Brown girls are adorable

Brown girls are adorable
Anyone who says otherwise is low t.

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I've seen adorable brown girls before and that ain't one of em

yeah agreed totally

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fpbp/come here to say this/based/original etc

yea i'd say brown girls are cute

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for sure OP

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better than wh*te women

The only downside is you have to deal with their batshit insane traditional muslim families that will kill you

>tfw part native american but everyone thinks im middle eastern
seeing this was nice. usually guys only want barbie doll looking girls with blonde hair and blue eyes. i'm never anyone's preference. not even other people who's skin is my own colour or darker.

bunch of sluts lol

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Personally, I'm a fan of black women.

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Are you a female?
If you are, I am glad I made you feel good :)

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yes lol bio female
i've been rejected by guys before for my skin colour and lost friends because of it as well. recently i've stopped caring as much but i used to be extremely sensitive to the topic.

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>native american
What the fuck?

i was wondering if someone would notice that. in casual settings i always use british spelling and lowercase; i find it to be much more aesthetically pleasing.

Different strokes for different folks I guess

Also be my mixed red gf pls

You seem like a nice person
Do you have a discord?
Apparently this was not original enough.

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i hate american spelling it makes me sad.
i do but i don't really use it anymore. i only talk to a few people in general.

At least post some actually cute ones

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>The muslim girl paradox
>Cute because she is traditional
>If she dates you, it means she is degenerate
>If she doesn't date you, it means she is traditional
>You can't win.

The only brown girls that are cute is lalatinas and Indian girls. Muslim and nigger girls are trash.

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If you find >any< woman unattractive, you're either low t as fuck or gay.

If a Muslim girl dates and sleeps with a white non Muslim how the fuck is she still trad when she is going against her own family and religion?