals so i dont have to deal with some petty cunt spitting into my food. i cook all my own food anyways, fuck wasting money on stupid shit like pizza

i used to buy tons of pizza though, from pizza pizza and pizza hut, and even papa johns a bit. it was nice while it lasted, but i prefer living without it

He's going to spend it on something retarded anyway.
Their fault for somehow ending up delivering pizza in their 50s and 60s.

>Go to Dominos
>Order a pizza
>Pay with debt card
>A prompt comes up on the screen
>"How much would you like to tip the cash register"
>Choose no tip
>Cash register girl gives me my change in a passive aggressive manner
What the fuck? Who tips the cash register?

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I remember I ordered at a burger king filled with niggers and the cheese in my whopper had nigger hair in it.

I was disgusted and threw the whopper away.

>What the fuck? Who tips the cash register?
Literally anyone who's not an anti-semite.

USA is a fucking joke lmao

What makes them deserve a tip for standing there literally making sure you pay for your food and nothing else?

literally why not just give them proper wages and increase the price of the food by like 5% or whatever?

if it's mandatory to pay a tip, I'd rather it just be included in the price of the meal.

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Tips at the register are for the cooks as well.

What are you even talking about. Tipping the cash register doesn't mean tipping the employee operating the cash register.

OP has a point.

tipping is optional. In fact tipping started off in a completely different way than what we do today.

is right. You are not responsible for their job. They chose the job therefore they have to deal with it. If the customer chooses not to tip, then its their choice. Tipping is supposed to be optional, not an obligation.

Spitting in food, messing with your order, etc, is essentially extortion.

Believe it or not, tipping is getting out of control. Its becoming a way to extort people for their money. I know that the garbage collectors that come by, during holidays will drop a holiday card and expect a "gift" in return. It's basically extortion-light. Because who knows, they might forget to pick up your trash, or "accidentally" spill some on your lawn....

I'm kind of tired of the tipping culture and it should stop. Good on OP.

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I feel you guys. My local Mexican place gives you points for free food on your receipt but almost no one takes them. I always tip and the lady gives a bunch to me so almost every other meal is free.
That said, FUCK the places where you tip before your food is even made. That shit is ridiculous and I refuse to tip when that's in place.

I just pick the pizza up myself to avoid tipping. I'm not going to enable kikery from their boss by paying their salary for Schlomo. I'll just pick it up myself and avoid the whole mess.

>he doesn't drive out and pick up his own pizza
Please grow up.

>all these amerilards talking about tips
>every other modern country pay their employees a livable wage so tips aren't needed

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Whats funny is that soon that job will be replaced with a robot and you wont have to tip the robot. In fact I cant wait for the robots to take over. Alot of people view it with Hell yea.

I dont want to deal with some fucking roastie. What does she have to do? Just bring me my food and thats it. She really deserves a tip for that? Fuck it, I should just do it myself.

Once the robots come its fucking over for them. Fuck tipping. Fuck waitresses, fuck waiters. The only person I will tip is a bartender. Thats the only exception.

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>>every other modern country pay their employees a livable wage so tips aren't needed

Have you tried tipping while in the EU at a place you go to often? They really remember you, and you get amazing service.

For doing their job they're literally hired to do
Please user, do the grocery store tip me for buying a frozen pizza a heating it at home?
It does sound like that but I digress

Tipping has gone from "you went above and beyond to get all these things for me, allow me to repay you"
"if you don't tip I'll spit in your food next time"

It's no longer a gesture of kindness it's a threat enforced by society and the big fishes higher up in the company couldn't be happier that you're at each other throats over a few dollars as either way they don't have to raise minimum wages

>just pickup your pizza
I literally only order pizza whenever I can't drive, e.g. it's snowing, or if I'm feeling too tired
I leave a tip and they remember me, they usually deliver first to me

>"if you don't tip I'll spit in your food next time"

This. It's extortion.

Tipping in the US exists so customers can rate their server based on their performance. If they're shitty, give little or no tip. If they do good, tip them more. That's all. It's supposed to be a motivation to get people to work harder/better for better tips.

And you CHOSE to order from them. If you can't afford the tip or don't want to tip then don't order from them. They don't get the same wage at Taco Bell because tips often pay more than minimum.

Thought I was bluepilled there for a minute, thanks for saving me lads.
The only people I tip considerably are those who go above and beyond. For example, I went into an Uber and the guy was extremely nice and we had a deep conversation. Even offered me Starburst. Gave him a $5 tip. My barber is really social, let's me try new flavors on his vape and chills with me in the back. Haircut is $16 so I just hand him the twenty and say good day. And if a waiter/waitress is courteous, quick, precise and genuine then I try my best to leave a 20% tip.
If you're a complete asshole, don't give two fucks about me, and are just doing your job, then I'm not going to fucking tip you. Because you did the bare minimum, so I'll give you the bare minimum.

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Shit i left my name up from r9k RISK

user .. can you just give me your money instead of giving it out randomly while here?

They remember you even if you don't tip a cent and just go there regularly.
Your tip does not hold magical powers that makes them remember you for more then the gullible fool that give out free money.

For example, every Friday for over a year I have gone to a specific restaurant and order take-out while on my way to work, and after a few weeks of always showing up on Fridays they remembered me and more often then not had the ingredients for what I usually order, ready.

Did I give a magical tip for this privilege? No I'm just a regular customer.
Should also add that they have stamp cards, 10 stamps and you get the food for free so once every 2 months I literally eat for free there and I've never tipped for any of this.

It's only in America this would be considered an outrage while here it's fairly common WITHOUT a tip as they have a loyal customer that once a week buys their food.

Why should I give you money? You haven't done anything for me. The people who waited on me have done something for me.

yeah .. their job they're literally paid to do and you're just slipping them extra for no reason

I hope you're not planning to go to Japan anytime soon as a tip there is actually offensive

I hate tipping culture but idk how to express it without hurting the employees. theyve pitted the poor against each other perfectly.

I order my food carryout because then i save like 5-6 bucks

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As people say here - the tip is a threat now, and I'm one angry motherfucker about the stuff I'm paying for. No bitch wants me as a customer cuz I'm gonna start shit about everything and don't pay higher that suppose to.

I absolutely do not fucking get this. They only "thing they did for you " was the job that they are paid to do. If your waitress did ANYTHING LESS than bring you you food like she's supposed to do, she should get fucking fired. "Oh but she was nice to me"... BITCH AND??? I won't tip some shitty little fucker because "ugu~~ she was nice to me". I don't value a fake kindness and a plastic smile so why the fuck should I pay extra for it? It's the same shit with pizza delivery drivers. If they did ANYTHING LESS than bringing you your food in the timeframe that their employer has set out and not spitting in your food then THEY SHOULD GET FUCKING FIRED BECAUSE THEY ARE SHITE AT THEIR JOB. Don't tip so that Mr. Goldstein can shave the shekels off of his employees wage. Tipping feeds voracious corporate greed and directly contributes to worker exploitation. Stop being a spineless little cuckboi. Stop tipping.

I'm going on a trip to America soon and I'm dreading this whole tipping culture. I feel like I need to set aside an extra few hundred just for extortionate service staff

Tipping isn't for exceptional service, it's for normal service. If you can't handle this idea then don't go to a place that expects you to tip, full stop. Tipping brings the workers that earn them much better wages than their employers could ever offer them, so you should support them or you're supporting their employers paying them the bare fucking minimum, or even less.

as a non american I wonder too but I think it has something to do with weird federal wage laws in regards to service businesses, especially resturaunts and shit. Our delivery drivers are proper actually proper wages here in Australia. Is pizza more expensive? Well yeah but nobody goes out of business because of it. Just makes me think tipping culture is just bullshit leftover stuff so boomer resturaunt owners don't have to pay their employees a wage because let's face it, if actual wage laws were implement for servers half of the resturaunts would go bankrupt in the US.

The only reason at all to get sloppy fast food pizza is to get it delivered.

I feel like that flyer isn't an official dominos flyer. The driver probably prints them out and gives them to you themselves. Corporate wouldn't like that!

I just do my best to avoid doing anything where tipping is encouraged whenever possible but I will do it.

I dont get what the delivery charge is for if not to specifically pay the driver
I mean I know realistically it's to get the maximum money
But I dont get what the justification they give is?

only sensible point in this thread. fuck the corporations. if we don't tip their workers will get angry and angry workers will help us overthrow them.

Yeah it's really fucking unclear and sometimes people will do it for super small things
I worked retail at a store that sold furniture among other things so sometimes I would have to bring out the furniture to their car
It was probably my favorite part of the job short of actually building the stuff (it was IKEA tier furniture) for displays. Even so, I got tips for it randomly. There was no tip jar or anything in the store and we actually had a policy that says you aren't supposed to accept tips, but it still happened, just cause I brought a big box to their car
Tipping is EXTREMELY inconsistent

>tipping pays the workers a wage that their employer never could
This is the most cucked bluepilled thing I've ever read. You don't even realize how much of a shill you are. Don't you dare fucking tell me that Denny's or Dominos can't afford to pay their workers 1 or 2 more dollars per hour. Go back and read what I said earlier. Tipping is not for regular service, it's a way for employers to justify insufficiently paying their employees by placing the burden on the consumer. They pit their employees against those supporting the business simply because they are greedy. Stop shilling for corporations, it's embarrassing.

Yep, as someone that visited this year the tipping is literal hell, you tip for more or less everything ..
It's abysmal when you're not used to it and it drains your pocket money daily so you're always searching for an ATM to get a bit more .. just for fucking tipping!

Worst part is .. 90% of them don't even deserve a tip, they're just doing their job and nothing else
I will admit that a few, like one uber driver and one waitress deserved a tip.

The uber driver was from Korea and explained tons of interesting stuff from there and the ride was genuinely enjoyable and he was eager to answer any question you had about Korea

And one waitress kept bringing us free homemade tortilla chips and even offered to give us a free refill of a dish as it was her favorite, but we were stuffed at that point and kindly declined.

Those deserved a tip, they went above and beyond to make you feel welcome and showed kindness.
You never asked for anything extra, they just were passionate about what they did and it showed.

The rest .. could fuck right off with their tip demands as they did not deserve a single cent for doing their job they were paid to do by an employer .. entitled brats is what most of them are, demanding tips when all they did is what you expect someone in that position of work to do..

Each and every receipt comes with a blanked out
Line that they expect you to fill in with at least 20% of whatever you ordered cost ..
Regardless if they only did bare minimum, take your order and give you what you ordered.

Sick custom quite frankly to hand out free money when they're just doing their job and people go apeshit if you don't

>"I don't want to kick back and order some pizza because i'm so grown up"
You sure sound like fun.

>live in a state with high minimum wage
>live in a state where you have to pay minimum wage no matter what
>everything is expensive as fuck here cause of it

I seriously knew a BUSBOY that did nothing but pick up dirty dishes that could have moved out and made a living off it if he wasn't retarded about money
He made at least $100 in cash a night on top of his paycheck. Half the time he wouldnt even pick up his paycheck for weeks cuz they werent big enough to be worth the hassle
And he complained about his pay and always being broke

I get it if you're interacting heavily with somebody as a bartender or a barber, and they're being really friendly and helpful, but even most waiters don't deserve a tip since most are just doing their job and nothing more

Here's an idea, gather everyone and go on strike until they raise your wage.
If they got no employees they cannot service customers, if they cannot service customers they cannot make money.

Stop being literally cuck-tier of retard and make a difference instead, don't take it out on your customers as that is quite frankly a threat and only makes them leave which means less customers which means layoffs to save.

That you're even taking the side of the employer and accepting your low wages is beyond retarded actually

It's not about paying all of the workers equally more, it's about paying the best workers more than the shitty workers. They make the food cheaper to match the low wages, and obviously every corporation in existence stiffs their workers, so there's no point in whining about it.

I don't work in the service industry and I don't advocate taking out frustrations on customers. Better workers deserve better tips. If you think all workers in service should be payed the same despite their performance then you're no better than a commie.

>Here's an idea, gather everyone and go on strike until they raise your wage.
1. Most places make you sign a contract that basically says "if you go on strike you quit" and I think theres actually a possibility of legal action against you
2. This idea of "gather everyone and strike" does not work in a place that accepts illegal immigrants that don't care about the country and just want the jobs, and will readily take the jobs that people are striking for

I completely agree with your sentiment but the situation is completely fucked

>If you think all workers in service should be payed the same despite their performance then you're no better than a commie.

Better workers should obviously her paid better but a job shouldn't pay less than a living wage. And if someone isn't working well enough for that just sack them

lmao what the fuck these numbers. feels good to be european and not have to take part in this scheme.

Here's the beauty of it though, if you pay the same. They now get paid to do a job, if they don't do that job, you have a reason to fire them as clearly you don't want them around at that point anyway.

You don't make tipping illegal but you don't make people stress out over it and they can give a good customer service and perhaps even get a tip from that but they shouldn't expect nor DEMAND it

Pointing the gun at the customer and robbing them just so you can make a living, isn't exactly building customer trust nor do you ever want to come back there and you get a hate for the entire industry as you literally feel robbed for eating out

>I prefer my pizza with extra spit and ballsack hair

Why is everything so fucking stupid in america here when i order a pizza i have to pay delivery fee sometimes they deliver free if you order certain amount of stuff. No tipping and its not expected.

>wanting money in exchange for goods and services makes you an entitled piece of shit
why even bother paying for the pizza? they give them away for free if you just go down there and wave a gun around

>job shouldn't pay less than a living wage
It absolutely should, though not as many jobs that do
Fast food jobs in particular should not be living wage. They should specifically be designated for teenagers and college students so they have spending money
>Better workers should obviously her paid better
I agree with this though, and believe that there should be smaller promotions where you get smaller raises with a few more responsibilities added, rather than everybody being either a waiter or a manager. Or even just performance based wages that actually work rather than the shitty bare minimum 25 cents an hour raise most get every performance review

The flaw with this is that all they're going to do is start fucking with your pizza in ways you either won't notice or can't prove. (i.e. they'll spit in it and rub it in so that you won't see it).

>living in a country with tips instead of just having decent wages to begin with
So fucking stupid

>unironically arguing that people should ever be too poor to live

Plenty of jobs pay less than a living wage. Minimum wage itself is often less than a livable wage, and tips help offset that. Also sometimes places need workers that aren't the best because the don't need to be or there aren't enough people to hire, or any number of reasons. You aren't always going to get the best workers, but tips do help to motivate the less good workers to work better.

Again, it's not a binary thing of "do the job" or "don't do the job". There are people that do the job well and people that just do the job. You can't just fire somebody because they're being mediocre. It's a pain in the ass to hire a full load of people, each has their own personality, schedule, strengths, weaknesses, etc. and not all of them will stick around, especially the best ones who will probably move on.

They aren't robbing the customer because nobody is hiding tipping culture, it's out in the open. You are accepting this contract by going out to eat or ordering delivery, and if you don't accept it then make your own food or go to a place where tipping isn't really expected. I often pick up pizzas from Papa Murphy's and they don't really expect a tip for that.

That's what you have unions for, they offer security in terms of them negotiating with the employer company instead of a small group of people and could as a last resort pull out every employee on strike across the country at once, effectively crippling the entire company.

In turn they cannot be unreasonable and the union is governed by state laws

Even a fucking worm living in the ground can make a living but you are here arguing that a human being should not be able to do so while working for a corporation what the fuck

I thought my delivery charge was the tip to the driver? They're just getting greedy at this point

>Minimum wage itself is often less than a livable wage, and tips help offset that.
In a perfect world, sure, but most businesses just let the workers live entirely off of tips and supplement whatever's left so that they MEET minimum wage.

So we're expected to pay protection money when we order food?

I'm saying teenagers don't need a living wage
There's too many grown adults working a bunch of garbage tier jobs cause the market is trash and employers can do whatever they want, it's stupid
A job like McDonalds should be something a teen can get for a summer job or an after school job so they have spending money to do stuff, not so a 40 year old man can afford to feed his kids

Lots of employers including a clause in the contract for that as well, saying you cannot form a union and will be fired if attempted
And a lot of unions are corrupt as fuck anyways, screwing over the members cuz the union leaders are higher in the company

>does his work
does not deserve a tip
>does his job but goes beyond what is expected and has a passion for what they're doing
deserves a tip

As it is now, you eat out, you get robbed regardless of how much or little they do for you

enjoy that sneeze and spit in your pizza

Yeah, this^

I think tipping is retarded as well, but I don't want them to spit in my food, so I just only order takeout instead.

See, if nobody orders delivery then you'd be out of a job so in a way us ordering delivery making you a needed asset in the eyes of the owners is your tip

Go live as a fucking hunter gatherer then, make your living like that worm does
That's such a stupid comparison holy shit

>muh teenagers

There's plenty non teenagers working those Jobs, if someone invests 40h a week he should get a living wage

>I'm saying teenagers don't need a living wage
Why not? I believe a person should be able to move out of their parent's house and live on their own (comfortably) by the time they're a teenager. No one should be employed and STILL dependent on others or struggling to not be homeless. It just doesn't make sense.

Yes. Don't order unless you can't tip or are willing to deal with invisispit pizza.